Why We Love Play

“Me and Aaron and Dung are making a big tank” – Richard / “I was watching Richard and Dung making a robot” – Aaron / “I was making tanks. I watched the laptop to learn” – Dung

“I am drawing love hearts because I like doing love hearts and there’s a lot of different colour love hearts” – Sierra / “I was painting with Sierra” – Irin / “I was getting a colour to paint a love heart” – Emily

“We are playing hide and seek. We were playing with Christina too” – Maddison / “I was hiding from Maddison” – Brooklynne / “We were playing with Khyle too” – Christina

“I’m playing soccer with Jordan and Daniel. Daniel is kicking the ball and then I was keep on blocking it” – Jacob F / “I was playing soccer. Someone kicked the ball to the goals and I saw it. Then I get a goal and someone kicked the ball to the fence and then I was the goalkeeper” – Daniel

“This is my phone” -Khyle

“I was making my new blade” – Oliver

“I was making decorations with Nhial and Jacob B and I was colouring and cutting and we used teamwork. I made it candy cane colours” – Navya / “I was making a Christmas decoration to celebrate Christmas” – Nhial / “I’m making Christmas decorations” – Jacob B

“I was making a car that is red and blue and then I was going to be the red one first and then I’m gonna do blue” – May

“I did ‘a is for apple'” – Charlize

“I’m making a phone” – Khyle / “I’m playing the laptop” – Vincent

“We made the cubby all dark and it’s so dark. We have to fit everything in, like money and toys and build” – Connor / “I’m playing with Porsha and Connor. We are making it darker and darker. We are having a party. We are eating. It is a quiet area” – Massa / ” We was playing mum’s and dad’s and then Connor made a cubby and then we want it really, really, really dark. Then we used all the blankets to make it dark and then we discovered that it will make it dark” – Porsha

Play, Explore, Create!

“I’m getting some people toys and they don’t have money and I can get them change when they buy something like Beyblades” – Connor

“I was making a string because for a present for my mum. I was wrapping it up” – Mikayla

“This is our ring shop. We are making rings for people” – Charlize

“Richard and me were a team” – Jacob F / “I am making a Beyblade because I love making Beyblades. People always help me because they like me. This one has a lot of pieces” – Richard / “We are making Beyblades with Lego and we are versing each other and Richard burst Jacob French” – Tanish

“Im making some slime” – Sierra

“We are playing Beyblades and we’re trying to burst each other” – Jacob B / “I’m helping a tall tower so we can see how strong we can be so we can verse people and play blades” – Kobe B

“Look how big my Beyblade is now. It’s so strong” – Khyle

“We’re playing a game, like handball. But we didn’t have a handball, so we are just using the basketball” – Dimi / “We all take turns” – Brooklynne / “I can throw it so high” – Christina

“I’m just making cupcakes” – Mya

“We are making slime, so I am just picking these things to put in the slime” – Eva

“We’re making slime and we’re going to keep this one (left) and sell this one (right). We’re going to sell it at lunch time for $1” – Sierra / “No, we are going to let people choose. Then sell it” – Navya

“I made a bracelet and a ring to have it so I wish that I made a bracelet and a ring” – Hayley / “I made a bracelet that was a unicorn” – Emily

“I made Christmas decorations” – Massa

“I made a Christmas tree for Christmas. I put it on the Christmas tree” – Christina

“I got a thing to hang up on the Christmas tree. It’s a long thing and wiggly” – Brooklynne (she added this to the class paper chain to decorate the Christmas tree)

“We are going camping” – Porsha / “And me, I’m the baby” – Daniel

Friday Investigations

Today the children were very busy inside the class and in the courtyard, exploring, building and creating.

“I was making a Christmas tree, a Christmas drawing and also I was making it for my mum and dad” – Hayley / “I was making a card for Santa” – Ivan

“I playing with the laptop” – Emily

“I am being the teacher and picking the assistants” – Charlize / “I am playing teachers and I was being a teacher with Charlize” – Irin

“I can have a turn, wait there, I will kick it high” – Aaron

“I can kick it high and far” – Nhial

“I always kick it the highest” – Max

“I made this Beyblade by myself. No one can help me and I make it stronger. I versed Tanish, but I haven’t versed Richard yet. Richard is on Oliver’s team. Oliver helped me and I helped Richard to build his Beyblade stronger. I shared pieces” – Daniel

“I made a rainbow for my mum” – Christina

“We are making paper laptops for everyone” – Kobe B / “We are giving them to people for free” – Dung

“I am making slime” – Massa

“I made a bow because I wanted to start making a bow shop” – Eva

“I am watering the plants. I can squirt it so high” – Sonny

“I am drawing chocolate to sell” – Brooklynne / “We’re playing shops” – Nevaeh

“Ms Quigley, I am the champion!” – Jacob F

“I am making Santa” – Kobe H

“I made a card for Santa. I will send it to him” – Ivan

“I drew a Christmas tree” – Navya

“We are battling” – Richard

“Play is the highest form of research” – Albert Einstein

“I made a ship” – Kobe B

“This is Australia – it has green and yellow” – Vincent

“Every time someone wants to verse me with their Beyblade, they explode every time” – Jason / “We were battling with the Beyblades” – Tanish

“I made a sword so me and Dung can do a sword fight” – Max

“I was making swords because we are trying to make the best and then we copied each other. Then Max told us to make the same and then both of us will battle” – Dung

“I’m making a Beyblade, but that block was too big so I made another one with the square blocks” – Khyle / “I was battling Khyle but I burst Khyle and Jason burst me. I burst Tanish. Vincent burst me, but my Beyblade fell down and Jason helped me” – Daniel

“We went around and around and around” – Brooyklynne / “We were making a big train track” – Maddison

“I’m drawing a unicorn” – Charlize

“I’m making a laptop” – Christina

“I’m making something for you Ms Quigley. Ms Quigley is the best teacher and she is so funny” – Hayley

“This is a picture that I made and it says ‘can Ms Quigley come to Mya and my show?'” – Eva

“We are painting the mud kitchen” – Sonny

“We’re making it Halloween” – Sierra

“We are painting the kitchen” – Nhial / “We’re making it black. Painting, painting, painting” – Massa

“This is my big Beyblade. I can burst everyone” – Ivan

“We are building a cubby” – Jacob B / “We are making Daemon’s cubby for him, because he doesn’t want to get burnt. He’s trying to stay in so he doesn’t get burnt from the sun because he doesn’t want to get melted. We’re playing a game and he doesn’t want to get melted. But me and Jacob can because we have melted potion” – Kobe B

“I’m doing a matching game. I did my first ever circle all by myself” – Kobe H / “I am trying to tell him what to do and I told him to do the circle and then he did it” – Jacob F

“I made a unicorn” – Emily

“I am making a Beyblade for Daniel and we’re going to take turns of it” – Aaron

“I am holding up number to see which dance is good” – Hayley / “I’m putting the number” – Emily / “We was doing the judges and we have to say who is the coolest and who is not the coolest” – Christina

“We are making her fall down with magic” – Charlize / “Mya and Charlize is magic. They putted me all the way down” – Eva / “We was doing magic for real because when we were doing magic, we as getting Eva down” – Mya

The Nativity

This morning, the children began to learn about The Nativity. We watched some of the clip by The Beginners Bible.

The children reflected on what we watched:

The king is angry because he don’t like Jesus – Massa
Jesus was born and Mary loved him so much – Maddison
When the king went to see the baby, when they celebrated – Brooklynne
The king was very angry because he didn’t like Jesus and he said to Jesus, the baby was asleep and the baby was called God. They followed the star and then they loved the baby and all the animals was quiet and the baby got our of her tummy  – Porsha
The baby was called Jesus – Ivan
Joseph and Mary came a long way to Bethlehem and they found a house for Joseph and Mary to sleep in and Jesus. People followed the star to find Jesus – Navya
The king didn’t know who everyone was talking about, about the new king – Eva
The king was angry because he don’t like Jesus and they was angry at the boys who were going to see the baby – Tanish

Today, the children did a drawn reflection of The Nativity. We will continue to explore The Nativity until the end of term, adding more of our 100 languages as we make sense of the birth of Jesus.


“When we make play the foundation of learning, we teach the whole child” – Vince Gown

Tuesday and Wednesday have been very busy days with lots of investigations. The children continue to explore our inside environment due to the inclement weather. We have also begun to add touches of Christmas to our class, with the addition of a small Christmas tree (which the children have been decorating) and Nativity. The children have also been busy painting their own tree. Camping and schools are still popular in the home corner, with Beyblades and paper crafts engaging children elsewhere. We have had such high levels of engagement this week, as the children collaborate in their investigations.