Numeracy Investigations

Today we explored shapes, numbers, patterns , money and measurement. We warmed up with the following songs:

Children were able to explore a range of provocations in the classroom.

‘I made a Pyramid.’ – Ivan

‘I am making something for my cousin’s sister and brother in Fiji.’ – Navya.

‘I was making a zoo with Khyle and myself and we made a giant one. It was 2 metres tall. I measured it with my hand.’ – Dimitra

‘I made a pattern with shapes.’ – Mikayla.

‘I made a rocket out of shapes. It had squares and triangles.’ Gurpanth

‘I made a pattern. It is white, brown,  blue, yellow, white, brown , blue, yellow.’ – Christina.

‘I am making a big tower. It was bigger than the smaller ones.’ – Khyle.

‘I was making a pattern, it was shapes.’ – Irin.

‘I was making a shape pattern with circles and triangles.’ – Mya.

‘I was drawing shape tower. It was all squares.’ – Christina

‘I am playing with Kenetic sand. I am making a castle with shapes.’ – Christina.

‘I am making a castle. I am making a big one. I used a triangle and a circle.’ – Massa.

‘I made two towers and this one is the tallest because it is bigger.’ – Khyle.

‘This is a card with shapes. It has squares and triangles and hearts.’ – Sierra.

‘My pattern is castle, pyramid, castle, pyramid.’ – Kobe H.

‘I am measuring the lego. It was 5 long.’ – Ivan.


‘We were making a tall tower and it was taller than us. We tried to make it really tall.’ – Kobe H.

‘I was making a wall.’ – Joseph.

‘I made a pattern castle. It was red and yellow and green and blue and also pink.’ – Jason.

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