Play Thursday Week 8, Term 2.

REF and REQ were very busy during play time today. We used our creativity and our collaboration learning powers to do some of our best learning and investigations…

‘I made a super hero cape. I am Wonder Woman. I can run fast and I’m strong!’ – Brooklynne

‘I am making my super hero cape. I’m drawing a person on here. I am Super Maddison. I can save people and run fast!’ – Maddison.

‘I am the bad guy super hero, but not really, just pretend. I won’t really be bad.’ – Ivan.

‘This is my super hero rainbow cape. I am Ice Woman and my super power is ice.’ – Sierra.

‘I am making my super hero costume. I am Harmony Girl and my super power is to help people when they are needing help.’ – Navya.

‘I am Army Girl and this is my cape. I am very fast.’ – Anya.

‘Creativity is when you draw and make really cool stuff like in Minecraft. I am really creative when I draw pictures of me in the pool on the lap top. This is me in the blue water.’ – Jason

‘This is a picture of Mrs Feher, Miss Quigley and me. We are together.’ – Oliver.

‘We are cooking. We are making peanut butter.’ – Brooklynne and Maddison.

‘We are using the laptops to type as many words as we know, then we are writing them on paper.’ – Eva and Dimitra.

‘I am typing all about God.’ – Mya

‘We are making cards for our mums because we love our mums.’ – Hayley and Charlize.

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