“Play is the highest form of research” – Albert Einstein

“I made a ship” – Kobe B

“This is Australia – it has green and yellow” – Vincent

“Every time someone wants to verse me with their Beyblade, they explode every time” – Jason / “We were battling with the Beyblades” – Tanish

“I made a sword so me and Dung can do a sword fight” – Max

“I was making swords because we are trying to make the best and then we copied each other. Then Max told us to make the same and then both of us will battle” – Dung

“I’m making a Beyblade, but that block was too big so I made another one with the square blocks” – Khyle / “I was battling Khyle but I burst Khyle and Jason burst me. I burst Tanish. Vincent burst me, but my Beyblade fell down and Jason helped me” – Daniel

“We went around and around and around” – Brooyklynne / “We were making a big train track” – Maddison

“I’m drawing a unicorn” – Charlize

“I’m making a laptop” – Christina

“I’m making something for you Ms Quigley. Ms Quigley is the best teacher and she is so funny” – Hayley

“This is a picture that I made and it says ‘can Ms Quigley come to Mya and my show?'” – Eva

“We are painting the mud kitchen” – Sonny

“We’re making it Halloween” – Sierra

“We are painting the kitchen” – Nhial / “We’re making it black. Painting, painting, painting” – Massa

“This is my big Beyblade. I can burst everyone” – Ivan

“We are building a cubby” – Jacob B / “We are making Daemon’s cubby for him, because he doesn’t want to get burnt. He’s trying to stay in so he doesn’t get burnt from the sun because he doesn’t want to get melted. We’re playing a game and he doesn’t want to get melted. But me and Jacob can because we have melted potion” – Kobe B

“I’m doing a matching game. I did my first ever circle all by myself” – Kobe H / “I am trying to tell him what to do and I told him to do the circle and then he did it” – Jacob F

“I made a unicorn” – Emily

“I am making a Beyblade for Daniel and we’re going to take turns of it” – Aaron

“I am holding up number to see which dance is good” – Hayley / “I’m putting the number” – Emily / “We was doing the judges and we have to say who is the coolest and who is not the coolest” – Christina

“We are making her fall down with magic” – Charlize / “Mya and Charlize is magic. They putted me all the way down” – Eva / “We was doing magic for real because when we were doing magic, we as getting Eva down” – Mya

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