Cooking with Mrs Hughes

Today we were lucky enough to have Kobe Hughes’ mum, Melinda. She helped the children to make a chocolate cake. Each of the children had a turn in the process of making the cake. We learned a lot about mixing different ingredients together, like butter and sugar, then adding wet ingredients, like egg, oil and water. The last ingredients to add were the dry ingredients; flour, baking powder and cocoa. Some children got to help with mixing the cake with the electric beaters, and some children were able to help put the cake into the cake tin.

After recess, we thought about all the steps needed to make the cake and wrote a procedure together.

Next, we simplified the procedure, ready to record in their writing books:

Mindful Agency: CLARA Learning Power

Today we began exploring a new Learning Power – Mindful Agency. This is about using our previous knowledge to inform new learning. We chose an owl to be our icon for Mindful Agency. To get the children thinking about using their wisdom, we watched the following clip from Winnie the Pooh.

Why is the owl wise?

Because he is helping everyone and he is being kind and sometimes when his house falls down, the people help to build it back up – Maddison
The owl is wise because he does she much talking and he talks a lot wiser than anybody else. He knows of things sand he tells Pooh and Piglet – Navya
The owl is nice to the bear and the pig. The owl lets them in – Richard
The owl fell down and when he was going in the house and it was windy and it blew the house. It was really strong. There was glass and it dropped on the owl – Aaron

What does it mean to be wise?

Old – Dung
You know everything – Tanish
You are very, very old because you know lots of stuff and you think all the time and you know everything – Maddison
You are clever – Kobe H
You do teamwork – Ivan

When have you been wise?

I made Daemon a ninja star – Dung
I can make a aeroplane – Ivan
I’m good at drawing a mask Daniel of PJ Masks – Aaron
One day I made picture of me and Eva outside playing together for Eva – Navya

Navya, Aaron and Nhial chose to draw an owl to share their understanding:

We then spent time exploring our Mindful Agency with paper crafts. We had lots of Ninja Stars and Nunchucks, which are a result of our superhero play. We also had more paper planes being made. Eva made her own flower shop to ‘sell’ flowers to her friends. Navya made envelopes to send pictures and cards and Nikolas made a paper bridge for his brother.
Thank you to Aaron for taking photos for us today.

Curious Cats

Today we continued to explore our Curiosity Learning Power. We listened to the story, Me and My Cat.

Me and My Cat

We thought about the following things:

Curious means… 

Sensible – Anya
Being friendly – Sonny
Having a home – Sierra
Belonging – Kobe H
Cat – Maddison
They are people – Tanish

What do cats do?
Running around the house – Kobe H
Scratch – Sonny
Go for a walk – Dimi
They get mouses and rats out of your house – Carmelo

Mrs Feher thought about a word that starts with ‘ex’…
Exploring!!! – everyone
When you are exploring, you’re being curious – Navya

What does curious mean?

Exploring – Navya
Playing around – Dimi
Investigate – Kobe H
Environment – Eva

We went to Log Park to use our Learning Powers. We realised we wouldn’t just use our curiosity today, we would also use our creativity, collaboration and belonging as we explored and created with our friends.

Paper Planes

We continued to practice procedure writing this afternoon by looking at how to make a paper plane. We have lots of experts in our class who enjoy making paper planes. The children helped to make a procedure to share:

The children then used their Learning Journal to recreate the procedure. The children used their creativity to make their own patterns and designs. Once they finished their procedure, they were able to make their own paper plane. The children have built on their language as they continue to create, and then record their making.

Creativity – CLARA Learning Power

After recess, we watched the story of The Very Busy Spider. We thought spiders are a great way to share creativity, as they work to create such beautiful webs.

The spider’s Learning Power is making webs – Sonny
Collaboration means helping – Navya
Happy – Dimi
He makes the web so everyone can see it it when it’s beautiful – Dung
He felt sad because he was doing too much work – Ivan
I like his web and the spiders Learning Power is being busy – Kobe H
His Learning Power is poison – Carmelo

Where did the spider get his idea from?
The spider is busy – Oliver
He knows by thinking in his smart brain – Eva
By using his back and then his hands – Richard
The spider is being CREATIVE – Sonny
The spider has got super powers so he can do spider webs – Aaron
When the spider makes a web, they catch flies – Khyle

How are you creative?
I practiced a prayer in investigations. We used paper, sticky tape and colouring pencils to make the costume. I had the idea in my brain – Dimi
My Learning Power is creativity because I was playing with Sierra and then I helped her to be creative. We were making pictures and stars and love hearts. I also used collaboration – Navya
My Learning Power is teamwork, the horse (collaboration) because friends help people – Sierra
I made an aeroplane and a sword because I want to – Ivan
My Power is that people want to help me and I share with them – Oliver
I use creativity to make roads with the big blocks – Jacob B
I made two boomerangs and knives and I gave one to Max – Tanish
I have an idea in my brain and then I made a box fort – Jason
I made Jason a new paper aeroplane – Max
I made lolly bags – Charlize
I was playing with Brooklynne in the home corner and we were playing Mums and Dads and sisters and brothers – Maddison
We made a soccer arena and a maze with Jacob F and Jacob B. We used Lego – Kobe B
I made an aeroplane – Daniel
I made a laptop with pink paper – Hayley
I made an ice-cream – Nevaeh

The children created their own spiders to display on our Learning Power wall:

Catholic Identity Day

We began our day with a blessing from Father Shibu, who left us with two quotes:
“I am precious in the eyes of God,” and “God has given me a lot of love.” 
We used these quotes to inform our learning throughout the day.

Upon returning to class, we listened to some songs.

He’s got the whole world in our hands – Sonny
He’s got the brother and the sister and the mum and dad – Dung
God – Kobe H (the ‘he’ in the song is God)
He got babies in his hand – Daniel
He made it – Dung
It could mean making houses for people – Dimi
He made our birthdays – Kobe B
We are safe if we are in God’s hands because God is holding us – Dung
When God is holding us, he put us down, and he makes us and everybody’s house – Aaron

Once back in class, we listened to some scripture:

Jesus Feeds Thousands
Jesus and his disciples were tired. They needed a quote place to rest. So they got into a oat and used off from shore. A crowd followed the boat. Over 5,000 people had come to see Jesus. Even though he was tired, Jesus wanted to help them. He climbed out of the boat, and he began to bless and heal many people. Later that day, the disciples said to Jesus, “It is getting late. These people should go home and eat dinner.”
Jesus replied, “We can feed them. See if anyone has any food to share.” The disciples found one boy. He had five loaves of bread and two small fish. Jesus said, “Bring the boy to me.”
The disciples asked, “How will so little food feed this many people?” Jesus said, “You will see. Ask the people to sit down.” Then Jesus took the bread and gave thanks to God. His disciples gave bread and fish to everyone. To their surprise, twelve baskets were left over!
Matthew 14:13-21; Mark 6:30-44; Luke 9:10-17; John 6:1-15

They wanted to eat the food because they didn’t have food to eat – Sonny
They have five pieces of bread and two fish and they were feeding it to the humans – Tanish
For one thousand people, they had 12 baskets left and Jesus give it to the people and they had enough to give to the disciples – Dimi
When the human ate it all, Jesus made more so they can eat it – Dung
The people don’t have food and Jesus just gave them food – Ivan

Children participated in provocations across The Village and 1EN & 1SA.

While we ate our recess, we began learning about some of Jesus’ miracles:

After recess, we met in The Centre for a liturgy. During liturgy, REQ & REF shared the song Welcome to God’s House:


After liturgy we had our shared lunch in the courtyard.

We spent the afternoon meditating and reflecting on our day.

At 2:30, we went to the hall for another assembly. During our afternoon assembly, we got to see how the other classes in the school spent Catholic Identity Day in an iMovie made by Mr Slater.

My favourite part of the day was:

the praying and the singing – Sonny
all of the parts – Dung
I was on the laptop with Khyle, we was playing funny videos on the photos – Daniel
singing Welcome to God’s House – Sierra
drawing flowers and road maps – Tanish
doing my God house – Dimi
when we got to play on the playground – Jacob F
everything – Kobe H
playing at the playground with Emily – Eva
me and Sonny and Jacob and Ivan were playing on the playground – Sierra
playing with Emily because I playing chasey because it was fun – Mya

REQ Library, T2W9

This week, we read The Second Skyby Patrick Guest & Jonathan Bentley. A wonderful story about a penguin called Gilbert, who saw the sky when he was born and tried everything he could to learn to fly. But, little did he know, he would be able to fly in a different way. The blurb reads…

Great things happen when we reach for the sky…

The children thought about what the blurb meant:

When you reach for the sky, you have to be big – Aaron
It rhymes with I can reach the sky – Dimi
If you want to reach the sky, you have to be big and humongous – Richard

After reading, the children shared their reflections:

He wanted to fly, but he didn’t want to give up, so he kept on trying and he climbed up a big mountain and then he jumped and then he rolled and he splashed in the water and then flied in the water. He was skating in the water – Kobe
He fell in the water and it went splash. The bubble popped –Daniel
The penguin sinked and then it did a perfect dive – Nhial
The penguin, it was his first day to see the sky and then he tried to fly, but he can’t and he tried so many ways, but he can’t fly. He sinked in the water, then he did a perfect fly in the sky – Tanish
It said up, up in the story and it helps you to make you fly. You can fly in your trampolines at home – Dimi
The penguin just climbed a mountain and he jumped down and he was spinning around and then he stopped spinning around. He landed in the water – Richard
When the penguin is up the mountain, he rolled around and he just goes up and he wants to go down and he said, “oopsie daisy” and then he said, “I believe I can fly” – Aaron
He was flying in the water – Nikolas
In the second sky is far away – Tanish
Somewhere, penguins can’t fly, they can only fly in the water – Richard

REQ: Teamwork makes the Dream Work

We often use this quote in our class, and it rang true this afternoon in REQ. Jacob B and Jacob F began making a road with the big blocks. Soon, Kobe, Richard and Tanish joined them. As they drove their cars along the road, the boys noticed it was breaking. They worked together to rebuild as it broke. They also noticed their town was looking quite empty, so found some more cars and houses. Jacob B suggested they spread them out along the road. It wasn’t long before each of the boys had claimed a house and made it their own.



Literacy Investigation/Play

This afternoon we continued to explore procedures. The children were invited to choose from a range of activities, thinking about the different steps taken. Children could also choose to record a procedure, thinking about the different steps they needed to use. Children made paper planes and boats, explored the play dough we made on Tuesday, followed YouTube tutorials, made cards and books, and did some sewing.

We had such a high level of engagement in our class as the children explored the different steps needed to create.