Harmony Day Reflections!

‘On Harmony day I was sleeping, I woke up and went to school. I wore orange shorts for Harmony Day. I loved my sister today and when I took care of mum and dad.’  – Khyle.

‘Harmony day is the best day ever! I love that people were helping. I wore a orange top on Harmony Day. It’s the same as what Mrs Feher wore! See look in the photo. We are the same!’ – Dimi.

‘Harmony Day is a day where you share food and you wear orange. You should be good on Harmony Day. ‘ -Dung.

‘Harmony Day is a day of happy. Everyone wears orange!’ – Kobe H.

‘Harmony Day is something we celebrate. We wear orange and everybody shares lunch and plays with each other. Everyone helps everyone.’ – Navya.

Harmony Day is a day about celebrating everyone and sharing lunch. We are all happy. We always love playing and eating.’ – Charlize.

‘Everybody shares lunch on Harmony Day. We picked three foods first. We had more when we share. We wear orange shirts. We are celebrating and singing all of the languages.’ – Jason.

‘On Harmony Day we are celebrating to share food. We listened to songs.’ – Aaron.

‘Harmony Day is when we share lunch and wear orange clothes or Vietnam clothes so that we can be good kids. We are happy.’ – Sonny.

‘Harmony Day is when you wear orange clothes and we share lunch. There were people dancing at assembly, they were Japanese because thats what Harmony Day is.’ – Max

‘Harmony Day is when you share lunch with everybody. I liked the fairy bread. You get to wear orange and you can also wear school uniform and their country clothes because it is Harmony Day.’ – Hayley.

‘Harmony Day is when we wear orange dress. At assembly girls was Indian because it was shared lunch day.’ -Ivan.

‘Harmony Day is a day when you bring food so you can eat it and then you bring drinks too. You should also make up friends to play with you.’ -Niahl

‘Harmony Day means you need to bring what your mum made for food. I had rice vegetables and cupcakes. We wear orange because it’s Harmony Day.’ – Tanish

‘Harmony Day means you have to wear orange clothes. I saw all the peoples’ flags at assembly. It was there country.’ – Nikolas.

‘I loved the home corner today. I wore orange on Harmony Day. We had assembly in the hall. I saw bodies on the stage, they ewer dancing.’ Mya.

‘Today is Harmony Day, we wore orange. We shared the lunch.’ – Irin.

‘Today is called Harmony Day! We have shared lunch.’ – Anya.

‘We wear orange on Harmony Day. They did dancing on the stage and we shared food.’ – Jacob B.

‘Harmony day is the best day ever! I love that people were helping. I wore a orange top on Harmony Day. It’s the same as what Mrs Feher wore! See look in the photo. We are the same!’ – Dimi.

Investigation Time Friday W8, T1.

‘Mrs Feher, look I made a Pokemon watch. The watch helps people and helps the Pokemon. I made it with paper, and suck it together with sticky tape.’ – Dung.

‘I am making a rainbow. I put the red, orange, green, purple and blue!’ – Khyle.

‘I am making an adult dinosaur and baby dinosaurs with paper. Look at all three of the baby dinosaurs on the mummy’s back! I take lots of effort to make this!’ – Kobe H.

‘I am making an ocean. It was a surprise for the teachers. I made it for myself do it could look nice. I did it when I was relaxing!’ – Navya.

‘I am colouring a big plane!’

‘I am making a dinosaur book today. The dinosaurs got extinct! It means they died. ‘ – Nikolas.

‘ I am cutting my plane.’ – Richard.

‘I am making something for my cousin. It’s a present. I ‘drawed’ it on the paper, then I wrote her name, then I put sticky tape to wrap it. I did two for me too. I wrapped to because it’s nearly her birthday.’ – Charlize.

‘I am drawing a Mario game picture with all of the characters. I thanked in my head and drew some lines. I drew Princess Peach, Mario and the Mushroom.’ – Eva.

‘I am making a picture of people running away from the volcano. Me and my friends don’t want it to get us. There is four levels!look this one fell over, and his hair got messed because he fell on the grass!’ – Carmelo.

‘I am making something, I don’t know what it’s going to be but it might be the Australia flag.’ – Max.

A Morning at the Doctor

This morning, Dimi approached me and told me I was looking very sick. I went to the ‘hospital’ and Eva, Navya and Dimi began treating me.

Eva told me I had black wiggly worms and it made my skin turn blue. Navya suggested a blood test, which she took. Eva said my blood looked like tear drops and made sure to help me with treating my black wiggly worms. Navya found a clipboard to record my patients notes as they treated me. She also got me some food and colouring in that I could do while I was in hospital. Eva was a great doctor and made sure to talk me through all the procedures she was doing.

Dimi also came do an operation on me and gave me lots of stitches up my right arm. She told me that I wasn’t allowed t go back to school yet though. Dimi made sure to give me her phone number and take mine in case I had any problems. Dimi even called my parents for me to let them know what was wrong with me. I had to stay in hospital for 1000 days!

Shared Lunch Tomorrow!

Before we went to the library, REQ looked at a book called Today is Monday by Eric Carle.

The children noticed the last page looked a lot like The Last Supper:

We then remembered that tomorrow we are having shared lunch to celebrate Harmony Day. The children were very excited to share what they will be bringing.

Religion: The Last Supper

Today, we listened to some scripture about The Last Supper.

Before we got started, we thought about what we remember from Palm Sunday:
Jesus was riding on a donkey and he said to go to his father’s house – Tanish
When Jesus died he felt better – Daniel

After we read the scripture, we watched a quick clip on YouTube:

After finishing, the children reflected on the scripture:
Betray means they’re not in your team anymore – Kobe B
Jesus eating food and sharing – Aaron
Jesus gives his disciples piece one another of Jesus’ bread – Nhial
Jesus was sharing food – Mya
They were eating a round circle of bread and they were drinking some of Jesus’ blood – Eva
Jesus is very kind and he never hurts people and he never punches people – Jacob F
He made the animals – Dung
Jesus washed their feet – Navya
They are sharing food with all the other people – Jason
He washed the foots – Dung
He cleaned the foot – Daniel
He has to wash every feet – Dimi
They are sharing food, which is nice – Nevaeh
Jesus was sharing blood. He was pretending it was blood – Sonny
It was wine – Dung
He was washing the foots so the blood can can go away and the blood can’t get more on their foots – Nhial
God was sharing his bread with all his disciples and that is very kind and he never is rude – Jacob F
Jesus shared the food with his disciples – Eva

They drew their own interpretation of The Last Supper in their Learning Journal:

We love hearing about and seeing their interpretations of scripture each week.

Thursday Morning Investigations, T1W8

“I was being a doctor and I checked the heart and then I drawed and then I went to the cooking and I maked something. I maked food” – Charlize

“I was buying something. I was buying chicken nuggets and cabbage” – Tanish

“That will be $11 please” – Ivan to Ms Quigley
Ivan recorded numbers as he took orders in his shop.

“I was making stuff. I was doing stuff for people. I was the shop keeper. I’m doing served the chicken” – Ivan
Ivan was looking up foods on the laptop as he took peoples order. He later became a doctor and did check ups on people, before feeding them food to help them feel better.

“Fixing the Lego that I made. I made a dogs house” – Irin

“I was making a house with my friends and Dung made me a aeroplane” – Navya
“I was making a Beyblade and bursting somebody. I burst all the people” – Dung
“I was making a lighthouse” – Jacob B

‘I was helping Mya to do the password” – Jacob F
“I was playing games” – Mya

“I am colouring in my paper plane. Then I made another one, then I made the second one. Then I made a double plane with another plane” – Nikolas

“Khyle gave me this pinecone and I made a pinecone necklace. You (Ms Quigley) helped me” – Irin

“I found a pinecone outside and then I got two pipe cleaners and then I wrapped them together and then Ms Quigley helped me a little bit. I made a necklace pinecone” – Nhial

“I was waiting for Charlize to come to the baby. She (the baby) had a little scratch on her hand and Charlize came and then I saw her and nothing happened” – Juana

Nikolas the Author

Nikolas has been working hard this week making books during investigations. He made TWO books today that he wanted to share on the blog. Nikolas is such a great illustrator, adding amazing details to his pictures. He also tells amazing stories on each page of his books.

Book 1: The Dragon Takes Down the Fire

Book 2: All About Me

Disclaimer: Please excuse the spelling of some dinosaur names!

Investigation Time/Play W8,T1 continued…

As the day has gone on children have continued to engage in their play. Some children decided to watch clips on YouTube of plane making demonstrations. After this they decided to have a go at making their own planes. Other children decided to read their readers or write their own books during Investigation time. All of the children were involved in helping Mrs Quigley put together our birthday wall!

Have a look at all of this and more…

‘I am going to colour it red so that it is speedy. Red is a fast colour!’

‘I made another Beyblade, but I want to save it and keep working on it.’ – Dung.

A few of the children were busy making friendship linking chains, to symbolise Harmony Day.

‘Mrs. Feher, I made the ship that you had a holiday on. I put windows on it like your ship and I put people in the water swimming.’ – Dimi.

Investigation Time/Play Wednesday T1W8

‘We are cooking up lots of food in the kitchen!’ – Charlize.

‘I am mixing up the chocolate cake for Miss Quigley!’ – Navya.

‘This is water man. He is watering the grass because it is dying.’ – Nikolas.

‘I am Dr Sonny. I help the patients. My first patient today was Maddison. She had a fever and a cold. I gave her medicine to help her get better.’  – Sonny.

‘I am writing words on the laptop. I am writing the words to Australian songs.’ – Jacob B.

Tuesday Investigations, T1W8

Today we spent lots of time in investigative play. The children engaged with lots of different activities throughout the day. Beyblade battles continued to be popular with the Lego. Some children made their own writer’s workshop books with the help of Ms Quigley. Jacob B and Nikolas made an experiment with the fishing water – they noticed that the paper they put in changed and didn’t stay all together, it broke to small pieces. Kobe H made a Brontosaurus with the making materials and a few other children turned Mrs Feher’s desk into a cubby house!

Have a look at what we got up to…

‘I tried really hard to make a Brontosaurus. I am amazing! I made its arms and its legs!’ – Kobe H.

‘This is our cubby house! We made sure it had a window and a door. We made a red light for inside so that we could see.’ – Navya and Kobe H.

‘We are making chocolate chip cakes and chocolate chip cookies! They are going to be yummy!’ – Eva and Navya.

‘I made a race car! my dad drives it and it is faster than a jet!’ – Dung.