Palm Sunday

With our 6/7 buddies we listened to the Bible Story about Palm Sunday. Emily reflected and said “they put the palms down for Jesus”.  With our buddies we created our own palm branches using our creativity, collaboration, and belonging learning powers! We really enjoyed taking this activity outside 🙂

We are critical and creative thinkers

Today we explored our critical and creative thinking capability during Investigative Play. Critical and creative thinking allows us to generate and evaluate ideas, clarify concepts, seek possibilities, consider alternatives and solve problems. Critical and creative thinking involves thinking broadly and deeply using reason, logic, resourcefulness, imagination and innovation in all learning areas in and outside of the classroom.

During Investigation time, Hudson also had an opportunity to document his learning using the iPad. “When I used Miss Canala’s iPad, I took pictures of all the things. I was taking pictures of everyones learning. My favourite pictures that I took was of the marble run.”

“There’s different shapes everywhere!”

This morning put on our detective hats and searched around the school for shapes. We found circles, squares, rectangles and triangles, all around the school.

When we returned to class we began Numeracy Investigations. These were the provocations we had today;

This is how we used our learning powers of creativity, collaboration, belonging and curiosity to explore our provocations today.

Ecology, Pedagogy and Catholic Identity

Ecology, Pedagogy and Catholic Identity are the three pillars at our school.

We care for our environment and uphold the belief that as a community we feel connected to Gods creation. Observing the 6/7 students and the reception students work together this morning was a special moment that underpins what we value as a school community. Having the 6/7 students lead this experience promoted a strong sense of community which inspired the reception students.

The photos captured below show the students watering the freshly planted herbs- demonstrating a sense of belonging, pride, partnership, and valuing sustainability.


During investigations this afternoon we had the opportunity to eat our damper with Miss Canala!!


Wow! What a busy and exciting morning we have had. During our investigations we participated in making damper with Miss Canala and afterwards we turned the area into a bakery for our dramatic play. We also enjoyed going outside with Miss McCarthy to plant our herbs and flowers in the garden beds. Leo found a grub while he was digging! The children floated beautifully around the classroom during their investigative play- participating, engaging and connecting with their world. Mr McCarthy visited and helped in our garden, along with our 6/7 buddies. We also helped Mr McCarthy clean our turtle tank and we put the water into our new garden. While we went to Spanish and Music, Miss Canala placed the damper in the oven. Yum we can’t wait to eat it!


Reuben “I liked playing outside and doing the gardening”

Gurshaan “Playing with the marble run”

Ethan B “I liked playing lego and I made a cat car”

Emily “I liked making damper and cooking”

Ethan J “I liked doing gardening outside”

Ravleen “I liked to garden”

Hudson “I liked doing the damper”

Milania “My buddies”

Grace “I liked the dolls and I made her hair in a bun”

Lydia “I liked doing play dough at the bakery”

Deeksha “Drawing”

Annabella “Playing with the dolls and putting hair clips and a pony tail”

Jackson “I make a giant marble run”

Daniel “I made a giant marble run”

Gurneet “I liked to do planting”

Specks of Gold

Guneet: My speck of gold was drawing my family

Ravleen: My speck of gold was playing playdough

Michael: My speck of gold was doing the hair dressers

Milania: My speck of gold was playing with Savvy, drawing.

Annabella: My speck of gold is cleaning up outside

Lidia: My spck of gold is making my picture

Ethan J: My speck of gold is going to sports

Watch how we use our Learning Powers…

This afternoon we engaged in a range of Investigations and explored our learning powers of collaboration, creativity, curiosity and belonging. We drew pictures, helped in the garden with Miss McCarthy, built with the blocks and marble run, made music and used our imagination in the hair dressers and the mini-world play.