Monday 13th November, T4W5

As we hit extreme UV and the temperature was over 35 degrees, we stayed inside at lunch time today.

Today our assistants are Nikolas and Grace.

This morning we celebrated our Gratitude Liturgy. The children each had a speaking part, which they read with the support of Miss V.


A copy of the Keynote can be found here: Gratitude liturgy 2017-2kk408r

During play today, we looked at some more applications to use on the laptops. The children learned about PhotoBooth and using different effects for photos and videos. Jack and Adonia from year 7 also came down and showed the children how to use iStopMotion. We will continue to explore these applications for the rest of the year.

The children also did oil pastel and water colour paint pictures, built with the Lego, and played in the home corner.

Today the children practiced writing in their lined books again. The children wrote the words: a, and, be, I, in, is, it, of, that, the, to, was – we have been practicing these words with Miss Sorgini and Miss V. Navya wrote short sentences with the words on the screen. The children loved writing on the lines the first time and have been asking to try it again.

Shared Lunch

We had a shared lunch to celebrate Miss Sorgini and Miss V’s last day with us. The children have really enjoyed having them in the class for the past 4 weeks. We wish them well as they finish their university studies.

We finished the day with Come Read with Me. Then Miss Sorgini and Miss V gave all the children a party bag to say goodbye!

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