Tuesday 14th November, T4W5

The children stayed inside at recess time today because it was so hot. Thankfully it was much cooler at lunch time, so the children were able to play outside.

Today our assistants are Eva and Navya.

The children enjoyed a very relaxed morning in the class today. Nevaeh used the laptop to take videos of herself and then found GoNoodle and danced along, sometimes with friends joining her. The Lego continued to be popular as lots of children worked together to create. It has been so lovely to see the children seek help of others for their expertise in creating certain things, or hearing others explaining and showing them how to create something. The play dough was popular as the children created food to share and sell in the home corner. The children also continued to draw and create paintings with oil pastels and water colour paints.

I love watching the children at play in the mornings and find they settle really well into learning later in the day when we start this way. I have also noticed new friendships form as the children get more comfortable with their surrounds and routine.

We also had lots of excitement this morning with a bird in the classroom. We opened all the doors and windows in the class to let it out and went to the playground while we waited for it to fly out.

Shared Reading
Today we read I’m Australian Too. After reading, I told the children how happy the book makes me feel. The children also shared how it makes them feel:

I love books with dogs – Ethan B
It has countries and it has lots of names of the countries and there’s Adelaide and Fiji and Australia. There’s Darwin and Chile. It makes me feel good because it’s quite a good story. It feels nice inside me – Navya
It makes me feel very good because I love that book and I’m Australian too – Gracie
I like it because we live in Australia – Maddison
I like it because it helps us because it’s great and it’s nice – Nevaeh
I like the book because it makes me feel strong – Brooklynne

Kobe B’s Adventure
This morning Kobe B went to Fume House with Mr White, Mr Slater, Miss Moore and Ms Antoniciello. Kobe told us about Fume House upon his return at recess time.

Kobe shared with us: “We had to guess what electricity and fire and sun is about. The electricity comes in the air conditioner and then it comes out. They make their own electricity and then they cut it out and then they make an air conditioner and a plug.
They had lots of plants inside too. They were talking about the roof because we saw the handles and they were big and there was something on top of it. They get electricity from the sun. There was a yellow thing on the ground of the roof and the guy was on it, and I was stepping on it a little bit. Then we saw the holding thing again and then a circle thing was spinning around it.”

Kobe had some great ideas about what we can do at our school. Making electricity for the lights. Kobe said he had a fun day and saw lots of things.

We had a short literacy lesson today, focussing on singing the alphabet phonics song. The children then continued to play.

As a result of reading I’m Australian Too and looking into different cultures, the children have been very busy making Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags to display in the class. Mr Murray popped in and spoke to the children about the flags and how important they are to Australia.

There is Aboriginal looking at the stars and looking at the world and what the world is about – Jacob B
He told us that Australia people took over Aboriginal people’s land – Nikolas
I made Australia with yellow and black and red. The yellow for the sun in the middle and black on the top and red on the bottom – Ethan B

Today we looked at the Big Numbers Song. When we finished, we talked about numbers that have zero ‘0’ in them. The children shared some numbers they know that have a zero:

20 – Nevaeh
10 – Ethan J
100 has two zero’s- Carmelo
50 – Jacob F
Ten hundred – Sonny
30 – Ethan B
40 – Nikolas
One trillion, 1,000,000,000,000 – Jacob B
10 – Kobe B
One thousand, 1,000 – Emily
10 – Maddison
One billion, 1,000,000,000 – Eva
10,000 – Jason
One million, 1,000,000 – Navya
81 trillion – Gracie
60 – Reuben

Nikolas used the laptop to write lots of numbers. Nikolas even made a big number with 66 digits!

Afternoon Play
In the afternoon the children got creative, making kites with some raffia that we found. They also used the recycled materials. Lego continued to be popular as storylines were made up, and the home corner also had lots of people busy in their play. The children explored photo booth on the laptops, as well as using them to play on ABCya and GoNoodle. Kobe B and Jacob F were very active, spinning and moving through the space. Eva and Saniah found some old cardboard DVD covers to create with too.


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