Made in the Image of God – MITIOG

The school are offering a parent information session to provide a detailed overview of the Made in the Image of God program.

Date:                Tuesday 8 August 2017

Time:               6.00pm

Venue:             Staff Room

 The ‘Made in the Image of God’ program was developed by the Catholic Education Office as part of our Religious Education and Health Curriculum.

This program follows four themes:

  • Being Human
  • Being Connected
  • Being Moral
  • Being Sexual

The aims of the Made in the Image of God Program

This program is intended to:

  • Promote and encourage behaviours founded on Christian values
  • Foster loving commitments and social responsibility
  • Recognises sexuality as integral to the person
  • Gives clear and accurate information about sexual gender identity, puberty / adolescence, and human reproduction within the context information
  • Explores the spiritual, physical, moral, psychological, social and cultural dimensions of human sexuality
  • Fosters values related to self respect and self esteem, as well as those pertaining to the human dignity of all persons, develops responsibility for personal choices and action and gives an appreciation of the importance of family life
  • Affirms the value and dignity of human life inviting students to be aware of Church teaching in order that they may gain knowledge and appreciation of its wisdom

REQ Timetable

Hi all,

We have had some small changes to our timetable from what has previously been stated.

PE will now be on Wednesday, so children can wear their sports uniform all day on Wednesday.

Library will now be on Thursday.

Music will still be on Thursday.

Spanish will still be on Monday.

Attached is a rough timetable of what our days will look like. Lessons may change as the weeks progress and the children’s interests and needs change. Please let me know if you have any questions.

REQ Timetable-14ylw47

Tuesday 25th July, T3W1

This morning we started by looking at our day:


The children asked for another look around the school, so we decided that it would be a good idea to do that after Numeracy.

Each day, we will have two assistants to help with tasks around the class. Today Grace and Mila were our first assistants. Here are some of the tasks they help with:

The children settled really well into play, exploring the laptops, beads and tap tap, home corner and play dough.

20170725-092857.jpg   20170725-092944.jpg     20170725-093044.jpg   20170725-093051.jpg 20170725-093101.jpg  20170725-093109.jpg   20170725-093119.jpg   20170725-093128.jpg   20170725-093141.jpg   20170725-093156.jpg
We used the class laptops to explore some phonics and number games. The children also did some drawing on ActivInspire. The laptops are a great tool for investigations.

Shared Reading
This week, we are reading Pig the Pug. The children have enjoyed listening to the story and we have had lots of talk about how mean Pig is to Trevor. It has been great to talk about sharing and being kind to others.

After brain food and shared reading, the children tidied the class and we did some fitness from GoNoodle. It is great to see the children participating so well and enjoying the guided activities.

During library time, we read a book about the first day of school and compared it to our own first day yesterday. Each child then got to borrow three levelled readers and two picture books. I will work on reading with each of the children before our next library visit to make sure they are borrowing appropriately levelled books.


After borrowing their books, the children read them until it was time to go back to class for recess.

Children have a black library bag to bring their books home in. Inside the library bag is also a reading diary, which you can use to record their reading at home – these are great as they reward the children for continuing to practice their reading.

Writer’s Workshop
We had a go at writer’s workshop after recess. During this time, the children were given A5 pieces of paper to draw pictures to begin making their own books. Children were assured they don’t need to know how to write yet, but to have a go at making their pictures and try to add some words if they know. We will continue to work on writer’s workshop throughout the year, using mini lessons on sounds and words to add to their reading and writing knowledge.

At the moment, our focus is on letting the pictures tell the story. We also had a look at an alphabet phonics song.

After lunch, we did some guided meditation, with The Balloon Ride. This helps the children to calm their bodies for the afternoon. You can check the link out here:

The children sat on the floor and relaxed their bodies as we followed the journey of the ride in the hot air balloon.

Our afternoon finished with some numeracy and looking at what the children already know about numbers. We started with the ‘Big Numbers Song’:

Next, we talked about all the things we know about numbers:

Kobe H: They help you learn a lot about numbers.
Jacob B: They help you learn and you can count them.
Carmelo: I know how to count, because I know how to count to 50.
Eva: I know how to read 69 and even though numbers help you count and help you do something quickly.
Grace: A big number is 30. I love 30 and my mum and dad are 30.
Neaveah: They help you practice to go to big school.
Navya: Numbers are very special. They help you, otherwise, if you don’t learn to copy them, you wouldn’t be able to read words.
Jason: I’m drawing numbers, how many spiders.
Jacob F: Some dot help me do my name.

Finally, we got to make some numbers of our own. The children recorded some numbers that they know in their Numeracy Journals.

Our day finished with some games of Heads Down, Thumbs Up!

Our First Day

The children settled really well into their first day of school. Unfortunately both my iPad and laptop were with the IT staff for the majority of the day, so there aren’t a lot of photos to document the day. But we will be back up and running tomorrow. Please make sure you have signed your blog permission form so I can put lots of pictures up.

We started the day with play, a school walk and Spanish. Señora Opazo was very impressed with how well the children settled into the Spanish class.

After recess, the children continued with play, with some children doing some painting. Unfortunately, I noticed some paint on clothes, despite wearing smocks. We have been told that spraying the clothes with fabric spray before washing will get the paint out really well.

After lunch, the children played some maths games with the dice and made patterns with the unified cubes. We also went to the playground for a play. We were joined by R/1JM & R/1RV on the playground, which was a lot of fun.

I look forward to seeing everyone back tomorrow.




Let’s Get Organised

Hi everyone,

I just thought I would let you all know about some different things that will be happening in term 3…

Spanish will be on Monday at 10:20am with Señora Opazo.

Library will be on Tuesday at 10:20am. During library time, Mrs Michalak will share a book for us to read and children will be able to borrow three levelled readers and two picture books to take home. Each student will be given a black library bag to store their books in to take home each day. Children will also be given a reading diary that you can fill in when you read together.

PE will be on Thursday at 11:20am with Mrs Cooymans. Children can wear their sport uniform all day on Thursday.

Music will be on Thursday at 12pm with Mr Norris.

We will also be getting some class laptops that the children will be able to use in their learning and investigations. Our class laptops will stay in the class and children will be responsible for helping me to look after the laptops. These are a great learning tool for all children.

If you have any questions (big or small), please don’t hesitate to email me:

I am looking forward to seeing you all again after the holidays.

Ms Quigley

Woolworths Earn and Learn

Holy Family Catholic School have registered to be a part of the 2017

Earn and Learn Woolworths Sticker program.

Start date Wednesday 26th July to 19th September 2017

If you shop at Woolworths, please collect as many stickers as you can and stick them on the sticker sheets (found in store or collected from the front office, also attached in this email ready for printing).

Earn and Learn Sticker Sheet for Printing


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We look forward to sharing our learning with you.

Ms Quigley