The Village

When we do activities and investigations with RAM & RGC, we call it The Village. This is a time of shared learning and using the strengths of all teachers and children to work together. From time-to-time, we will upload this learning to The Village Blog. You can subscribe to this blog by following this link:

We will also add links to posts on The Village Blog to this blog page. Check out or latest post by visiting the blog.

The Wishing Tree

Today we looked at two pages from Dragons in the City. On the pages, the family write wishes to hang on the wishing tree for Chinese New Year.

The children were each given a piece of coloured paper in order to draw their wish. We helped them to write their wish for the New Year and hung them on our own class wishing tree.

“I wish a car and a Lego man and a horse toy and a dog toy” – Daniel

“I want to have a friend” – Navya

“I wish for a Beyblade” – Jacob F

“I wish the tree” – Aaron

“I wish for a dog” – Nevaeh

“My wish for the new year is to go on a train to a beach house” – Ivan

“My wish for the new year is for a sandpit and some money” – Jacob B

“My wish is for the giraffe’s to eat the leaves from the tree’s” – Charlize

“My wish is for, I can have lots of toys to play with my aunty and uncle” – Hayley

“My wish is for a Beyblade. I wish to play with Jason with Beyblades” – Kobe B

Head lice in REQ & REF

We have had a third reported case of NITs in our class today. Please ensure you check your child’s hair when they are at home (they are better spotted in natural light), and if you find live lice, please keep them at home  until their hair is treated. Don’t forget to re-treat the hair after 7 days to ensure that if any eggs hatch, they are also killed.

Lice are often found at the nape of the neck, or behind ears, so please check these areas thoroughly.

Thank you for helping us to keep this under control.

Shared Lunch Tomorrow

Don’t forget that we will be having a shared lunch to celebrate Chinese New Year. We will be having our shared lunch in the courtyard, near the library and the music room at 12pm. We will be joined by RGC & RAM.

Please bring a plate of savoury food to share. You are welcome to join us.

Ash Wednesday

Today we celebrated Ash Wednesday with mass in the hall at 11:30am. The children participated very well in their first mass, following the songs and actions and listening well to Father Shibu. During mass, the teachers were given a cross on their foreheads with Ash. The children had lots of questions about why we had ash on our foreheads.

After lunch, we had a chat about Ash Wednesday, starting with asking the children why we have the ash:

We showed the children some information about Ash Wednesday and explained that the ashes are from the palm leaves that were burnt on Palm Sunday last year. We used the following slides to guide our discussion:

The children shared their new understanding of Ash Wednesday:

The children were then invited to have some ashes on their forehead. Some children chose not to have ashes.

Learning about Lent

This morning we spoke to the children about Shrove Tuesday, starting by asking why we ate pancakes yesterday:

We showed the children some information about Shrove Tuesday:

Next, we spoke about Lent:

We discussed the importance of thinking about Jesus during Lent and why people give things up. We also spoke about acts of kindness that we could perform during Lent. The children shared what they might do during Lent:

We will continue to share scripture with the children and check in with their acts of kindness throughout the 40 days.

The Year of the Dog

This week, Mrs Michalak chose The Year of the Dog by Charles Hope, illustrated by Jess Racklyeft.

The blurb reads: “Dog had never known what it was like to have a home. It was all she had ever wanted. At the animal shelter where she lived, she happily watched as her friends one by one, found families to love. after a while poor dog began to wonder if her turn would ever come…”

In the story, we learned about all the animals that represent each year in the Chinese zodiac. The children shared their understanding of the story and what happened to the dog:

The doggy was by himself and the rooster gave him a present and all the animals were leaving – Jacob B
Family has finding the dog – Tanish
The dog laughed – Aaron
The dog is sad because he didn’t find his home – Daniel
I had a comic in my book, it was that story – Charlize
The dog was in the bad guys books – Juana

Buddy Bingo

This afternoon we met with 6/7PN & 6/7JW in The Centre to get to know our buddies. The children were each given a Bingo sheet to ask the buddies some questions about themselves. If someone said yes to a square, they would write their name in it!

The children had lots of fun getting to know their new buddies.

Palm Sunday

On Thursday, we began looking at some Scripture with the children. We began with talking about the sign of the cross and practiced all together.

Ms Quigley then read about Palm Sunday from the Children’s Bible, before showing the children a clip from the internet. As with shared reading, we find that sharing a Bible verse in multiple formats allows the children to get more meaning from what they are hearing and seeing.

The children then used their learning journal to record their own picture of Palm Sunday. On Friday the children shared their understanding of Palm Sunday and we scribed their description of their picture for them.

On Friday morning, we watched some of The Beginners Bible Easter Story. It is quite long, so we only watched the first 5:30 as that covers Palm Sunday.

After recess, the children shared their understanding of Palm Sunday with us.