Investigative Play

We ended our week with Investigative Play. Our focus today was exploring our creativity. We did this in a range of ways. Take a look;

Specks of Gold

Jackson: My speck of gold was playing in the block corner

Annabella: My speck of gold is singing the number rap

Ameer: My speck of gold was doing the rainbow painting

Michael: My speck of gold was playing in the home corner

Guneet: My speck of gold was picking up rubbish with Deeksha

Gurshaan: My speck of gold was playing with the marble run with Jackson

Lydia: My speck of gold was playing with Aleda


Today our children explored the following provocations:

  1. Dinosaur footprint fossils
  2. Making cards
  3. Turtle fun
  4. Flags
  5. Threading/ beads
  6. Symmetry painting
  7. Create your world
  8. Water play

Literacy Investigations

This morning we engaged in a range of Literacy Investigations. Literacy includes the exploration of the knowledge and skills students need to access, understand, analyse and evaluate information. They use Literacy to make meaning, express thoughts and emotions, present ideas and opinions and interact with others.

Have a look at how we engaged in our Literacy competency today;

Whoever you are…

To celebrate Harmony Day we read the book “Whoever You Are” by Mem Fox. Whoever You Are tells a story of acceptance amongst our differences and similarities. It explains that no matter who you are or where in the world you are, you heart and the way you love is the same.

We reflected on our identity and who we are…

Grace: I am a dancer

Guneet: I am a friend

Jackson: I am sharing

Katrina: I am Australian

Ravleen: I am an Indian

Poppie: I am a friend

Krish: I am sharing with other people

Aleda: I am a cook

Gurshaan: I am Indian

Reuben: i am a friend

Anoop: I am an Indian

Savvy: I am a singer

Michael: I am a maker

Adhip: I am a maker

Anaabella: I am a singer

Lidia: I am a friend

Ethan J: I am Australian

Ekmann: I am an Indian

Emily: I am a cook

Deeksha: I am an Indian

Hudson: I am a singer

James: I am a human

Ameer: I am a maker

Miss Canala: I am happy

Alannah: I am happy

Milania: I am helpful

Leo: I am Albanian

“Joys are the same, and love is the same. Pain is the same, and blood is the same. Smiles are the same, and hearts are just the same – Wherever they are, wherever you are, wherever we are, all over the world”

on your marks, get set, GO!!

All work and no play will make you sad and grey

This morning the children engaged in a variety of provocations which met their interests. We continued our provocations around harmony and diversity.

This morning we added yabby racing! The children have been dedicated to creating car tracks using the blocks, however today the children used their collaboration and creativity to create a yabby race track instead. We borrowed the yabbies from our Fish Farm and everyone came to watch the race, even the dinosaurs lined up to view the race. Excitement was in the air!! Lakyn is curious to repeat this activity this afternoon using our turtles instead.

We also added making paper planes this morning,  Miss Canala took a group outside to see if our planes would fly from the balcony! Ethan commented “it went so far”.

Children Reflections

“In investigations I enjoyed about the train tracks and we made it with cars and trucks and the trains an the tunnel” – Ethan B

“In investigations I enjoyed making the road” – Michael

“In investigations I liked playing with the lego” – Anoop

“In investigations I played with the blocks, I made a yabbie race” – Jackson

“I liked making a cut out doll” – Emily

“I liked doing playing with the laptops” – Ameer

“I liked seeing the yabbie race” – Grace

“My investigations was watching the yabbies” – Alannah

“In investigations I played the laptops and counting to 100” – Lydia

“In my investigations I liked watching the yabbies race” – Hudson

“In investigations I enjoyed watching the yabby race” – Ethan J

“I liked packing up the room” – Gurneet

Specks of Gold

“I liked making my bracelet for my bunny and for me” – Emily

“My speck of was picking up rubbish” – Gurneet

“My speck of gold was packing up outside” – Emily

“I liked picking up lots of rubbish” – Ethan B

“Playing with the blocks” – Jackson

“Playing with the race track with Jackson” – Hudson

“Cleaning up outside” – Michael

“Playing playground at recess” – Reuben

Harmony Week Investigative Play

Today our investigative play centered around harmony and diversity. We were fortunate to have our buddies join us during our play. We explored flags around the world, friendship bracelets, researched our world using the laptops, created ourselves, engaged in pretend play at the Harmony Restaurant, created a race car track and used the mini world to create a zoo!

Have  look at our engagement and learning powers in action: