Tuesday 21st November, T4W6

Today the assistants are Emily and Carmelo.

We started the morning with some play on the playground to beat the heat. We then went back to the class and continued to play until Spanish. One of the provocations today was for the children to make their own bunting. There is a space within the bunting for children to make a flag. The children chose to create their own flags today.


Today we watched ‘The Nativity’ from Beginners Bible. This is in preparation for Christmas, and our assembly in week 8, which will be sharing the Christmas story. I will also be sharing scripture with the children during the next weeks.

We watched Jesus, he was born at Christmas and He was only a little baby and all the people came and followed the star and started to find Jesus. They saw the new baby and the baby was little and the Wise Men gave him lots of money and things – Navya
The baby came out from the belly – Ethan J
I saw my baby, he was in my home in Australia and he was in my house and I got two toys – Ethan B
I went to Jesus house, then I do the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, Amen. There’s lots of people. I saw God up there, he’s up to the stairs, in Jesus place – Jason
They followed the star and all the people followed them and they saw the baby and his name was Jesus – Nikolas
Jesus was a baby and the Three Wise Men were following the star. Babies are cute, but mostly you need to give gifts to Jesus because he is a God. He is the most kindest baby, so you need to be super quiet because if king’s are the nice babies, then they need to be sharing nice, but if they are bad kings, you need to only listen to good kings. There was a bad king in the story – Eva
The baby was alive – Maddison
All three of the persons (Three Wise Men) followed the star to get to the country they wanted to and they gave Mary a present because they thought that Angel came because there was a rude king. That’s why they chose the baby to be the king because he was a naughty king and they needed a good king. they said if it’s a bad question, I’m going to lock you up but if it’s a good question, I won’t. The people who helped the king there has to be chefs because they need to get his food – Nevaeh
They were going to follow the star to go to the king and ask him if the new king is here and he didn’t know about the new king and then they went somewhere else. Then they went to the people who had the baby Jesus and they were going because they wanted to know who the other new king was – Emily
The big king was rude to the little king because he was younger to him. Then he turned older and older. Then it started Christmas, then they didn’t find a room except for the farm because there was a bunch of animals, but not for people. They looked in every single house, but there was people, so they checked in the farm and there was nobody there, only the animals – Sonny
The star is not actually a star, it is actually a diamond. The baby was in the girls belly – Grace

Today for mindfulness, the children were able to use their Learning Journal to draw a picture of The First Christmas. We thought about the people and animals who were there that night, visiting Jesus, Mary and Joseph in the stable.

Afternoon Play
The children were able to play when they finished their drawing. We had lots of creativity as the children created Minecraft tools and got the tap tap and threading out to use too.


Monday 20th November, T4W6

Today our assistants are Nikolas and Grace.

Messy Monday’s in REQ
If you had walked into our class today, you would have seen a big mess and been forgiven for thinking that the children were just doing their own thing, without any rhyme or reason. In fact, the children were incredibly engaged in a range of learning activities.


Throughout the day we had lots of pretend play that spread from the home corner to the reading corner and into the other classroom. Nikolas and Ethan B made fishing rods and did some fishing, catching anything from cars, to octopus and whales. They also fell asleep and fell into the water a few times! Children were busy making balls from paper, learning about folding and cutting paper as they worked, as well as different joining techniques. The children also did some water colour painting and drawing and tracing. Lego was used to create cars, houses, obstacle courses and jails. After recess, we got the laptops out for the children to use. Can’t Stop the Feeling was a popular song choice as the children experimented with Photo Booth, ABCya and drawing applications. Children used the animals to create habitats and homes. Carmelo even made a cheetah climb the wall!

The First Christmas
Today for shared reading, we had the Christmas story. We learned what happened in the lead up to Jesus being born and who visited him in the stable. In the coming days and weeks we will read more passages about the first Christmas.

The children shared their understanding of the story:
They were camping and they were having a great Christmas – Emily
They found a baby – Ethan J
The angel said to Mary, “you’re going to have a baby, do you know that’s going to be God’s son.” She was sleeping and then a boy was nice because he let her sleep there and he might have been filling he bucket up – Nevaeh
Christmas – Sara
The story, when you found a baby in Christmas, they were finding the baby and they saw it with the horse – Jason
They celebrate Christmas – Jacob B
Jesus was born, that’s why we celebrate Christmas because  – Navya

Exploring the Great Outdoors

Literacy Investigations
Today we sang the alphabet song again. Next, we looked at some of the phonics sounds we have learned this year. Finally, we learned more about ‘r’ and ‘wr’. The children thought about words that start with this sound.

Ring, Reuben, REQ, red – Nevaeh
rain,  – Ethan B
read, road – Navya
rain – Saniah
Riya, REQ – Grace
red,  – Kobe B
writing, reading, rain, REQ, Rosie – Eva
Rogers, rip – Emily
rude – Sonny
rainbow – Jacob F
Ruby – Jason

Come Read with Me
We finished our day with Come Read with Me. The children chose to read some books from our class library with friends. We also shared some more Memories Fox books.


Friday 17th November, T4W5

Today the assistants are Brooklynne and Kobe B.

Assembly today was hosted by R/1GC & 3/4MJ. Their theme was ‘love’.

Aerobics and Brain Food
We stayed in the hall after assembly and did GoNoodle with all the R/1 classes. We then returned to class for brain food.

Jacob F’s Boomerang
After brain food, Jacob F showed us his boomerang from home. His mum thought it would be a good idea for him to bring it in after our discussion yesterday.


We got it from a place called The Big Rocking Horse. There was a shop and Holly got something too and I chose this. I chose it because I didn’t have one. There’s yellow, red. orange, black, brown, white and that’s it. It’s a painting like a circle and two little lines and some animals.

It has kangaroo’s on it – Kobe B
There’s a kangaroo and paintings and trees – Navya
It’s a kangaroo with dots and it’s a bit like Aboriginal painting because it has dot animals – Nevaeh
It’s black – Ethan J
Kangaroo’s have rainbow and even platypus’ – Gracie
Orange – Sara
They have kangaroos – Maddison
It has a kangaroo and dot painting and also it’s black and brown with a turtle that hasn’t been coloured but just black spots. Also, painting like that would be hard work – Eva
I saw a kangaroo. Kangaroo changed to green – Ethan B
There was orange, yellow and white – Nikolas
Boomerangs, when you throw them really hard, they come back to you – Kobe H

We noticed that some of the colours in the boomerang are the same as on the Aboriginal flag. Before the children played, Jacob showed them how he could throw it.

Investigations with R/1AM & R/1MS
Please check ‘The Billabong Blog’ for information about today’s investigations. We played in The Centre from recess to the end of the day, due to the rainy weather. We also did some carols practice, ready for the big event in week 7.



Thursday 16th November, T4W5

Today the assistants are Maddison and Sara.

This morning Kobe B’s hat got returned to class and I said, “Kobe, your hat is like a boomerang, it always comes back to us.” The children then asked what a boomerang is, so we had a chat about them. Some of the children mentioned that they have one at home. We watched a YouTube clip of a man throwing a boomerang and the children thought they might like to make some in play today.

We also had some dot painting with cotton tips, kite making and drawing. Kobe B also made a film clip to some songs using photo booth. The laptops were also used for learning games on ABCya. The children were all so engaged in their various tasks this morning that we almost forgot about brain food!


Today we had a very special treat in Mrs Michalak reading to us. She chose the story Bouncing, Bouncing Little Joey’s: A Bush Christmas by Lesley Gibbes. This is the first of the Christmas books we will be reading for the term while we are in the library.

Afternoon Investigations
We had lots of tired bodies this afternoon, so we continued our play from the morning. Some children chose to play Lego, do drawing, play in the home corner and use the laptops.

We finished the day with some more carols song practice.

Wednesday 15th November, T4W5

This morning Gracie and Kobe B read books to small groups of children during Come Read with Me. Both were pretending to be the teacher, ensuring the children did their ‘5 L’s’ and Kobe even gave out lots of virtual stickers. We also looked at The Black Book of Colours a book that has braille writing as well as pictures that the children can feel with their hands, rather than see with their eyes.

Today the assistants are Nevaeh and Ethan J.

For today’s inquiry, we looked at some different flags that we have displayed in the classroom. The children shared some information they know about the flags, and asked some questions about the flags.

We have Australia flag, Australia Aboriginal flag and Aboriginal flags – Nevaeh
I draw my name on the flag and it’s all the way up to the top. I made a blue flag for Australia. I put some sticky tape and some sticks – Ethan B
We draw the Australia flags there are three. An Aboriginal people, Australia and another one – Nikolas
That’s for the God – Emily
I made an Aboriginal flag – Sara
Australia, Kaurna people, and there’s four flags – Gracie

We then worked together to share our questions about flags.

The children then chose to search and make flags on the laptops, or make their own with Lego and paper.


Today we re-visited Writer’s Workshop – we haven’t done it for a long time. Before we got started today, the children thought about what writer’s workshop is:

Writer’s Workshop was about making stuff and building stuff – Emily
You can draw and play – Nikolas
Outside – Sara
Writer’s Workshop is about writing ABCD and drawing and playing – Navya
We can play and go outside – Maddison
Writing letter – Jacob F
Go somewhere – Jason

We spoke about making our own books. Today we focussed on front covers. We looked at some of the Mem Fox books we have in the class and how she makes her front covers. The children then made their own.

Some of the children were concerned that they didn’t have enough pages, but we will continue to work on our books for the rest of the term.

The children focussed on target practice in PE today.


Afternoon Investigations with Miss Roberts

At the end of the day Miss Roberts played the Bucket Filling Song.

The children then shared if their bucket was full or empty:

My bucket has been filled because I liked playing with Isabella – Emily
My bucket is all empty because Santa didn’t come yet – Kobe B
Annabella filled my bucket because she helped my clean up the home corner and she played mum’s and dad’s with me and the rainbow dress – Gracie
When I was at OSHC I liked to play with my sister and I liked to play handball with her. That filled my bucket up – Reuben
My bucket is full when I play with my brother and sister and I like playing at the playground – Nikolas
My bucket is filled with water in the garden – Ethan B
My bucket is full when I play outside – Sara

Tuesday 14th November, T4W5

The children stayed inside at recess time today because it was so hot. Thankfully it was much cooler at lunch time, so the children were able to play outside.

Today our assistants are Eva and Navya.

The children enjoyed a very relaxed morning in the class today. Nevaeh used the laptop to take videos of herself and then found GoNoodle and danced along, sometimes with friends joining her. The Lego continued to be popular as lots of children worked together to create. It has been so lovely to see the children seek help of others for their expertise in creating certain things, or hearing others explaining and showing them how to create something. The play dough was popular as the children created food to share and sell in the home corner. The children also continued to draw and create paintings with oil pastels and water colour paints.

I love watching the children at play in the mornings and find they settle really well into learning later in the day when we start this way. I have also noticed new friendships form as the children get more comfortable with their surrounds and routine.

We also had lots of excitement this morning with a bird in the classroom. We opened all the doors and windows in the class to let it out and went to the playground while we waited for it to fly out.

Shared Reading
Today we read I’m Australian Too. After reading, I told the children how happy the book makes me feel. The children also shared how it makes them feel:

I love books with dogs – Ethan B
It has countries and it has lots of names of the countries and there’s Adelaide and Fiji and Australia. There’s Darwin and Chile. It makes me feel good because it’s quite a good story. It feels nice inside me – Navya
It makes me feel very good because I love that book and I’m Australian too – Gracie
I like it because we live in Australia – Maddison
I like it because it helps us because it’s great and it’s nice – Nevaeh
I like the book because it makes me feel strong – Brooklynne

Kobe B’s Adventure
This morning Kobe B went to Fume House with Mr White, Mr Slater, Miss Moore and Ms Antoniciello. Kobe told us about Fume House upon his return at recess time.

Kobe shared with us: “We had to guess what electricity and fire and sun is about. The electricity comes in the air conditioner and then it comes out. They make their own electricity and then they cut it out and then they make an air conditioner and a plug.
They had lots of plants inside too. They were talking about the roof because we saw the handles and they were big and there was something on top of it. They get electricity from the sun. There was a yellow thing on the ground of the roof and the guy was on it, and I was stepping on it a little bit. Then we saw the holding thing again and then a circle thing was spinning around it.”

Kobe had some great ideas about what we can do at our school. Making electricity for the lights. Kobe said he had a fun day and saw lots of things.

We had a short literacy lesson today, focussing on singing the alphabet phonics song. The children then continued to play.

As a result of reading I’m Australian Too and looking into different cultures, the children have been very busy making Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags to display in the class. Mr Murray popped in and spoke to the children about the flags and how important they are to Australia.

There is Aboriginal looking at the stars and looking at the world and what the world is about – Jacob B
He told us that Australia people took over Aboriginal people’s land – Nikolas
I made Australia with yellow and black and red. The yellow for the sun in the middle and black on the top and red on the bottom – Ethan B

Today we looked at the Big Numbers Song. When we finished, we talked about numbers that have zero ‘0’ in them. The children shared some numbers they know that have a zero:

20 – Nevaeh
10 – Ethan J
100 has two zero’s- Carmelo
50 – Jacob F
Ten hundred – Sonny
30 – Ethan B
40 – Nikolas
One trillion, 1,000,000,000,000 – Jacob B
10 – Kobe B
One thousand, 1,000 – Emily
10 – Maddison
One billion, 1,000,000,000 – Eva
10,000 – Jason
One million, 1,000,000 – Navya
81 trillion – Gracie
60 – Reuben

Nikolas used the laptop to write lots of numbers. Nikolas even made a big number with 66 digits!

Afternoon Play
In the afternoon the children got creative, making kites with some raffia that we found. They also used the recycled materials. Lego continued to be popular as storylines were made up, and the home corner also had lots of people busy in their play. The children explored photo booth on the laptops, as well as using them to play on ABCya and GoNoodle. Kobe B and Jacob F were very active, spinning and moving through the space. Eva and Saniah found some old cardboard DVD covers to create with too.


Monday 13th November, T4W5

As we hit extreme UV and the temperature was over 35 degrees, we stayed inside at lunch time today.

Today our assistants are Nikolas and Grace.

This morning we celebrated our Gratitude Liturgy. The children each had a speaking part, which they read with the support of Miss V.


A copy of the Keynote can be found here: Gratitude liturgy 2017-2kk408r

During play today, we looked at some more applications to use on the laptops. The children learned about PhotoBooth and using different effects for photos and videos. Jack and Adonia from year 7 also came down and showed the children how to use iStopMotion. We will continue to explore these applications for the rest of the year.

The children also did oil pastel and water colour paint pictures, built with the Lego, and played in the home corner.

Today the children practiced writing in their lined books again. The children wrote the words: a, and, be, I, in, is, it, of, that, the, to, was – we have been practicing these words with Miss Sorgini and Miss V. Navya wrote short sentences with the words on the screen. The children loved writing on the lines the first time and have been asking to try it again.

Shared Lunch

We had a shared lunch to celebrate Miss Sorgini and Miss V’s last day with us. The children have really enjoyed having them in the class for the past 4 weeks. We wish them well as they finish their university studies.

We finished the day with Come Read with Me. Then Miss Sorgini and Miss V gave all the children a party bag to say goodbye!