Wednesday 13th September, T3W8

Come Read with Me

All About Today

Today our assistants are Eva and Brooklynne.

We were very fortunate to have Evie and Shyla join us in our class this morning. We also had Taylareece, Phoenix, Isabella, Ruth and Alicia join us from Spanish.

Shared Reading
Today as we read The Lion in the Night, we noticed that the baby has a toy lion in her cot. One night the baby made a wish, so we thought about what she may have wished for. Her wish might have been:

To turn big (the lion) – Jason
The baby wishes for the lion teddy to be real – Sonny
She might wish the teddy getting bigger and real and him stealing her – Nevaeh
I think the baby’s wish was so she could escape from the castle and that the lion teddy bear could grow big and it could be a real lion so she could escape – Eva
The baby to grow up and she can play with all her toys – Navya
For the lion to grow big and she wished that the lion can get the baby out go her crib – Emily
For the lion to take the baby and go into the castle and run away – Jacob B
For the lion to come and pick her up and run away – Jason
For the lion to be big and then take her away out of the castle – Kobe B
For some magic to turn the lion to a real one – Carmelo


We learnt about the letter ‘d’ today. The children did a great job of brainstorming some ‘d’ words.

We had some year 6/7 students come to read with us during our literacy time. The children love having the older students join us in class.

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