Friday Week 10: Casual Day

HFCS are currently running a bottle/can/10c recyclable fundraiser. You can bring any 10c recyclables to class for recycling. The yellow bins will be collected on a Friday by the students and tallied to see which class has the most. We will be having a casual clothes day on Friday 6th July (week 10) in support of this.

All cans, bottles, fruit boxes etc need to be empty with no lids and straws.

The classes who collects the most bottles and cans will win fantastic prizes. Popcorn and a Movie or a fantastic aquaponics tank for their classroom.

REQ Library, T2W8

This week, we shared Hark, it’s me, Ruby Lee! by Lisa Shanahan & Binny.

“RUBY LEE is a litte gilt with a very BIG imagination.
Every week Ruby Lee’s teacher Mrs Majestic-Jones asks special people to do special jobs in her class. Ruby Lee would do anything to be the messenger, as she’s the best in her class at announcing. But will her imagination get in the way?”

The children reflected on the story and its message:

When someone got hurt, Ruby would pick them up – Aaron
She didn’t know that George was on the climbing bars – Tanish
She lost stuff and she was trying to be good – Dimi
When the bird scared everyone and she got something to hold the bird and take them back and let them go – Richard
George got stuck on the monkey bars. She used to be good in class, then she got angry – Max
When Ruby lost the card about can we use the hall at lunch, the teacher got angry and then the teacher chose a new officer. Then there was a bird flying and Ruby gave the bird something from in her hand and then she was the officer again – Kobe
When the bird flew to that girl, she put it on her hand, then it went away – Aaron

Play Thursday Week 8, Term 2.

REF and REQ were very busy during play time today. We used our creativity and our collaboration learning powers to do some of our best learning and investigations…

‘I made a super hero cape. I am Wonder Woman. I can run fast and I’m strong!’ – Brooklynne

‘I am making my super hero cape. I’m drawing a person on here. I am Super Maddison. I can save people and run fast!’ – Maddison.

‘I am the bad guy super hero, but not really, just pretend. I won’t really be bad.’ – Ivan.

‘This is my super hero rainbow cape. I am Ice Woman and my super power is ice.’ – Sierra.

‘I am making my super hero costume. I am Harmony Girl and my super power is to help people when they are needing help.’ – Navya.

‘I am Army Girl and this is my cape. I am very fast.’ – Anya.

‘Creativity is when you draw and make really cool stuff like in Minecraft. I am really creative when I draw pictures of me in the pool on the lap top. This is me in the blue water.’ – Jason

‘This is a picture of Mrs Feher, Miss Quigley and me. We are together.’ – Oliver.

‘We are cooking. We are making peanut butter.’ – Brooklynne and Maddison.

‘We are using the laptops to type as many words as we know, then we are writing them on paper.’ – Eva and Dimitra.

‘I am typing all about God.’ – Mya

‘We are making cards for our mums because we love our mums.’ – Hayley and Charlize.

REQ & REF Mass

Today after recess REQ & REF celebrated mass to celebrate the feast of Saint Aloysius. We were joined by RAM & RGC, and 6/7JW – thank you to our buddies for helping us with our speaking parts. Thank you also to the families who joined us today. We were also lucky to have Cecilia and Destiny from 4BH join us to operate the powerpoint.

Learning about Saint Aloysius

This morning we had another practice for our mass. The children did an amazing job of the songs and actions. During the homily section of our mass practice, I spoke to the children about St Aloysius and who he was, paraphrasing from the information in the following link: 

How can we live like Saint Aloysius?

We can be kind to people and we can be friendly to people. We need to be kind and say nice words and not bad words – Sonny
If someone wants you to do something, if they’re going to a bad thing and they tell you to do it and you don’t want to do it, then you say, “I don’t want to do it” – Jacob F
When people don’t want to do things that other people want to do, you can try asking them – Navya
If you don’t be kind to them, their mum’s and dad’s are going to take them – Ivan
When someone says a bad thing, they go in timeout. When someone say good things, they not go in timeout. When someone says a bad thing, they feel bad. When someone says a good thing, they feel not bad and happy – Aaron
You don’t fight and when someone says bad stuff, you don’t hit them back. You have to tell the teacher and tell one of your friends and you don’t lie to them – Dung
He did not lie. He was a good person – Oliver
Honest kids are nice and they also be kind to everyone – Jason
we can be kind – Richard
God helps us when he is dying on the cross. God is Jesus dad – Khyle
God is watching us. He wants us to not lie – Tanish
When is being silly and fighting they get in trouble. We can be good – Daniel

I love listening to the children reflect on new information and the way they so readily link it back to their own lives and experiences.

Wednesday Investigations

This afternoon, we had a think about procedures and how we do things in steps. We had a quick look at a procedure for making pancakes and the children helped me to fill in the steps.

We thought about how everything we do has steps. The children were able to do investigations with The Village for the afternoon. We had lots of paper planes and drawing tutorials chosen by the children, as they continue to explore the steps needed to complete each task.


Transition Visit

This morning we again welcomed our new students to the school. In REQ we welcomed Porsha, Connor, Ishpreet and Emily. REF welcomed Anthony, Vincent, Joseph, Mikayla, Christina and Massa. We did investigations with The Village, visited Kuyangani and had a quick tour of the school.

The children have loved meeting the new members to our class and cannot wait to meet them when they return in term 3.

Shapes with Mr Brown

Today we were very lucky to have Mr Brown share a numeracy lesson with us. We looked at lots of different shapes and shared our knowledge about them.

Square and rectangle

It’s a square – Joseph
A rectangle is a bit longer than a square – Max


It has three sides


It is just one line


It’s a diamond because it builds like a square and it fits like a triangle. It’s got 4 sides – Aaron
It has four corners – Ivan
It has four straight lines – Dimi
It’s a different shape than a square – Sonny
It has two sides and if you turn the square, it makes a diamond – Max


It’s a house shape – Max
Octagon – Navya
Pentagon – Aaron


Because it has 5 corners (points) – Nhial
It has 5 sides and 5 corners and a star is a shape of the dark night – Sonny
If there’s a different star, that has 10 points, then it has 10 points – Jason
It has a triangle on the bottom and the sides – Max


The arrow, will tell you to go – Oliver
It looks like a bow gets arrows, and if you pull the string, it pushes the arrow and it has a point on it. It hits the target, like bullseye – Jason
An arrow has a triangle at the front and a rectangle at the back – Navya


It has one side – Carmelo
It has two humps and it’s kind of like two circles with a triangle – Eva

We went to the courtyard to look for shapes in the school:

I saw squares on the playground – Maddison
I saw squares on the lockers – Eva
I saw squares in the courtyard, like one the ground (handball courts) – Jacob F
I saw a triangle at the playground, on the game thing – Max
I saw a triangle in the locker – Dung
I found a circle next to the rectangle at the playground – Richard
I saw a circle in the floor – Khyle
I saw a circle where it says Holy Family – Navya
I saw a rectangle on the chair – Nhial
I saw a rectangle where the red and white is (side of the stairs) – Eva
I saw a diamond when I was with Ms Quigley – Khyle
I found a diamond toy – Navya
I saw a pentagon upstairs – Aaron
I saw the star when I was sleeping – Aaron
I saw an arrow on the ground – Carmelo
We made an arrow with our hands – Kobe B
I have a heart in us – Richard
I saw a heart in the centre – Carmelo

Mr Brown set up some investigations for the children to find and make some of the shapes we found on our shape hunt:

Tuesday Investigations, T2W8

We did lots of investigations between recess and lunch. We were very lucky to have Miss Nguyen join us as Ms Quigley needed to do some work in the staff room. Miss McCarthy and Mr Brown supported the children in their investigations and set some fun things out to explore.

Please check out ‘The Village Blog’ for our afternoon learning.