Yard Clean

Vince from Bunnings Parafield Gardens visited our reception courtyard and cleaned our area. We were very grateful and enjoyed watching the process!

Investigations at the Fish Farm!

Today we took our investigations to the Fish Farm and Log Park! We enjoyed utilizing the space and it was fantastic to see the children flow enthusiastically around the provocations and embrace the outdoors!

We saw the children help with feeding the fish, identifying the different types of fish and making connections. We also had children enter log park for a camp fire! They sat around with their learning power puppet friends and engaged in pretend play.

We were very excited to also have our learning power puppets come with us to investigations.


“My learning power today was curiosity in the Fish Farm – Poppie

“I liked playing with the train track. It went to the tunnel”- Ethan B

“I liked the marble run at the Fish Farm” – Jaimie

“I liked drawing a yabbie then I put it in the Fish Farm” – Raveleen

“Playing the trucks and sand. Collaboration!” – Jackson

“I liked playing log park”- Ekmaan

“I was playing with the sand trucks” – Krish

“In investigations I liked playing with Kai, Annabella, and Alannah and Mr Bear. We played camp fire in log park” – Grace

“I fed the fish” – Poppie

“I was making the marble run I used curiosity” – Beau

“My learning power was curiosity feeding the fish” – Milania

“I tried to get the shell out the water “- Milania

“Playing with the bubbles with Annabella” – Alannah

“I liked running and making bubbles”- Deeksha

“Playing dinosaurs and played with Kai and Daniel in log par” – Leo

“I was playing with Lydia and spinning to make the bubbles go” – Matilda

“I went to log park and I did camping” – Hudson

“In investigations I did I made Mr Parrot robot with lego”Β  – Lakyn

Numeracy Investigations

Today in numeracy we explored the following provocations:

  • number recognition and formation
  • 1:1 correspondence
  • patterning
  • shapes
  • graphing
  • number rap write and recall
  • play dough numbers
  • sorting
  • number lines
  • measurement


I was doing Mr Parrot (creativity) with the shapes – Krish

I was using Mr Koalas learning power (collaboration) with Sav to do the shapes – Milania

I was doing collaboration with Krish and drawing shapes – Adhip

I was doing the number line and also using Mr Wombats learning power, belonging – Grace

I was drawing numbers and I was using Mr Teddy (hope and optimism) – Ethan B

I was making towers and we were seeing how long they were, they were the same height but one was 31 and one was 45 blocks- Annabella


Congratulations to RGC and RAM on a fantastic assembly. If you missed it, here are some pictures and highlights you can enjoy. (Also a special thank you to our helpers Keerat, Salena, Manseerat, Aurora, Anna, Lynn, REQ and REF).