Thursday Investigations, T1W6

Jacob B: Me and Sonny were making a volcano erupting.

Sonny: I was making chocolate soup!

Ivan: I was taking photos and videos.

Richard: This is my big beyblade. And his beyblade is gone.
Kobe B: Richard broke my beyblade.

Brooklynne: I’m playing and getting her dressed.
Eva: I’m helping Brooklyn and Charlize build the house.
Charlize: I’m setting up the doll house and the bed. I set up the cupboard and I set up the bedroom.

Sierra: I was making food for Juana.
Juana: She was making me food.

Mya: I was drawing and I put my laptop on the screen.

Kobe H: I was watching funny Youtube videos.
Jason: I was watching weird stuff when somebody’s doing something weird. 

Dung: Richard was versing me.
Oliver: Richard’s is stronger than mine.
Richard: I’m versing Dung’s.

Tanish: I was versing Richard Beyblade but Richard burst.

Carmelo: I scored 2 goals.

Eva: I was drawing some lollies to put in the candy bag.
Charlize: I was gluing and drawing and I made a lantern and lolly bag and a butterfly. Sierra and me and Eva and Navya we were both playing and then Juana was coming to play and then we both played. When I was with Eva, we had one doing it together.
Navya: I was making a lolly bag with Eva and Charlize and Sierra. I was playing with Eva and making lolly bags and then Eva and me asked Charlize if she could play and then Charlize said ‘yes’.
Charlize: Then I showed Navya how to make a lolly bag.

Nhial: I’m making traditional soup!

Aaron: I was trying to watch the laptop and watch some Ben10.

Sierra: I was making a butterfly.

Dung: I made a big Beyblade. I looove Beyblades!

Dimi: We were playing teaching. I was putting something in the bucket.

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