We Learn Literacy Through Play!

After we read our shared reading text, ‘The Very Sleepy Bear’, we played!

The children engaged in a variety of literacy based play activities, the children were extremely engaged and used all of their literacy skills while playing.

Some created words using paint and stamps, others made animated stories or typed stories using the laptops. Some decided to make ‘the very sleepy bear’ masks, make puppet shows, create letters and words using play dough, and others made a large rocket as a prop for their story.

‘I made a bear mask. What I done for the ears is I cut them out and I stapled it together. I had to cut the eyes out and then draw a flower on the left ear.’ – Eva.

‘I am making The Very Sleepy Bear book on the laptop.’ – Brooklynne.

‘I made a card for my friend and I put some writing on it.’ – Nhial.

‘I made a bear mask. I used sticky tape, and paper. I used the dog learning power (belonging). I used that one because it is like the bear in the story.’

‘I made The Very Cranky Bear mask but I put a smile on, because I want mine to be The Very Happy Bear!’ – Kobe H.

‘I made my name with the play dough. I made the letters.’ – Anya.

‘I made The Very Cranky Bear with play dough and shells.’ – Max.

‘I found the word, cat, c… a… t.’ – Aaron.


‘We are making a big rocket for our story! I sounded out and wrote the word rocket on the rocket lots of times.’ – Kobe B.

Mr Road read ‘Who Sank the Boat’ while Ivan, Sonny and Khyle acted out the different parts to the story using the hand puppets.

‘I can write cow!’ – Richard.


‘We are making our cave for The Very Cranky Bear.’ – Charlize and Emily.

‘I can write my name!’ – Christina.

‘I am making my name, now I just need to find the ‘r’ letter.’ – Connor.

‘It says cat. I can write it. Look I wrote cat!’ – Brooklynne.

‘I am making different letters with the play dough. I made an ‘a’ and an ‘f’. – Brooklynne.

‘The story says that the horse goes in the boat first!’ – Ivan.


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