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Carrot Club Letters

Yesterday our class read the story, Carrot Club,

After that we had to write a letter to the carrots in our literacy journal or our laptops, i decided to do it in my literacy journal because the carrots in the story where mean, and wont let the other vegetables in, so i am going to show you what i wrote.

The one that says "First Page is the one you read first. The one that says "Second Page" 
is the one you read second

Coles Bag Competition

Today our class where finishing of our carrot club letter and then we had to start our coles bag for the competition.

Mrs Handforth or Mrs Papillo printed out a template of how big the coles bag would be, Everyone is doing it.

Keeping Safe

One week ago our whole class did a flipchart called keeping safe, We had to design a keeping safe flipchart.


I did it for homework because i left early

Moon Lantern Making

Hi guys


Today our whole class made our moon lantern making, it was hard getting ideas in the first place but that didn’t matter to us because our class on Thursday we designed a moon lantern it was dog but when we started making our lanterns. I did not do a puppy and i did something else, i used the same material but i made it in a different way so i made my moon lantern but then i saw Sama’s moon lantern so i wanted to help her and so i did, Sama’s idea was to make the Solar System, so instead of me using my lantern for the competition i gave it to someone, so me and Sama used the one we made together for the competition.

Robot Circuits

Hi guys

Today Mr Ryan helped us with our robot circuits and it was super hard in the first place but as we moved on it got easier and easier, it was pretty easy making the switches and putting the light bulbs in the cut out eyes. We used light bulbs, battier holders, alligator clips, cardboard, split pins, and paper clips oh yay and batteries. It was so so so FUN!!! i loved it, the reason we couldn’t do it last time because we didn’t have wire strippers but this time Mrs Papillo  or Mrs Handforth bought the wire strippers. The circuit worked by it had to be a circle and if we broke any part of the circle the lights won’t turn on and if the circle was connected the lights would turn on Here are some key words for the circuits,

1. The energy went around the loop.

2. when i brake the loop the eye turn off.

3. when i attach all the wires the lights go on.


The pictures showed what i did and i also caption them so you know what i am doing

Diploma Certificates

Hi guys,

Today our class went on Safari or Firefox to learn our times tables, We used the website called timestables.com and i loved it because it’s a child friendly website it it teaches you it in sequence,drag and drop,shuffled, and then it tests you on a diploma and if you get all the answers correct then you well get Certificate, It tells you what times tables you’ve done and it shows your name on it.

These were some of the certificates i got.    I was so proud of myself specially when i did them in random order  because i normaly get stuck.

My Trip To Melbourne

Hi guys today i just wanted to do this blog post because i’m going to be going to Melbourne for my gymnastics competition.  I will be going on Monday or Tuesday, I’m taking the areoplane because it takes 1 and a half day if we drive and we have to leave at 4:00 and i hate it because it is so so so annoying waking up so so early! and also i am training level five and i have two other girls competing with me in level five under nine that’s the age division, I also got a new training leotard on Friday 7th and we took a group photo with all the girls (my gym friends) It’s only me mum who is coming and my dad , grandma and grandpa is looking after my little brother (Abhay)

Weave Silk

On Thursday i did weave silk and it was awesome and i did i think 10-12 pictures and i loved them.


Mandela Art

Hi guys,

Few weeks ago me friend Sama she drew this lovely picture and it took four weeks that’s a pretty long time but anyway it was a awesome picture and i loved it, some of Sama’s other pictures were so lovely that Mrs Handforth even laminated it


Learning Powers Clara Certificate

Today me and Sama did our Learning powers Clara and we get certificates of our results of our learning powers

These are my results and i was really happy with my results