Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Some children in our class suffer from a severe and potentially life threatening allergic reaction when they come in contact with certain foods. It is the aim to provide a nut-free environment for the safety of these children who have anaphylactic reactions.  We are asking for your support in not sending to school any food products that may trigger this reaction. We have recently welcomed a new student into our classroom, and whilst we have always had children with these allergies in our class this particular student can suffer from a much more severe reaction due the the level of his allergy.

Peanut and nut products that pose a risk include peanut butter, and any type of nut spread (eg Nutella) as well as peanuts, cashews and other nuts.  Other foods that are not so obvious include (but are not limited to) chocolate and muesli bars, pastries, cakes and biscuits.  If parents could check food labels to ensure that peanuts and nuts are NOT stated in the ingredients list before buying products for school lunches it would be greatly appreciated.

With this in mind please encourage your child to choose sandwich fillings and snack foods that do not present such a severe problem to children with life threatening allergies. The children are encouraged not to share food and are being encouraged to wash their hands before and after eating to prevent a reaction from any traces left on hands.

If you wish to discuss this matter further do not hesitate to contact us.

REQ Library, T3W4

This week in the library, we shared Hide and Seekby Anthony Browne. It was a lovely tale about a brother and sister who played hide and seek in the woods. In their game, they discovered their bravery and found their lost dog.

It was scary because they were so nervous and they were scared a little bit – Richard
When he’s playing hide and seek, they’re counting and the one little guy is in the woods and he forgot to go pee-pee first and then he doesn’t want to play hide and seek anymore – Aaron
The tree is falling down and they got lost – Daniel
Poppy got lost and when they play hide and seek in the woods they always need to stay close – Kobe
They was scared and they thought it was a monster but it was a dog – Charlize
The dog got lost and then the little girl said, “where is the dog?” and they will miss the dog and then they found the dog – Porsha
When the boy was hiding, he was scared and thought there was a monster or a snake – Jacob F

Busy as a Hive of Bees

We are going to make it take over the whole place! – Anya
We were building a town and a road – Brooklynne

I am cooking some food for the ballerinas, then I was putting it on the table. Then I am the big sister – Mya

I am making food. I am the sister – Charlize
I’m making some cards – Emily

We are just doing ballet and Hayley is the teacher so she can come to the ballet every single day. She won three trophies – Nevaeh

I’m at ballet class – Hayley

I’m making a paper aeroplane – Oliver

I’m dancing to the music – Daniel

I’m making a paper plane, it’s really hard – Richard
I’m watching Richard make an aeroplane – Daniel

I’m making a birthday card for my aunty – Nevaeh
I was cutting paper for our pretend salad – Irin

I’m trying to get the leaves down for the cupcakes – Sonny

We are making cupcakes! – Sierra and Dimi

Check out The Village Blog to see more photos of the children in action!

CLARA – Orientation to Learning!


Yesterday we looked at our final learning power to add to our learning power wall. We discovered the Orientation to Learning power.

We read a book called, The Lost Girl.

In this story a girl becomes lost. A Crow helps guide her back to her home and family. The crow helps her use her prior knowledge about the environment around her and helps her use this knowledge to remember where her family and home are.

The children felt that the Crow was very good at using his Orientation to Learning and also at helping others use their Orientation to Learning. It was then our new learning power symbol became a Crow.

The children set off to create our symbol.

Treasure Hunt Incursion

This morning we attended an incursion from Perform Education. The performance was called Treasure Hunt and explored some of our Book Week books, BOY, Florentine and I’m Australian Too. The children were able to participate in some song and dance during the performance. The children enjoyed the performance and participated in the dances with smiles on their faces.

IMG_9918-1259fnf IMG_9929-1uzavlg IMG_9931-1k4z6xp


This afternoon, REQ met with their buddies in 6/7PN and REF met with their buddies in 6/7JW. Our buddies taught us a new skill.

I was playing soccer and duck, duck, goose and time bomb and some high kicks – Carmelo
I played soccer with my buddy and then I played ‘who can throw the ball in the hoop’ – Nhial
I was playing basketball and we played something else and we played a game called chasey game – Oliver
We had to chase others peoples balls and we had to run and then we played red rover all together and we threw the balls – Dimi
Me and Khyle played with our buddies. We played basketball because I was holding the hoop and Khyle was trying to get the ball inside. We played catch in a circle – Sonny
Me and Oliver and our buddies were playing basketball and then we were playing with those things and when you get the sash from each other. Oliver’s team won and when we played basketball, my team won – Tanish
We played footy and soccer – Connor
We were playing piggy in the middle and we were playing soccer – Porsha
I was playing red rover with my buddy – Dung
I played soccer with my buddy and I kicked the ball in the goal – Daniel
I played with my buddy. We played footy and soccer and basketball – Ivan
I played handball with my buddy – Aaron
Jamie showed me how to play soccer, to get in the goals. I aimed it long and I hit the pole and it almost got in the goal – Jason
When I was playing I got the ball in the hoop and I won – Vincent

Learning Numeracy through Play!

Number, shapes, measurement, money, patterns you name it we were exploring it in REF and REQ today.

It’s amazing what learning we can do when we are left to play as we please. Not only do we learn from ourselves but we learn from each other as we use our collaborative learning power. Take a look at our photos and listen to the voice of the children, the collaboration and the learning is very clear to see.

‘I made a tower with the coins, I had a dollar, and a cent. The notes are a dollar too.’ – Nhial.

‘It’s a big long, long like a snake. I was longer than me and longer than Mrs. Feher.’ – Daniel.

‘We are having a shop.’ – Oliver

‘We were play with the money. We were putting money in the casher. We had a lot of money.’ – Irin.

‘I am drawing money under the paper then when we make it we give it to Irin to put in the cash. We had fifty money.’ – Mya.


‘I made a big snake, it was 200 hundred feet, bigger than anyone.’ – Carmelo.

‘I am making the money with my friends. Some had 10 and some had 2.’ -Eva.

‘Let’s write this down, Irin. How many dollars do we have?’ – Oliver.

‘We are making a tower and it is like a rectangle.’ – Kobe B

‘I put the numbers, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,  and the 7 was gone.’ – A.

‘We are drawing some shapes. We drew triangle and a circle.’ – Max

‘I was making a safe with shapes and the chalk. the safe has a combination, 1 , 8, 9 , 6.’ – Jason

‘I am building a rocket, it had a rectangle shape.’ – Richard.

‘We were going to make 100 money. We made lots of money and drew on them. I saw one and two on the money. There is a one dollar and its gold and the 20 cent is silver.’ – Anya.

‘I made a 2 and a 0 coin.’ – Eva.

‘I am making some dominoes and a house.’ –  Khyle.

‘We are playing Jango.’ – Jacob F.

‘I was making some money then it can be real money.’ – Mya.

‘I was making a long snake. It’s longer than all of us.’ – Dung.

‘I am tracing the shape of the stick on the ground.’ – Vincent.

‘I am making love heart shapes and triangles and rectangles.’ – Porsha.

‘I am decorating the bucket with different kinds of shapes. I drew square, triangle, diamond and star and rectangle.’ – Nhial.

‘I was drawing the line, we were going to Spanish in the line. Wee hd 5 people in the line.’ – Massa.

‘I made a pattern, it was baby pink and dark pink.’ – Charlize.

Exploring ‘The Very Noisy Bear’

This week, REQ & REF are reading The Very Noisy Bear.

After recess REQ explored different themes from the story. Some children chose to record on the laptops:

Daniel Noisy Bear-2a8k9cz


Oliver 1-2ji5y3d Oliver 2-20j70cv

Porsha Noisy Bear-1dvgzgc

Other children used their 100 languages of making and drawing to create instruments and ‘band houses’:

“We’re making a band house” – Kobe B

“We were video recording on the laptop” – Tanish / “I was recording with Tanish because he’s my friend” – Daniel

“I was just reading The Very Noisy Bear by Nick Bland” – Oliver

“I was making a bin to put all the rubbish in” – Carmelo

“I was building a house for me” – Aaron

“I made a skeleton” – Aaron

“We were doing songs for Dimi” – Charlize / “I was looking at the laptop” – Emily

“We were making a sleeping area for the bear. There were instruments inside it. I was inside it to pretend I was the bear. Jacob was being the instruments” – Dimi / “I was making a cave” – Jacob B

“We were doing funny things” – Richard / “And funny faces” – Connor

“We finished the bear house” – Jacob F

“Look inside it” – Kobe B

On Thursday we are going to explore Garage Band on the laptops, making our own music to add to the story of The Very Noisy Bear.

We Learn Literacy Through Play!

After we read our shared reading text, ‘The Very Sleepy Bear’, we played!

The children engaged in a variety of literacy based play activities, the children were extremely engaged and used all of their literacy skills while playing.

Some created words using paint and stamps, others made animated stories or typed stories using the laptops. Some decided to make ‘the very sleepy bear’ masks, make puppet shows, create letters and words using play dough, and others made a large rocket as a prop for their story.

‘I made a bear mask. What I done for the ears is I cut them out and I stapled it together. I had to cut the eyes out and then draw a flower on the left ear.’ – Eva.

‘I am making The Very Sleepy Bear book on the laptop.’ – Brooklynne.

‘I made a card for my friend and I put some writing on it.’ – Nhial.

‘I made a bear mask. I used sticky tape, and paper. I used the dog learning power (belonging). I used that one because it is like the bear in the story.’

‘I made The Very Cranky Bear mask but I put a smile on, because I want mine to be The Very Happy Bear!’ – Kobe H.

‘I made my name with the play dough. I made the letters.’ – Anya.

‘I made The Very Cranky Bear with play dough and shells.’ – Max.

‘I found the word, cat, c… a… t.’ – Aaron.


‘We are making a big rocket for our story! I sounded out and wrote the word rocket on the rocket lots of times.’ – Kobe B.

Mr Road read ‘Who Sank the Boat’ while Ivan, Sonny and Khyle acted out the different parts to the story using the hand puppets.

‘I can write cow!’ – Richard.


‘We are making our cave for The Very Cranky Bear.’ – Charlize and Emily.

‘I can write my name!’ – Christina.

‘I am making my name, now I just need to find the ‘r’ letter.’ – Connor.

‘It says cat. I can write it. Look I wrote cat!’ – Brooklynne.

‘I am making different letters with the play dough. I made an ‘a’ and an ‘f’. – Brooklynne.

‘The story says that the horse goes in the boat first!’ – Ivan.