Learning about Saint Aloysius

This morning we had another practice for our mass. The children did an amazing job of the songs and actions. During the homily section of our mass practice, I spoke to the children about St Aloysius and who he was, paraphrasing from the information in the following link: http://www.holyspiritinteractive.net/kids/saints/0621.asp 

How can we live like Saint Aloysius?

We can be kind to people and we can be friendly to people. We need to be kind and say nice words and not bad words – Sonny
If someone wants you to do something, if they’re going to a bad thing and they tell you to do it and you don’t want to do it, then you say, “I don’t want to do it” – Jacob F
When people don’t want to do things that other people want to do, you can try asking them – Navya
If you don’t be kind to them, their mum’s and dad’s are going to take them – Ivan
When someone says a bad thing, they go in timeout. When someone say good things, they not go in timeout. When someone says a bad thing, they feel bad. When someone says a good thing, they feel not bad and happy – Aaron
You don’t fight and when someone says bad stuff, you don’t hit them back. You have to tell the teacher and tell one of your friends and you don’t lie to them – Dung
He did not lie. He was a good person – Oliver
Honest kids are nice and they also be kind to everyone – Jason
we can be kind – Richard
God helps us when he is dying on the cross. God is Jesus dad – Khyle
God is watching us. He wants us to not lie – Tanish
When is being silly and fighting they get in trouble. We can be good – Daniel

I love listening to the children reflect on new information and the way they so readily link it back to their own lives and experiences.

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