Reflection ( Harmony Day )

On Friday the 22nd we had assembly. The assembly was about Harmony Day. The real harmony day
was on the 21st of march. My favorite part was the song ( jewel of the crown ) and me dancing.
Pingali Venkayya designed the Indian flag.
India is popular for tea ( Chai )
Hindi is the most spoken language in the world followed by Chinese/Vietnamese.

My Holiday ( 12.3.19 )

Our class started a assembly reflection last week. We completed them. This week we publishing our work on our blogs. I was on Friday but i was learning Indian dance so i did’t do a reflection about the assembly i did a reflection about my holiday.

Assembly ( Week 5 Friday)

Today we had assembly ( 5/6 AE  5/6 HM )

There assembly was about Netflix 

My favourite part was the minion video and the dance because the minion video was funny and the dance was entertaining and hyper.

My least favourite part was the first video because is was a bit boring, but, the music to the video was really good.

Assembly Reflection 4MR and 4DP

Today was a ver special day for 4MR and 4DP because it was our assembly this morning and we had so so soooooooo much fun. We were exited and nervous at the same time. The best part was the god’s house dance and the baker boy dance. I was feeling a bit nervous and scared but then I got confident.

Starting Year 4 Next Year (And Soon)


WE ARE STARTING YEAR 4 NEXT YEAR!!! YAY!! I am so exited for year four next year. I can’t wait for a new teacher, I can’t wait for a new class room, I can’t wait for new learning, I can’t wait for new friends (and type of old friends) I can’t wait for the next sleepover, I can’t wait for the next excursions, I can’t wait for new assembly.

Country Investigations (I was sharing South Sudan and Liberia with Blessing and Athou)


Today Friday we did country investigations and i asked Mrs Handforth if i could make a flipchart i think i week ago because my two friend Isabella and Michelle also did a country investigations flipchart, first Isabella went on the 23th of November then Michelle went on the 30th of November then i went on the 7 of December, every Friday we have country investigations just letting you know. In my flipchart i first had a tour of South Sudan and Liberia and i also had the national anthems, then the next page i had Drawing i put on how to draw a Eagle,Tiger,Pepper Flower,Giraffe,Elephant and Kangaroo after that i had South Sudan and Liberia clothes and they had to try and design there own, then i put in origami, they had to try and make (if they wanted to) a Lion,Eagle,Pepper Flower,Hippo,Gift Box,Dress,Monkey,Giraffe,Elephant and Buffalo then we had soccer, i am not a soccer fan so i just let them do what they wanted to do for the soccer page, then i put on some liberian and South Sudan greetings, Then i just added some money.

Scratch Project


Our whole class had to retell the little mermaid story or they could pick a country which has a coastline and they had to use scratch to animate something. I used scratch and i talked about the Indian ocean, the scratch movie was about the Indian ocean. So i told them some facts in the start like who drew the Indian flag ect then i tested them on a quiz about Indian.

Rattle Making For Assembly (Pow Wow Dance)

Four days before Mrs Handforth was thinking of doing a Pow Wow Dance in our assembly ( 5PP and 3Jh ) so First we started on making the glue mixture getting everything ready and making our paper mashes the we put them out side to dry. Then the next day we painted our balloons in white with acrylic paint. On the next day we made our handles and put beans in side out balloons by a funnel and we made our handle by just rolling up black card board and the cutting the bottom in to four strips then using masking tape to stick it one to our paper mesha balloons. Then on the next day we painted our balloons a colour and the colours were blue,yellow,orange,brown, and red, i chose orange because it’s a nice bright colour. Then the next final day we just had to do Pattern on it the it was finished.


Diya Lamps – Painting



Today our whole class painted our Diya lamps, well not everyone well at least 40 people. We used sequins,glue,paint,paintbrushes,pots, and newspaper I made my Diya lamp by first starting by choosing my colors, Then by painting, Then After Putting Jems and Sequins.


History Of Stonehenge



Yesterday I made two pages of the History Of Stonehenge. I included a lot of facts and picture that might help you understand what it says in the text, I am going to put a picture on.