Monday 25th September, T3W10

During play, the children noticed that I was taking observations on a clipboard with a list of children’s names. Navya got some paper and stapled it together and began to colour in some paper to create her own clipboard. I then found some spare clipboards and class checklists that the children were able to use to mark off the children. They also asked to use the pop sticks for choosing assistants. The children played some great games of ‘school’s’, taking the roll, choosing the assistants and telling children where the right place to sit is.

This morning I had help from Eva, Jacob B, Jacob F & Kobe B to take some play photos.

Today our assistants are Carmelo and Kobe B.

Today for literacy we listened to the alphabet phonics song:

We also thought about what letter our names start with and stood up when we heard the letter:

A: Annabella and Anoop
B: Brooklynne
C: Carmelo
E: Eva, Ethan J, Ethan B, Emily
G: Grace
J: Jacob B and Jacob F and Jason
K: Kobe B and Kobe H
M: Mila and Maddison
N: Nikolas, Nevaeh and Navya
R: Reuben
S: Sonny, Saniah and Sara

We followed on with some phonics, looking at ‘c’ ‘k’ and ‘ck’. The children did a great job of thinking about ‘c’ ‘k’ words.

Navya: castanets, cat, cage, Kayden, coke
Nevaeh: cat, Carmelo
Grace: Carmelo, cat
Kobe B: castanets, Kobe
Sonny: cut,
Jacob F: car
Kobe H: can
Maddison: Caitlin
Eva: keys

Lockdown Drill
At 11:45am, we had a lockdown drill. The children heard the bell and came to sit on the mat. We had a chat about what the bell means and what we need to do. I reassured the children that there was nothing bad happening, but we were practicing for any time that something unsafe is happening outside. The children did a great job of sitting on the mat until the bell finished sounding.

We also spoke about needing to go inside any classroom if we ever hear the bell when we are outside. The children may have some questions when they get home, so please let me know if you have any questions.

I have been very lucky today to have lots of helpers taking photos for me. Kobe H, Jacob F and Jacob B were very helpful in taking photos of the other children playing.



After lunch we had some 6/7’s come to read with us. The children enjoyed sharing their books with them.

We then continued to play until it was time for Come Read with Me. The children continued their play from this morning, using the clipboards and checklists, Lego and laptops and drawing. The home corner also got some use for the first time today.

The children have also discovered that our pack up song, Can’t Stop the Feeling is on the class laptops, so have enjoyed listening to that and singing along.


Nikolas and Kobe B worked together to build a really tall dinosaur. When they were finished, they invited the whole class to come and see it.

Nikolas’ Maps

My brother taught me how to make maps. I always make maps.

This map is from our classroom and you go to Log Park to Ayden’s house and then we go in our boat. We go to an island and find the treasure. The treasure is on the ground. It is brown treasure and inside is gold and diamonds.

We go outside and we go up the stairs and we go down the stairs and we go in my brother’s class. That’s where you find the treasure.


REQ Class Prayer on Thursday

We invite you to join us in the class at 9am on Thursday 28th September for class prayer. It will go for approximately 10 minutes.

It was Social Justice Sunday in the Catholic Church yesterday, so we will be praying about Social Justice.

We would love you to come and share in our prayer service with us.

Friday 21st September, T3W9

Today our assistants are Grace and Anoop.

Assembly today was hosted by R/1RV & 3/4DP. Their theme was fairy tales and creating their own versions.

Trolls Can’t Stop the Feeling
The children love following the actions to this on the screen. They have picked up the moves so well!



After assembly, we went to the library. The book we shared this week was Blue Sky, Yellow Kite. The story was about a girl who saw a kite flying and went to see who was flying it. She stole the kite from the boy, but eventually returned it and said sorry. The boys came to find her and helped her to make her own kite.

After reading the story, the children shared their thoughts on the events of the story. We also spoke about what we can do if we want something that someone else has:

You need to ask them. If they say no, that means ‘no’. If they say yes, that means ‘yes’. – Sonny
If you want to get something from some people, then you need to say “can I please have treasure?” and if they say yes or no you listen. – Navya
You can make or you can make your own treasure and if someone has all the treasure or books, it’s not fair, so you can make the books – Nevaeh
If you have toys, you say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. – Brooklynne
Sometimes when I say no when my brother wants something, he just snatches and he doesn’t give it back, even when it’s mine. My mummy and daddy fix it and I get super happy. – Kobe H
Sometimes people snatch and it’s not nice. – Maddison
If you see another kite that somebody is flying and you just met them, if you snatch from your first friend, you realise that you stole it, then you have to talk back to their houses and you have to draw something that says, “I’m sorry for snatching your kite that’s actually yours.” – Eva

Investigations with R/1AM & R/1MS
Mrs Moise came at the beginning of investigations to talk about Diwali and Rangoli art. The children even got to make their own outside with some chalk.

The children settled into their play really well. We are always amazed at how little they need us each Friday. Kobe H also helped me to take some photos.


We had lots of creativity as the children used the paper plates to make clocks, masks and worlds. The children also used the glue and chalk to make their own slime. The children often choose the same activities, but it is so great to see them interacting with the children from the other classes.

This afternoon the children were able to do drawing as we listened to relaxation music.

Log Park

We had Log Park all to ourselves this afternoon.


Nikolas took some photos:

Jacob B noticed that if he stood really tall, the stick was taller than me:

Ethan B did some fishing and then made a boat to go fishing with Sonny, Jacob B and Saniah:

IMG_0817-uurbgg IMG_0819-206fl44 IMG_0820-yatavn

Specks of Gold

Sonny – playing with my whole family because they read my a bedtime story. I love them every single day.
Saniah – I like playing at log park.
Navya – I like going to Log Park and playing there because it was so fun that I was picking flowers and I saw my mum. I was playing with Annabella and Grace and Sarah. I liked playing inside with the R/1’s.
Maddison – I like playing with Brooklynne in Log Park and outside.
Sara – I like playing with Navya, Grace and Annabella.
Nikolas – I love playing with my brother at the sandpit.
Jason – I love eating my lunch and I love playing with Ms Quigley, it’s my favourite teacher.

Moon Lantern Festival

The Moon Lantern Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival is a popular harvest festival celebrated when the moon is at its fullest and brightest.

At Holy Family we will be celebrating the Moon Lantern Festival on Friday 29 September.  Students are invited to wear traditional or red clothing.

The R/1JM and 5/6PA assembly will take place after recess at 11.30am and it will highlight cultural aspects of Moon Lantern Festival. Activities will include a lion dance, singing and sharing of cultural information. The winners of the Lantern Making Competition will also be announced at the assembly.

After assembly, students and families are invited back to their classrooms for a shared lunch. Students are encouraged to bring a plate of food that represents their culture.  All families and members of the community are welcome to attend.

Thursday 21st September, T3W9

Treasure Hunt

HFCS Warrior Challenge


We did carrot painting and we did beetroot painting and we did sand painting – Nevaeh
I did playing of the playground – Jason
I liked doing the Ninja one and I also liked playing with Isabella and Eva – Emily
I liked doing some painting and I liked playing with Isabella and Emily and I liked playing in the Ninja Warrior and the people sitting in the shade could cheer for whoever they wanted to cheer – Eva
I loved playing with Brooklynne – Maddison
I loved playing with Ethan Johnson – Anoop
I liked playing with Thuy’s friend outside at the playground – Ethan B
I like to do the painting and I liked to do the rice and I liked to do the story – Navya

Wednesday 20th September, T3W9

The children love sharing books with one another and reading familiar stories. Today we had lots of children ‘reading’ to one another and finding the familiar words and sounds in books we have read as a class. It is great to hear the children modelling the expressions and way of holding books that they see others do.

Welcome Ms Sorgini and Ms Vukadinovic
They will be in our class today and tomorrow, and joining us for four weeks from the beginning of next term. Both are in their second year of studying teaching at UniSA. We are looking forward to having them join us in our class.


Today our assistants are Sara and Maddison.


We went to the playground before recess to enjoy some of this amazing sunshine.

Play in R/1AM
After recess we needed to find somewhere else to play as there was mass in The Centre. The children went straight to the home corner when we got to R/1AM. They love dressing up in all the different costumes and taking advantage of the kitchen.



Some words that start with ‘o’: ocean, octopus, off, on, OSHC, orange, oval, options, opticians, over, open.

Getting to Know REQ
This afternoon Ms V and Ms Sorgini did a ‘get to know you’ activity with the children. The children thought lots about the things they like in order to draw them on their page.


Outdoor Classroom Day

Tomorrow students will need to wear their sports uniform as the activities will be quite active and the children will need unrestricted movement.

The canteen will be open as normal for recess and lunch orders.

Library will be on Friday this week due to the change in timetable.

Timetable for Thursday

Morning Admin – 8.50 – 9.10

9:10 – 10:00 Block 1: School Treasure Hunt with Ms Quigley

10:00 – 10:20: Fruit Snack in class

10:20 – 11:10 Block 2: HFCS Warrior Challenge on the Playground with Miss Moore and Miss Valk

11:10 – 11:20: Recess eating

11:20 – 11:40: Recess Play

11:50 – 12:40 Block 3: Bark & Leaf Rubbings with Mrs Braiotta

12:40 – 1:00: Lunch Eating in class

1:00 – 1:40: Lunch Play

1:50 – 2:40 Block 4: Making Natural Paint & Creating Artworks with Mrs Rodgers & Ms Carey

2:40: Back to class, End of Day Pack up

Tuesday 19th September, T3W9

Today our assistants are Ethan J and Nevaeh.

Ethan J, Eva, Emily, Annabella, Gracie, Sonny and Annabella got busy making lion faces for our A Lion in the Night display. We also saw some self-portrait faces made with the materials that were out. Jason was even inspired by the round plates and made a pizza!
Sonny and Navya worked together to recreate Who Sank the Boat, Navya read the story and Sonny acted it out.
Saniah, Nikolas and Mila were busy playing together in the home corner.
Sara did making with the recyclable materials.
Kobe H, Brooklynne and Maddison did some writing and drawing.
Ethan B, Ethan J, Kobe B, Jason and Reuben were very busy with the Lego.
Anoop, Jacob B, Jacob F, Nevaeh, Reuben, Kobe B, Maddison, Brooklynne, Emily and Sara all had turns on the laptops.


We kept very busy until it was time to go to Spanish. The children continue to work on their social skills as they play with new friends and negotiate the sharing of equipment.

We had another look at ‘Creation’ and the children thought about different ways that we can care for the things God created for us.

We should be friends and make stuff and we can pat some animals and God made for us to live in the house – Jason
He made the sky light and he made it darkness and he made us some house and some squishy fish. We can look after them – Kobe B
We have to make sure that nobody dies or nobody gets hurt – Emily
We need to make sure that people are safe and we can’t fight with them because God made all these lovely things for the people that He made. So we have to be very careful – Eva

The children asked to watch the ‘creation’ part of the Beginners Bible clip again before lunch. We only watch up until the end of the 7th day.

Today we focussed on simple number skills. The children used their numeracy journals to record numbers up to 20 with the corresponding amount of dots or circles.

Upcoming Events

As we near the end of our first term together, I thought I would give a quick update on the events leading up to holidays.

Week 9 (this week)
Wednesday 20th & Thursday 21st September – we will have two preservice teachers from UniSA joining us for introduction days before beginning a four week block in our class in term 4. Elena Sorgina and Lana Vukadinovic are in the second year of their university studies. I am really looking forward to having them in our class.
Thursday 21st September – Outdoor Classroom Day. Children will need to wear their sports uniform.
Friday 22nd September – Casual day – please bring a bag of lollies to donate for Spring Fair.

Week 10
Thursday 28th September – Class Prayer at 9am. We would love you to join us as we pray together. Our theme will be social justice and the children will be adding their own prayers to this service. It will be a short service to begin our day.
Friday 29th September – Moon Lantern Festival. Children are invited to wear traditional cultural clothes or the colour red. We will have a shared lunch on this day. Please bring a plate of food to share.

Term 4, Week 1
Friday 20th October – Casual Clothes Day – children need to bring a plant to donate for Spring Fair.
Sunday 22nd October – Spring Fair