REQ Literacy

This morning after PE, REQ worked on their literacy. The children took control of their learning this morning and chose to explore their understandings in many different ways. Some children chose to create their own book, draw their favourite characters, write a sentence about their favourite pancake topping, draw or record their understanding of Pancakes, Pancakes on the laptops, or work on a new procedure.

I made a pancake with cheese and some jam. Six jams – Oliver

I made PJ Masks. They are so tiny and they have ‘super cat speed’ – Daniel

I made a pancake on a frying pan. I have jam on it, cheese on it – Nikolas

I’m making a PJ Masks book – Aaron

When they were making their pancake. When the boy woke up, he wanted to make a pancake, but his mum was a bit busy, then he got all the ingredients and then he knew what to do when they cooked it – eat it! – Jacob F

I made a PJ Masks book – Tanish

I made a PJ Masks book – Tanish

I made a pancake and did some writing. I like honey on my pancakes – Nhial

I made pancake with a cat smiley face. The love hearts are the eyes. The little dots of Nutella on there – Dimi

I’m making two things. One cake and one airplane – Richard

I have made a kitten book and I said it’s so cute all the time – Hayley

I am making another mermaid book – Charlize

I am making a book about my family – Kobe

I made the pancake flying in the pan – Carmelo

I drew the front page. It is a pancake in the pan – Max

Warm and Cool Colours

This afternoon we did some art investigations with colours. First we recapped on what we have already learnt about primary and secondary colours and then we watched another Mr. Robot video about warm and cool colours.

We then investigated with warm and cool colours using pencils and paint.

RAM & RGC Assembly

This morning RAM & RGC put on an amazing assembly. We followed along their learning journey and were given more insight into Indigenous Dreamtime stories and learned a lot about Kuyangani, the school fish farm. The children were very interested in the assembly and we look forward to exploring some of the ideas in our investigations.

At the end of the assembly, REQ & REF joined the children on stage for a dance. The children had lots of fun showcasing their freestyle dance moves to the song Marryuna by Baker Boy.

Library T2W7

This afternoon Miss Lowen read Boy by Phil Cummings. This is a shortlisted story for the Children’s Book Council of Australia awards this year. The blurb reads…

The king’s battles with the dragon were always mighty and loud.


Boy lived in silence and couldn’t hear the fighting. But he could see the fear around him … and how everyone would be much happier without it.

In the book this week, there were lots of new words. Two of the words were flabbergasted and mystified. The children thought about what it might mean:

Angry – Sierra
Grumpy – Khyle
Worried – Charlize
Scared – Navya

Mrs Feher wondered whether the words meant that maybe the people were confused? The children agreed that might be correct.

We also wondered what the boy was doing when his hands were dancing?

The boy was doing signs with his hands – Navya
He was seeings through the bones (making shapes with his hands) – Kobe B
He got water in his ear – Ivan

Mrs Feher explained that sign language is how deaf people talk to each other. We might learn about some sign language in our class.

REQ & REF Mass

Next Thursday, 21st June, REQ & REF will be celebrating our class mass. Our mass is celebrating Saint Aloysius and the fact we are all gifts from God.

When: Thursday, 21st June, 11:30am
Where: Holy Family Catholic School Mass Centre

We would love for you to join us if you can. The mass will run for approximately 40 minutes. The children will begin practicing their parts on Monday, including songs and actions.