Investigative Play

This afternoon we explored our curiosity and creativity during Investigative Play;

Literacy Investigations

In literacy investigations we explored letters and their sounds, words and sentences.

Ameer: In literacy I wrote letters on the whiteboard.

Guneet: In literacy I drew fruit and wrote the letter it started with.

Michael: In literacy I matched capital and lower case letter cards.

Emily: In literacy I traced the letters with the play dough.

Krish: In literacy I wrote letters on the whiteboard.

Anoop: In literacy I liked playing with the alphabet puzzles.

Lydia: In literacy I made an ‘I feel’ book.

Have a look 🙂

-Miss V


This morning we read a book called ‘The Australian Mother Goose’. We had a discussion about Australian animals and later explored these as a provocation. The children engaged with the Australian animals, drawing their favourite ones and those depicted in the picture book.

Yesterday the children were asked what they wanted to learn more about. Katrina said, “I want to learn to draw, to put more detail in my drawings.” Today, the children used the laptops to look up drawing tutorials.

Have a look 🙂

– Miss V


This morning we continued our healthy eating provocations from yesterday, with the children sorting healthy and unhealthy foods. The children also made their own veggie sandwich faces.

During investigations we also;

  • created our own road maps
  • engaged in cup stacking
  • painted and mapped out the River Murray
  • acted out the Little Red Riding Hood story using the puppet show and character masks
  • explored clean and dirty water through cleaning the ocean animals from the polluted water
  • observed and recorded the growth of our bean seeds
  • made constructions from lego
  • learnt how to make paper planes

– Miss V

Specks of Gold

Emily: My speck of gold was doing sport.

Annabella: My speck of gold was going to the library.

Matilda: My speck of gold was making a flower.

Guneet: My speck of gold was making a paper plane.

Anoop: My speck of gold was playing with Ethan J outside.

Jackson: My speck of gold was making a race track with Gurshaan and Ethan B.

Ravleen: My speck of gold was finding a millipede.

Ethan J: My speck of gold was playing with the paper plane that I made.

Sav: My speck of gold was going to the library.

Reuben: My speck of gold was making a race track with Anoop and Ethan.

Krish: My speck of gold was playing with the Lego with Ethan B.

Milania: My speck of gold was doing the dance with Guneet’s sister.

Poppie: My speck of gold was dancing with Guneet’s sister.

Lydia: My speck of gold was dancing with Guneet’s sister.

Numeracy Investigations

During numeracy investigations this morning children explored number through engaging with the following:

  • Tangram and number puzzles
  • Dice graphs
  • Number lines
  • Unifix cubes
  • Number graphs
  • Money and cash registers
  • Rolling dice and copying the number

The children then reflected on what they like doing in numeracy;

Ekmann: In numeracy I like rolling the dice for the dice graph game.

Jackson: In numeracy I like sorting the numbers for the number line.

Katrina: In numeracy I like doing the number puzzle.

Alannah: In numeracy I like writing numbers with Annabella.


– Miss V


Last week a conversation unfolded in the home corner as Daniel waited patiently for Kai and Reuben to make his ‘junk food’. We revisited this play scenario this morning and investigated healthy and non healthy food. As a provocation the children participated in a sorting activity and made their own fruit skewer! YUM. We reflected on healthy food in our learning journals.

We also:

  • participated in leaf painting
  • acted out Little Red Riding Hood with the puppet theater
  • engaged in mapping. Anoop said “our map goes to the post office” and Ethan said “my map has house and schools”
  • used collaboration in cup stacking
  • investigated Aboriginal people
  • Ngurunderi play

Have a look 🙂

Specks of Gold

Jackson: “My speck of gold was making a tower in the block corner.”

Katrina: “My speck of gold was buying an eraser and a pencil”.

Milania: “My speck of gold was getting a balloon and a party bag with Poppie and Sav.”

Deeksha: “My speck  of golf was buying a stress ball.”

Ethan: “My speck of gold was building with the Lego.”

Mission Day

Embracing the rain

A very excited Leo returned to the classroom from library and said “I love the rain because the rain make the plants grow“. Leo and Lakyn decided to spend the rest of their time during investigative play outside embracing the rain. Lakyn asked “can we get the rain?”. The boys initiated a spontaneous learning activity that saw many children from the class engaged. Students collected plastic cups and placed them outside in the rain to collect the rain so that they could then measure how much water filled their cup!

Firstly, the students had to collaborate and discover a way they would implement this activity without the wind blowing the cups away. This saw the children burying the cups in the garden beds.

The students hypothesized and predicted what was going to happen. Deeksha said “the cups will fill up”. Students used problem solving, prediction, comparative language. It was great to see the students make connections to their learning around the River Murray. Anoop said “if there becomes a lot of rain then there will be a big Murray River” .

The children watched the clouds and the weather closely all afternoon and when the sun disappeared  Leo  asked where it had gone. Ethan B said “the clouds are just blocking the sun for now” and Deeksha commented “its OK the sun is just in India”.

The afternoon saw the children comparing their cups and measuring how much they collected.