Today we prayed to God. We read the following scripture from the Bible to the children,

God’s Promise

The Word

God said to Noah, ‘I am making a promise with you and your descendants. Never again will the world be destroyed by a flood. As a sign of this promise I am putting my rainbow in the sky. Whenever the rainbow appears, I will remember my promise to you.’

Gn 9:8 – 15 | Ps 24 |Pt 3:18 – 22 |Mk 1:12 – 15


We then shared our ideas and thoughts about the scripture.


‘Jesus died by soldiers and he prayed to God. God out the rainbow in the sky because he thought everyone would love it.’ – Tanish.

‘You love the rainbow and you will see it and then is will disappear.’ – Jason.

‘When I was going to baby school I was driving away and I saw a big rainbow. My mum put it in the sky.’ – Aaron.

‘God put the rainbow in the sky because he thought everyone would love it.’ – Kobe B.

‘I saw a rainbow in the sky and somebody did it, Jesus did it. I like them’ – Oliver.

‘God puts a rainbow in the sky to keep a promise.’ -Navya.

‘My thought is that when I went to kindergarten I saw a rainbow in the sky. Jesus put the rainbow there because Jesus wants to make it a better place for us.’ – Eva.

‘Jesus put a rainbow because he wants to make it beautiful.’ – Dung.

‘Floods come from water and they swish the whole world.  They are bad, he will give us rainbows to say he will never make a flood ago.’ – Jacob F.

‘Someone made a flood and God had to make it stop, then he made a rainbow.’ – Kobe B.

‘God swished the naughty people away in a big flood. He did that a long time ago.’ – Eva.

‘God made the flood because he was getting very very very very sad because people weren’t taking care of what he made.’  – Kiobe B.

‘When Jesus made a rainbow he put it inn the sky.’ – Aaron.

‘Rainbows come when there is water and sun!’ – Jacob B.

‘The rainbow comes from the water.’ – Dung.


Investigation Time, Thursday, T1, W4.

‘This is my robot! It moves and does what people do. This is the button, when you press it it moves.’ – Nhial.

‘We are painting Kobe!’ – Charlize.

‘We drew around me, this is me!’ – Kobe H.

‘He has, eyes, a mouth and cheeks. I am going to paint the other foot.’ – Charlize.

‘It’s a beyblade! You spin it. I made it with Lego because I wanted to play with it.’ – Dung.

‘I made a beyblade too! It was fun. I used Lego to make it. I made the idea in my brain! I have a real metal Beyblade at home.’ – Richard.

‘I am making a house. It’s Mrs Feher’s house. It’s big, my mum told me. I put everything on it but nothing in it. Mrs Feher has to sleep on the floor because she has no bed. You can go buy your shopping to eat but no cooking in the kitchen. You can watch TV in the restaurant, and watch the sunset but no TV in your house. Your baby can sleep next to you on the floor, I mean no, you can hold your baby and put music too. Your baby can play with my cousins. My cousins have got a lot of toys and lots of papers to draw and stickers. Your dog can have a house and a toilet and a food. The dog has more stuff than Mrs. Feher.’ – Oliver.

‘Thats a snake and something else! It’s not food, it’s a snake and flies! I will cook them but they will jump out.’ – Richard.

‘I am making some food for my Mya and Juana. I made cupcakes and they liked it.’ – Sierra.

‘I was making a soup with Anya. Anya was making a cake for the baby.’ – Dimi.

‘I am writing stuff for my friends, I am writing about all of my friends at childcare.’ – Hayley.

‘I am measuring the wheel. It measured 7. That’s big! bigger than me!’ – Tanish.

‘I am playing with the Lego. I don’t know what I am making. It was fun.’ – Mya

‘I am making a watermelon with all of the different colours. I used glue and paper.’ – Brooklynne.

‘I am making a boat to drive around and also they were trying to get to the village.’ – Kobe B.

‘I am making a castle. I was trying to make it so that I could put the castle in the grass and put people in there.’ – Navya.



Bucket Filling 2.0

Today after recess, we noticed the children were struggling to line up safely, without moving around the area and climb on the stairs. This dipped from our class bucket as children were not using safe hands or following instructions of duty teachers. We spoke again about the things we can do to fill buckets and be safe. The children then recorded their own ideas in their Learning Journals. Some children chose not to be photographed with their work, so here is a snapshot of their learning.


This morning we had a chat about different emotions we might be feeling. Ms Quigley was away on Monday as she was unwell, so Mrs Feher asked her how she is feeling today. Ms Quigley said ‘tired’ because she has been sick. Mrs Feher then asked the children what some ‘tired’ colours are. The children shared lots of colours and Mrs Feher drew a picture with the colours suggested by the children.


We then brainstormed some different emotions.

The children recorded how they are feeling in their Learning Journals.


Tuesday Investigations – T1W4

It’s a big burger, with cheese, chicken, cheese – Oliver

I made party bags. These are for my party. You need sticky tape – Charlize

It’s a car. This is the driver seat and that’s the back seat and that’s the back, back. I’m the driver. We’re going to get some cake and we’re going to drive. I’m a good driver because I know how to steer – Brooklynne
Ms Quigley, look, we made a car. And it can actually drive – Anya
Yeah, it goes “broooom” – Maddison

I am working. I’m working about to break some wood. I’m breaking the wood with the hammer and I’m doing like the MineCraft – Oliver

I’m Ms Quigley. Moves to begin drawing before showing the ‘class’ her picture. “Everyone watch Ms Quigley. Can you do this, like Ms Quigley?” – Charlize
I’m Mrs Feher. Approaches Saniah, “what’s your name?” – Nevaeh
I do love hearts and spots in the sky and fireworks – Hayley

So, Navya goes first, and then I go – Eva
We’re sharing – Navya
Because I don’t really get turns of the laptop, so Navya goes first, then I go to play this game – Eva
Sometimes we just laugh because we don’t know what we’re doing. We laugh at the same time too. And also Eva makes me laugh – Navya

I’m watching them – Nikolas
Listening to a movie – Irin
I’m trying to watch the laptop – Aaron 

Playing with my laptop. I’m playing a game – Tanish
And me too. I got my iPad at home – Daniel

I caught a fish! – Charlize 

I was fishing and grabbing the fish. I got a fishy and put it in the boat. We eat it. There was still one left – Daniel
I was playing. I was fishing. I didn’t catch anything – Richard

I made a car. I made another car too – Nhial

Change of Library Time

REF & REQ have changed our library times to better suit the needs of the children. Library will now be on a Thursday. Please make sure library books are coming to school each day, as we may do reading throughout the day.
REF will be going to the library at 1:30pm on Thursday.
REQ will be going to the library at 2:10pm on Thursday.

Shared Reading/Writer’s Workshop – Indigenous Dream Time Stories.

For shared reading yesterday we read an Indigenous Dream Time story.

We were all extremely engaged and interested in the narrative, which told the story of how kangaroos came to have bent arms and dolphins came to have a hole on top of their head.

The story addressed the issue of violence and hands on touching, which presented us with a learning opportunity about safe hands.

We studied the fictional writing style and the Indigenous illustration style.

We then had a go at applying these writing and illustration styles in our own books during Writer’s Workshop.


Investigation Time, Monday, Term 1, Week 4.

‘I made a puppet. It is a lantern puppet. I used red paper, crayons, sticky tape and paper.’ Eva

‘I painted an aboriginal painting. I used red, brown and orange painting and I did dots.’ -Tanish.

‘I am making a tall tower. It was like thirty lots tall!’ – Jason.

‘I am doing snake. I am doing an aboriginal painting. I used lots of colours.’ – Charlize.