Today we spoke to the children about the importance of conscious breathing, kindness meditation and mindful grounding. We focused our attention on kindness meditation. Kindness meditation cultivates a sense of care and compassion for the self and others. Kindness meditation aims to help students to develop a sense of peace and stability. It helped us keep our bodies cool and calm during this hot weather.

“well that was refreshing” – Emily

This morning Ms McCarthy took a group of children to help water the garden. The children showed great care for the environment and also had a bit of fun with the water! It was a cool start to our day 🙂

Speck’s of Gold

My speck of gold was going to the fish farm – Hudson

My speck of gold was playing outside -Sarah

My speck of gold was playing outside- Jasper

My speck of gold was going to log park with Deeksha. – Ravleen

My speck of gold was playing with Poppie- Neveah

My speck of was playing investigations- Ethan B

My speck of gold was making the train track – Jackson

My speck of gold was playing lego- Ethan J

My speck of gold was playing with all my friends and to be with the teacher – Leo

MUDLA & Fish Farm

Leo used the Ipad to document our visit to the Fish Farm and MUDLA room. We returned to the classroom and the students were eager to write their own blog descriptions!

Leo’s blog post:

This morning RAM and Miss McCarthy went to the Fish Farm. RAM feed the fish. RAM got out the Fish Farm and they go to the MUDLA. We were feeding all the animals. I saw hopping mouse, fish and the lobsters..no yabbies. It was funny when the fish splashed everyone.

Deeksha’s blog post:

I saw a turtle that was named Max and he was playing in the water and we feed him. We also feed the rainbow trout that jump and they splash you.

Lydia’s blog post:

RAM went to the Fish Farm and we feed the fish. I saw the yabbies. I fed he barramundi with the smelly kind of food. It was fun and they didn’t spash me that much. They only splashed me a little.

Awan’s blog post:

I see a turtle and lots of fish and they splash all me all the way. I love yabbies because I see the yabby.

Hudson’s blog post:

There was mouses. A hopping mouse. I liked the hopping mouses, they were hopping. After we went to Fish Farm and the fish were eating and then the splashed us.


outdoor nature play

Welcome everyone to week 8!

We kick started our week by visiting Grevillia Reserve. Grevillia Reserve is a natural playground that provides our children with more opportunities than typical pre-formed playgrounds to develop gross-motor skills.

The children in RAM and RGC are imaginative. While exploring Grevillia and climbing the trees, their creative ways  show collaboration skills, inquiry, risk taking, engagement, positive feelings.