“It is a happy talent to know how to play” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“I making a necklace for my cousin’s sister Jade that is in Fiji. When I am 10 I’m going to go there and I’m going to give it to her. For my cousins brother, I’m making stuff for him too” – Navya / “I was making a phone” – Hayley

“We’re going on the plane” – Connor / “We are going to New Zealand to watch a movie” – Porsha

“Look at my Beyblade. Can you take a photo?” – Richard

“Take a photo of me! I made a Beyblade, it can burst” – Daniel

“Ms Quigley, the girls won! We beat the boys” – Charlize / “I was playing the game with the dice” – Emily

“I’m playing the game” – Khyle / “I was playing with Khyle, Emily and Charlize” – Joseph

“I was putting the dice together so that the colours can mix up. I put two and three dice in each group” – Irin

“I was making a dog for the leash I made” – Eva

“I made a rainbow monster” – Christina

“We were working on fireworks. We just bang the hammer” – Nevaeh / “I was hearing something” – Ishpreet

“I was taking the money and I leave it in there – Massa

“We made a surprise box. You put your hand in there and you pull one out” – Sierra / “I was making a house for the Spring Fair so I can sell” – Dimi

“I made a boat and put Lego in it” – Gurpanth

“Me and Max are being a Beyblade Burst team and we got versus and we’re up to 20 points” – Kobe / “We almost have the strongest Beyblades. We are up to 20 points” – Max / “We were playing Beyblades against Max and Kobe. Dung and me were on a team and Daniel” – Jacob F / “Me and Jacob are in a team and Max was trying to make a big Beyblade team and he could be stronger than me and Jacob French” – Dung

“I was bursting Jacob Ffrench and Jacob’s piece fell off and Richard and Aaron were watching. Richard was making an aeroplane. I burst Max for one minute. I didn’t beat Kobe yet. Jacob was on my team and Max is on my team” – Daniel

Jesus Heals the Blind Man

Today we listened to some scripture from the bible, but before we did, we spoke about parables and miracles.

What is a Miracle?

A miracle is watching and learning – Connor
A miracle is gifts from people all around the world – Sonny
A miracle is when everything changes – Dimi
America – Ivan
When God told people to be good, God made lots of dads and mums – Porsha

We were very lucky to have Mr Urdanoff explain to us about miracles and how we might see them in real life. Mr Urdanoff said it would be a miracle if he grew hair on his head.

Jesus Heals a Blind Beggar
John 9:1-12
Jesus and his disciples saw a blind beggar. He had been blind since he was born. The disciples asked Jesus, “teacher did this man sin? Or did his parents? Is that why he is blind?”
“No one sinned,” said Jesus. “This happened so that God’s work could be shown in his life.” Then Jesus spat on the ground and made mud with his hands. He gently spread the mud on the blind man’s eyes.
Then Jesus told the man, “go to the Pool of Siloam and wash off the mud.”
As soon as the mud was gone, the man could see! Everyone was amazed. they wanted to find out more about Jesus.

We discussed the scripture with the children:

Jesus made the blind man see again and that’s a miracle – Dimi
Jesus touched the people, then they were sick and they said to Jesus that he was blind. Then he didn’t see properly and then he said the mud is off – Porsha

We will continue to reflect on the parables in future, as the children gain a deeper understanding of miracles.

Exploring Letters and Sounds

This afternoon the children were again given a choice for literacy investigations. Children could choose to work on their Writer’s Workshop, write about investigations and holidays, or engage in literacy games. The children had a range of games, looking at letters and sounds, and creating words. Again, we had high levels of collaboration and engagement as the children explored the classroom trying new things.


“Play is the beginning of knowledge” – George Dorsey

Today after recess, we quickly ate our food and got stuck into play. The children were able to choose their own activities, finding what they needed on the floor, shelves and in the cupboards. It is always interesting to see what the children will choose when left to their own devices. We notice that the children engage with all learning areas as they investigate and make meaning of the world around them. As the children use their curiosity, they are collaborating, making sense of their world and using their creativity. We really do have such a lot of fun during investigations.

Children engaged with literacy as they played teachers, writing and ticking off the roll, and speaking to their ‘class’. Children made invitations to ballet concerts and dance classes and explained to others when and where it would take place.

Numeracy was found in the counting, stacking and crashing of dominoes. The children also counted and sorted money, using the cash register to make sales and pay for their items.

Design and technology was evident in the creation of Beyblades, Marble Runs, domino courses and invitations to ballet shows. Paper crafts were again popular, as children created boats, jewellery and paper planes.

The Arts were evident as children practiced their dances, working together to move in sync. Dimitra set up painting and was soon joined by many others.

When the weather allowed, children engaged with science as they mixed water, dirt and colour, found living things to create homes for, and even commented on the daily weather.

These are just some of the activities the children engaged in.

IMG_3041-1mmiqlo IMG_3044-26kfwil

Rainy Day Fun

“I drew a picture of my grandma and me riding on a dolphin” – Christina

“I made two rings for my mum, in case one doesn’t fit, she can try the other one on” – Navya

“I made a house with four windows” – Connor

“I made a robot” – Nhial

“This is a ring maker” – Gurpanth

Welcome to REF & REQ school.

The Beyblade arena

“I’m going to climb the fence and escape the school” – Porsha / *Porsha was tricking and knows not to escape the school

“I scored a goal” – Richard

“We are angry birds” – Joseph

“I’m going to be an angry bird too” – Aaron / “This is the launcher” – Porsha

“We mixed this together” – Navya

“I was skipping and the pot fell down” – Anya

“We are searching for nature” – Iron / “We want to find snails” – Sonny

“I just need to jump up here” – Porsha

“I’m a teacher too. I’m Mr Coad” – Daniel

“We just need to do the roll” -Charlize, Hayley & Emily

“I’m getting the robot” – Carmelo

“This is the robot, it’s so big” – Jacob B

“I want to be an angry bird too” – Jacob F

“I am making a cake and pretending to eat it” – Ishpreet / “I was making with Anya and Ishpreet” – Christina

“We found some millipedes” – Sonny

“I was drawing balloons so then I could make a cover for my phone that I made” – Eva

“You can come to my shop” – Charlize

REQ Investigate

Today while REF were at PE, REF got straight into investigations. The children continued to work on tasks they started on Monday, including teachers, writer’s workshop, pretend play and construction. We have seen a Beyblade resurgence with the addition of more Lego back to the class.

“I’m writing Daemon’s name because he’s in REF. We are making the roll” – Dimi

“We’re writing the words for being the teachers” – Hayley

“I’m pretending to make the roll. I am a girl in the class” – Emily

“Ms Quigley, I can make a box with the blocks” – Nhial

We are making beyblades. / “Mine looks like an excalius, the best Beyblade in the world” – Richard / “My Beyblade is the strongest. Last time I beat Kobe in the battle. I spin upside down and then it broke” – Daniel / “Mine is triple, double mode and it is a rocket launcher” – Oliver / “It is very strong” – Max

“I made a snail house” – Carmelo / “I was trying to get a box for the snail so we can take care of him” – Aaron

“I was making a snail house” – Gurpanth

“We are making a book. It’s about some silly people. Jacob Brown, Kobe B and Daniel are helping me” – Jacob F / “We are making a book about silly people” – Jacob B

“We are being bad guys and we put boxes in our house because it was a trap from good guys. We stole some money from the shops. We don’t pay because we don’t have any money” – Porsha / “I am trying to sit next to the baby and I have to check the baby” – Connor

“I made a Beyblade to play Beyblade burst. I am making another one for Richard and Max too” – Kobe

Spring Fair Volunteers Needed

The Spring Fair on Sunday 21 October is quickly approaching and we are looking for volunteers to help on the day. It is a fun day had by all and a fantastic community event.

We are looking for volunteers to assist on a variety of stalls and if you are able to offer an hour on the day between 11am and 8pm, we would really appreciate your support.

Please email springfair@holyfamily.catholic.edu.au with your availability eg 1-2pm, anytime between 11am-4pm etc.  Volunteers will be advised on Friday 19 October which stall they have been allocated to once responses have been finalised.

Reflecting on Emotions and Investigations

This afternoon in our literacy block, the children were able to continue to reflect on their investigations, writing and drawing their own reflections in their learning journal. Children were also able to continue working on their ‘Emotions’ books from term 3. The children really enjoyed the choice in their learning and we saw a great level of engagement. Check out some of the children’s work:

Week 1 Information

Please don’t forget to send a hat for you child to wear at recess, lunch and fitness times. The UV is rising fast, and even overcast days can result in sunburn.

Thursday, 18th October, will be a casual clothes day. Children can wear casual clothes if they donate a pot plant, pot or potting mix for Spring Fair.

Friday 19th October is a Pupil Free Day for staff to prepare for Spring Fair on Sunday.

Sunday 21st October is Spring Fair from 11am. We would love to see you all at Spring Fair to support our school.