Shapes with Mr Brown

Today we were very lucky to have Mr Brown share a numeracy lesson with us. We looked at lots of different shapes and shared our knowledge about them.

Square and rectangle

It’s a square – Joseph
A rectangle is a bit longer than a square – Max


It has three sides


It is just one line


It’s a diamond because it builds like a square and it fits like a triangle. It’s got 4 sides – Aaron
It has four corners – Ivan
It has four straight lines – Dimi
It’s a different shape than a square – Sonny
It has two sides and if you turn the square, it makes a diamond – Max


It’s a house shape – Max
Octagon – Navya
Pentagon – Aaron


Because it has 5 corners (points) – Nhial
It has 5 sides and 5 corners and a star is a shape of the dark night – Sonny
If there’s a different star, that has 10 points, then it has 10 points – Jason
It has a triangle on the bottom and the sides – Max


The arrow, will tell you to go – Oliver
It looks like a bow gets arrows, and if you pull the string, it pushes the arrow and it has a point on it. It hits the target, like bullseye – Jason
An arrow has a triangle at the front and a rectangle at the back – Navya


It has one side – Carmelo
It has two humps and it’s kind of like two circles with a triangle – Eva

We went to the courtyard to look for shapes in the school:

I saw squares on the playground – Maddison
I saw squares on the lockers – Eva
I saw squares in the courtyard, like one the ground (handball courts) – Jacob F
I saw a triangle at the playground, on the game thing – Max
I saw a triangle in the locker – Dung
I found a circle next to the rectangle at the playground – Richard
I saw a circle in the floor – Khyle
I saw a circle where it says Holy Family – Navya
I saw a rectangle on the chair – Nhial
I saw a rectangle where the red and white is (side of the stairs) – Eva
I saw a diamond when I was with Ms Quigley – Khyle
I found a diamond toy – Navya
I saw a pentagon upstairs – Aaron
I saw the star when I was sleeping – Aaron
I saw an arrow on the ground – Carmelo
We made an arrow with our hands – Kobe B
I have a heart in us – Richard
I saw a heart in the centre – Carmelo

Mr Brown set up some investigations for the children to find and make some of the shapes we found on our shape hunt:

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