Tuesday Afternoon Investigations, T1W7

This afternoon, the children enjoyed investigations with RAM & RGC. Lots of the children have continued to enjoy making their own Beyblades with the Lego and battling one another with them. It has been amazing seeing their creativity flourish as they remake them day after day. Navya, Eva and Nikolas continued experimenting with leaves, dirt and water in the courtyard. We also had a continued interest in ‘schools’ with Nevaeh, Hayley, Irin, Dimi and Maddison engaged in pretend play. Anya, Sierra, Juana and Mya took great pleasure in taking Miss Alice’s order and creating her food in the home corner. Kobe H and Carmelo were very busy being vets in RAM & RGC. Nhial was working at the barber’s, making sure the dolls hair was done nicely. The children also enjoyed exploring the laptops, using Photo Booth and ABCya. We had a very busy afternoon, with lots of social learning taking place.

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