Jacob B the Scientist!

During Investigation time Jacob B became a scientist! He found a piece of paper and some glue and wondered what would happen if he mashed it up into water. He was surprised with the end result!

‘I had water, glue, sticks and paper. I put the paper and glue in the water. The paper was hard and then it changed and went soft. I smashed it in the water with the stick. Its turned like slime and I didn’t know that it was going to happen.  I want to try different science experiments. I want to try making a volcano to see what happens!’

Following on from this provocation we will continue to provide opportunities for children to experiment with things that can change from one form to another.




Becoming Authors

This afternoon while the children were playing, some chose to create their own books. Today, the children used big paper and were able to make their whole book without writing before showing a teacher. Some children chose to take their books home with only illustrations. Others asked a teacher to scribe for them.

Here’s a sneak peek at what the children created:

Can and Bottle Recycling

As of this week, we will be starting up our whole school can and bottle recycling competition. Please bring in as many 10c can and bottles as you can. Please remove all lids and straws from cans and bottles to be recycled.

All proceeds from the 10c recyclables will go to the purchase of new CARA food waste recycling systems to be located in classes.

In week 9 the class that has collected the most bottles and cans will win a movie and popcorn afternoon in the hall and in week 11 the ‘grand prize’ winner will be announced. Week 11 Friday will also be a casual day for the students.

Image result for recycle

REF learn to Use ICT with their Buddies!

REF used their collaboration and belonging learning powers to work together with their buddies and learn something new! Their buddies showed them how to use a range of tools on the laptops. Tools that will help them with their learning in the future.

Some of their children shared their speck of gold from learning how to use the movie making application.

Dung – ‘He let me play on his laptop when he did the games.’

Anya – ‘They helped me play with the laptop’

Ivan –  ‘He let me play on the laptop. We looked at the cat and he was moving his mouth. I was moving the mouse and the cat was moving.’

Sonny –  ‘My buddy showed me how to make the monkey jump on the laptop.’


Kobe’s Dinosaur Provocation!

During Investigation Time Kobe H decided to engage with the small world play. He sorted all of the different types of dinosaurs into groups and then further sorted the adults and the babies. He gently placed the baby dinosaurs of the correct type with their matching adult parent dinosaurs. It was a very delicate process, which Kobe H spent a lot of time doing. He was very particular about where the babies had to be positioned – under its parents’ legs.

‘These big ones are the mummies and daddies and these are their babies. They stand under their mummy and daddy for protection. Mums and dads have to look after their babies to keep them safe from danger. The mum and dad get food for the babies. It’s the same for human babies too. Mums and dads have to take care of them and look after them too.’


CLARA Learning Powers – Our Interpretation!

REF and REQ have been exploring the CLARA Learning Powers. We use these powers to help us learn.

The following provocation questions helped us to further understand the learning powers and how we use them to help us learn.


What do you want to learn about and why?


How can you use your imagination to help you learn?


Who can help you learn?


How can wenlearn together?

Sense Making

How do things you already know help you learn?

Mindful Agency

What can you do to help yourself learn?

Hope and optimism

What do you want to be better at?

Orientation to Learning

What do you need to get started with your learning? Can you do it independently or do you need help?

We had a close look at the icons and thought about how we could create icons that made more sense to us as individual learners. This is what we came up with…

Monday Investigations, T1W8

“I just drew a picture for Sierra” – Juana

“I was going fishing. I think I catched a whale and a shark and a seahorse and a puffer fish. I used sticky tape to stick it (my fishing rod)” – Sonny
“Fishing, I caught a fish” – Irin

“I was making food” – Anya

“Me and Jacob and Max were spinning, then Jacob versed me and Max and then he won and then he got 2 points. When he won again, he got 4 points” – Kobe B
“I versed Jacob and I broke his and then he broke mine” – Max
“My face, I was excited because Kobe burst me and I so excited, but it was his first time bursting me.” – Jacob F

“I was playing shop keepers. So, we were playing with the babies” – Sierra
“We were playing doctors” – Nevaeh

“Me and Mya was doing the roll for teachers” – Dimi

“I was drawing people’s face. I did eyes, mouth and nose. I did a happy mouth” – Hayley
“Making a picture” – Anya

“I was playing a game. The pony game” – Maddison

“I stepped on the wiggly log” – Daniel
“I’m making something for climbing. I have lift the big woods and put it on the big log and then I have to lift the other big wood and put it on the circle one” – Tanish

“The floor is lava and I can stand on a tree, then I held the fence” – Daniel
“Climbing up because the floor is lava” – Irin

“There is lava and there’s a Lava Monster and he’s trying to eat the people and he turn into Lava Guy – Aaron

“I’m making something” – Tanish

“I made a big house with Miss Roberts. I have my car and I made a chicken. I made a launcher to run the chicken over. I want to run the chicken over because it’s a game from the iPad. My sister has it” – Carmelo

“Ms Quigley! I caught a fish!” – Nhial

Check out the amazing Frozen sing-along this morning!


“We were playing doctors and we hurt our ankle at the doctors and then the doctor gave us some coffee and get us some colouring. I have a bandage on my leg” – Sonny
“We were playing doctors because we had sore knees” – Nevaeh

“I was drawing animals on my book that I made. Then I made all the sea animals and all the other animals” – Nikolas

“We’re building a house” – Navya

“I made food for Maddison” – Mya

Oliver and Daniel were watching back footage of themselves in PhotoBooth.

“We were watching funny photos. We were funny. Aaron came and was silly and then I laughed. It was so funny” – Daniel
“We were having fun. We are doing funny stuff, we are so happy” – Oliver

Monday Provocations, T1W8

Each day during investigations, we set out provocations for the children. These are used to spark their interest and we allow them to use them in any way they choose. Sometimes they don’t use the provocations the way we had in mind, or they don’t use them at all – and that’s okay! We like to follow the children’s interests, so our provocations generally fit in with what we have seen them doing or heard them talking about.