Prayer: Temple Trouble

This week, we read the above scripture. We also watched the first 5:28 of The Beginners Bible:

The children shared their understanding of the scripture:
Because Jesus doesn’t like fighting – Nhial
They’re not being kind to the donkey – Nevaeh
I talked about they’re playing rock, paper, scissors, who’s going to get the chicken – Jason
Somebody broke the metal – Dung
They are breaking up the rules – Sonny
Jesus tried to be dead – Oliver
Jesus be kind to everybody – Ivan
They’re not being nice to God and they’re not worshiping him – Navya

What are supposed to do in Church?
No fighting – Dung
We be quiet and no shouting – Nhial
No screaming to Jesus – Ivan
No fighting with Jesus – Daniel
You don’t fight and you don’t shout and you don’t say any words – Nhial

Why did Jesus make special rules for us?
Because he need money – Oliver
He needs money to go to a different area – Nhial
Jesus makes the rules because he makes everything for us – Dimi
No stealing – Dung
Because Jesus is the Son of God – Sonny
Because you don’t know where you’re going – Nevaeh
So then the people can be happy – Eva
Because Jesus might use some rules for because when we look somewhere and we want something, we might go straight and we might miss that thingy and then when we go back you might keep forward – Tanish

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