Today after Recess REQ and REF looked further into patterns! Mr Robot from the video helped us to learn patterns.

We then used ourselves to make patterns with different colours, shapes and letters. we then had time to investigate our own patterns using pipe-cleaners and beads as well as a pattern game on the laptops.

Navya said “a pattern is something that repeats and goes over and over again”

Excursion Reflection

We had such an amazing day on our excursion today, but we were very exhausted when we got back to school! After a rest, we reflected on some of the amazing things we saw.

What did you see at the museum today?

The Aboriginal paintings, spot painting – Sonny
The dinosaurs – Dung
T-Rex – Tanish
I saw an arrow for animals and fish and something – Richard
I saw pictures of people. The people were talking on the TV and I listened – Hayley
I saw the big giant weapon – Oliver
I saw spears for killing animals so they can eat – Jacob B
I saw a boomerang. There were lots because there’s lots of different colours – Dimi
I saw the mask and it was brown and red – Aaron
I saw Aboriginal people school – Eva
I saw the boats. There was a thick one and a long one – Jacob F
There’s small boats for babies and kids and the big ones are for mums and dads – Richard
I saw a koala, he was eating – Daniel
I saw a lion moving his tail – Kobe B
I saw people making fire and making food – Sierra
I saw a picture with people on it – Mya
I saw the boomerangs and they were different shapes and they were different colours because the Aboriginal people made them different and colourful – Sonny
I saw a squid – Ivan
I saw a dinosaur – Richard

The children were then given time to do their own reflection on the day. Some children chose to record in PhotoBooth, others did drawings. Max asked if he could do a dot painting, which became a popular choice among the children.

Check out some of the the things we saw today:

Stay tuned for more photos at our assembly in week 6!


Today at Recess, Daemon found a snail! He brought the snail into class after Recess and all of the children were so excited. Daemon and Max helped Miss Lowen to be the teacher. We observed the snail closely and asked Daemon where he found the snail. He told us it was in the leaves and we thought this could be because a snail might eat leaves. REQ and REF then thought that we could go on a snail hunt! First we started in the log park but we couldn’t find any there because there were no leaves. We then went and looked in trees and in the garden and we found 3 snails! When we went back to class Jacob B suggested that we could sit in a circle and take turns looking at our snails while watching a video about snail facts! Nikolas said that ‘a snail uses its shell to protect it from predators’.

Blog Post by Miss Lowen.

REQ & REF Library: T2W4

This week we were lucky enough to go to library all together, as we needed to meet with 4RG to prepare for our excursion tomorrow.

Mrs Michalak chose the book Hickory, Dickory, Dash by Tony Wilson for us to share.

We were very lucky to have Miss Lowen read to us today. The children noticed that there were lots of rhyming words in the story this week.

Excursion Reminders

A reminder that our excursion to the South Australian Museum and Botanic Gardens is taking place tomorrow. The children are very excited and we cannot wait to explore Indigenous artefacts. Below is some information as a reminder for tomorrow.

The bus will depart from school at 9:00am and will return at approximately 2:30pm. Our classes will be touring the sights of the South Australian Museum and the Botanic Gardens and whilst at the Botanic garden, the students will also get the opportunity to eat lunch (if the weather permits).

On this day, students need to:

  • Wear their sports uniform
  • Bring either their school drink bottle or a bottle from home filled with water (clearly named)
  • Bring their fruit as per normal, but ensure that Recess, Lunch and drinks are packed and labelled in disposable bags
  • Any medication needed (to be held with the teacher throughout the day)

**Please note that there is to be no lunch orders placed on this day

Lunch and recess will be placed in insulated bags and Ms Quigley and Mrs Feher will take care of them while children are in the museum, so please ensure not lunch boxes are sent to school. We will eat our fruit in class before boarding the bus.

The Good Samaritan.

The Good Samaritan

Luke 10:25 – 37

One day, a lawyer put Jesus to the test. He said, “I know the law says to love God with all my heat and to love my neighbour as myself. But who is my neighbour?

Jesus told him this parable:

“A man was on his way to the city of Jericho. Some robbers beat him They sole everything he had.

“The man was hurt. He needed help. Along came a priest. The priest saw the man, but he did not stop. along came a helper in the temple. He saw the man but did not stop. along came a Samaritan man. When he saw the hurt man, he stopped. The Samaritan man cleaned up the man’s wounds.”

“He lifted the man onto his donkey and took him down the road to an inn. They stayed at the inn. The Samaritan man took care of the hurt man all night long,” said Jesus.

“In the morning, the Samaritan man gave the innkeeper two silver coins and said, ‘Take good care of him until I return.'”

When Jesus had finished the story, he asked, “which one of the three men was the true neighbour?” The lawyer answered, “The one who took care of the hurt man.” Jesus said,  “Go and do as he did.”

The Beginner’s Bible

Timeless Children’s Stories

The children then reflected on the story,

‘That story is very nice and kind.’ – Sonny

‘That story is about Jesus.’ – Dimitra

‘One day I fell and Eva helped me’ – Navya

‘I fell down and got hurt and someone took me to the office’ – Tanish

‘Anya is my friend, she is good and nice to me like the good Samaritan’ – Sierra

‘I almost fell and Kobe and Richard and Jesus helped me’ – Oliver

‘God and my friends help me’ – Mya

‘When I got hurt my little brother helped me’ – Kobe B

‘When I fell over Anya helped me’ – Maddison


The children then used the 100 languages to retell the story in a way that they thought they could retell it best. Some children decided that they would like to role play the story, while others used the laptop to create a book about the story, some used the dolls to retell the story and others felt comfortable illustrating the story.

‘The Good Samaritan is carrying the injured baby!’ – Sonny

‘I am a Good Samaritan, I’m helping Jacob because he is hurt.’ – Jacob B.

‘I am giving Navya some food, because she is hurt and needs help.’ – Daniel

‘I am paying the man at the hotel to look after Navya.’ – Eva.

‘It’s what the man did in the story.’ – Navya.

‘This is me, I got hurt and I died but the Good Samaritans are here to help me.’ – Oliver.

‘I am the donkey giving Jacob a ride because he is hurt.’ – Kobe B.

‘Jesus got hurt and the Good Samaritan helped him.’ – Mia.

‘My mummy got hurt in a fire and I helped her like the Good Samaritan.’ – Khyle.

‘This was hurt and these two bad men just walked past. The Good Samaritian is going to help.’ – Nikolas.

‘This person is hurt and The Good Samaritian is helping.’ – Jacob B.

‘This is the Good Samaritan and this person is hurt, and these are the two people who just walk past and don’t help.’ – Carmelo.

‘This person is the Good Samaritan. There was a man who got hurt, and then two people just walked passed and they didn’t do anything. Then the Good Samaritan walked past and the Good Samaritan helped him.’ – Sierra.

‘This is Jesus, he got hurt and then the Good Samaritan helped him.’ – Anya.


Pattern Fish

Today after Recess, REQ and REF talked with Miss Lowen about what a pattern is. We found out that a pattern is something that comes in a certain order and repeats, if it does not repeat it is not a pattern. We read a story called “Pattern Fish” that explored the different patterns that fish have as well as some worded patterns.

We then talked about what patterns we could make on our own fish that we created. The children drew their own fish or coloured in a fish template, made by Miss Lowen, with their own pattern using various materials of their choice.

Blog post by Miss Lowen.

Indigenous Symbols

This morning before lunch REQ and REF did some investigations with Aboriginal symbols. We talked  about who Indigenous people were and why they are special to Australia. Sonny shared that Indigenous people were the first people ever to live in Australia. We also also talked about dreamtime stories and watched a story about what happened when all the water disappeared, called Tiddalick the Frog.

We looked at how Indigenous people told their stories before we had TV’s and pencils and focussed on the Aboriginal symbols they use in their drawings and dot paintings.

The children drew their own Aboriginal symbols in their learning journals and also made some symbols by placing rocks and bark on the lines. 

Blog post by Miss Lowen.

Come Read with Me, Tuesday W4

This morning was our second session of Come Read with Me. Thank you to Anya and Nevaeh’s mums for joining us on Monday afternoon, and Jacob F’s mum for joining us this morning. Come Read with Me is a great opportunity for the children to share their books with their friends and find joy in reading. It is also a time for us teachers to read with children.

Come Read with Me is every Monday at 2:40pm, Tuesday at 9am and Wednesday at 9am. Each session will run for approximately 20 minutes.