Literacy: Emotions

This afternoon we continued to explore emotions with Lucy Goosey. We then worked together to act out different emotions. The children had a lot of fun showing: happy, sad, angry, excited, scared, sleepy, nervous, embarrassed. See if you can guess the emotion we are displaying:

The children then used their writing book to record a sentence about emotions:

Letting Go

Today during investigations, Irin and Hayley took control of the iPad. The results are some beautiful photos of the children at play, as well as a few posed photos. We sometimes wonder if the children change their play or feel embarrassed when we come around to take photos, and while we are confident that they are used to it, it is always lovely to see the more candid photos that often result when the children take charge.

Wonderful Wednesday

Today between recess and lunch, REQ & REF participated in investigations. The children were very busy both inside and out, with high levels of engagement in a variety of tasks. Children used collaboration, creativity and mindful agency as they worked through a variety of provocations.

“I made a monkey” – Maddison

“I’m on Jacob’s team and we’re versing Nhial” – Max

“Here, kick it to me” – Jacob F

“Look out Jacob!” – Nhial

“We’re hiding in our house” – Aaron

“Aaron, Aaron, let me in” – Vincent

“We’re making shaving cream” – Dimi / “And seaweed” – Sonny

“I’m digging for treasure” – Connor

“Dimi, do I put the plants in the water?” – Christina

“I’ve got a magic wand stick” – Massa

“Turn you into a flower” – Massa

“Ms Quigley, look at me! I’m balancing” – Massa

“I just need to get it” – Vincent

“I can turn it” – Vincent

“We need to push this button, Ishpreet” – Jacob B

“We are making lots of cute things” – Anya

“We’re drawing” – Mikayla & Maddison

“Here, you just need to jump over it” – Dimi

“Can I play too?” – Sonny

“I will help you dig” – Massa

“I’m going to escape” – Porsha

“Do we just go over and over?” – Aaron / “Yes, and then everyone can jump over” – Dimi / “Do you want me to jump over?” – Brooklynne

“I’m going to jump over” – Massa

“Like this?” – Aaron / “Yes, keep going over and over” – Dimi

“Jump!” – Massa

“Nhial, get the ball!” – Ivan

“Why don’t you make real cupcakes?” – Gurpanth / “I only know how to make pretend ones” – Brooklynne

“We just need to press this button” – Aaron / “Yeah, like that” – Vincent

“We are making stuff for babies. I made a dress” – Anya

“These are going to be so cute” – Brookylnne

“I’m kicking a goal” – Max

“Oh no, mum is dying” – Eva (as Charlize is falling to the left)

“Oh no, help!” – Eva as she starts CPR and Mikayla brings the doctor kit

“Oh no, it looks like I need to be the mum now” – Hayley

“I’m making a rainbow” – Massa

“Look, I’m digging” – Porsha

“I will fix you” – Connor

“We are sharing the laptop” – Ivan / “And doing teamwork” – Oliver

“I’m making a Beyblade” – Richard

“I’m looking for stuff outside in my telescope” – Nevaeh

“I’m playing a fun game” – Gurpanth

“I’m drawing Minecraft” – Jason

“I’m on the screen. I can see Jason” – Carmelo

“We made a thing that helps us build” – Porsha

Being Safe: Comfortable and Uncomfortable Feelings

This morning, we began thinking about how we can be safe. We started with sharing what it means to be safe.

We need to be safe because we need to be kind to each other – Tanish
We need be kind to people – Ivan
Respectful means you be good and you don’t hurt anyone if you hurt anyone, you will get in trouble – Porsha
We have to wait for the teacher to go on the playground – Vincent
We have to be safe or someone can get a fire and the teacher will not know where you are, so we have to read the instructions – Dimi

Comfortable means you feel:
Warm – Mya
Fluffy – Dimi
Soft – Sonny

We all agreed that comfortable is a good feeling!

Uncomfortable means you feel:
Not warm – Tanish
Cold – Ivan
Freezing cold – Dimi
Not comfortable – Maddison

We all agreed that uncomfortable is a bad feeling.

Children helped Mrs Feher to sort out good and bad feelings. As Mrs Feher read the feelings out, children showed thumbs up or thumbs down to help decide if each feeling was comfortable or uncomfortable. Mrs Feher threw the uncomfortable feelings in the bin!

Mrs Feher read Lucy Goosey to the class. We focussed on the emotions Lucy felt throughout the story.

We worked together to record the comfortable and uncomfortable feelings from the book. The children recorded in their learning journals:

Changes to Come Read with Me

As of Monday, week 9 (17thSeptember), we will be changing the times for Come Read with Me. We have decided to remove the afternoon sessions, as the children struggle to settle in to their reading. We apologise if this means you can no longer join us for Come Read with Me. The new times are as follows:

Monday: 8:50am – 9:10am
Tuesday: 8:50am – 9:10am
Thursday: 8:50am – 9:10am

Thank you to everyone who has joined us for Come Read with Me this year. We love sharing this time with you.

Moon Lantern Festival

On Friday 21st September (week 9), the school will be celebrating Tet Trung Thu (Moon Lantern Festival) , the festival which revolves around children. To share in the celebration, children are invited to wear cultural clothing.

We will also be having a shared lunch on this day, at approximately 12:20pm. Children are invited to bring a plate of food to share with the class.

More information to come.

Ecology in REQ & REF

This morning, we planted our own herb garden in class. Ms Quigley’s mum has been collecting seedlings from the paper for the class. We asked the children if they thought it was something we can look after in our class:

We are helping God by planting seeds because it makes it smell nice – Jacob B
We are making nature for God – Kobe H
God will be happy when the tree grows – Richard
If we grow more plants it will help us breathe because they have lots of smells – Dimi
We can growing them and putting water on them – Jacob F
Giving them water and sunshine – Tanish
Take care of them by putting water on them and sunshine – Dung
When you plant vegetables, they’re healthy for you because they make you strong – Sonny
We can pick the vegetables, then eat them when we grow them with lots and lots of water – Kobe H

We worked together to plant the seedlings:

The children recorded the steps taken in their learning journal: