Monday (Term 1 : Week 6)

Welcome to week 6 and a lovely Monday.  Here is our learning for the day:

Come Read with Me


Ms Baldock joins us on Monday mornings to assist with students learning.

Today we have learnt the letter g.

Some students traced the letter g and then had a try at finding words with the letter g in them.  Some other students coloured and wrote a word with the letter g in it.


Mr DePalma visited us today and helped out with learning to count and match numbers.

Play Investigations

After the children spent some time on their Good Samaritan reflection, they headed off to use the laptops or play.

Thursday (Term 1 : Week 5)

Welcome to another great day in RMP.  Here is our learning for the day:

Come Read With Me

The children are now in the routine of reading after they have unpacked their bags each morning.  There have also been some new reading activities introduced this week.  Thank you to the parents who have joined in with the children and helped them with leaning the games.


Today we talked about patterns and the children were asked if they could see any patterns in the classroom and in the yard.

Archie: Patterns can go red, yellow, red, yellow…

Zara: I see patterns on the number line, the numbers are patterns.

Olivia: There is a dark blue and light blue pattern on the class assistant names.

Ellara: A pattern is yellow, pink, yellow, pink.

Zachary: My jacket has a pattern on it, it is black and white.

Charlotte: There is a pattern on the bottom of my shoe.

Play Investigations

The children were very busy this afternoon as they played with their peers.

Wednesday (Term 1: Week 5)

Welcome to wonderful Wednesday everyone, here is our learning for the day:


The book shared today was called Frida and Bear by Anthony Browne.

Celebrate the power of the imagination with this inspiring picture book, a collaboration between the multi-award winning former Children’s Laureate Anthony Browne and the Danish illustrator Hanne Bartholin. Frida and Bear both love to draw – but what? First Frida draws a shape, then Bear turns it into a picture.

Book Making 

This morning the children were adding words to their books.. The lesson began with thinking about some of the letters we have learnt so far and looking at the letters in student names.


The children sorted shapes into property hoops today.


The children were eager to share their family’s story of where their family has come from.

Alexis : My grandmother is form the Phillipines.

Zara: Where is Cambodia and Laos on the map?

Charlotte: My nonna is from Italy.

The children explored atlases and discovered countries, bushfires, animals, flags and words!

Tuesday ( Term 1 | Week 5 )

Welcome to Tuesday everyone and here is our learning for the day:


Today, we learnt the letter d.  We practised it in our Writing Books and then we had a try at writing some words in our Literacy Books.  Take a look:


This afternoon the children listened to the story of The Good Samaritan.  Some of the reflections were:

Rose: They should have stopped to help him.

Charlotte P: I don’t like the bad people, they hurt the man.

Alexis: The good Samaritan was a good man, he was kind because he stopped to help.

Monday (Term 1 | Week 5)

Wow, it is week 5 already and we have been so very busy…   here is another busy day about to begin!!


Come Read With Me

Shared Reading 

This morning the class was introduced to another amazing story by Eric Carle and Bill Martin Jr, Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?


Today, we have learnt about the letter m sound.

Here are a few of the students working on their letter m formation.  Well done everyone, you have made so much progress over the past few weeks.

Maths with some help from Mr DePalma.

This morning the children chose a number from their number line (0-20), then used materials to make the amount.  Some children also recorded their learning in their book.


Religion – Jesus Heals the Paralysed Man

The children listened to the story and wondered about the people that helped the paralysed man and how Jesus forgave the paralysed man for all the bad things he had done.

The children role played the story.  Rose was Jesus, Krisha was the paralysed man and Arianna, Aarav, Samar and Alexis were the friends.

Play Investigations 

Some children chose to make a mouse or a monster today during play investigations.

Friday (Term 1 : Week 4)

Welcome to Friday everyone, hope your day is a great one!

Keeping Safe:

Alice: Gerald was sad because he did not know how to dance and the other animals were laughing at him.

Olivia: His feelings changed when he found a dance that he could do.

Rose: I’m happy at the moment.

Alice: I feel great.

Conner: I’m happy.

Olivia: Super, super, super happy.

Aarav: I feel happy.

Ellara: I am excited.

Omelia: I am super excited.


English: Book making

Maths: counting the dots on dice and writing the number

Thursday (Term 1 : Week 4)

Book Making

The children continued to make their books today.  Some children started a new book.  Some used ideas from the author Eric Carle and decided to write about an animal character.


The children investigated objects and sorted them according to a property today.  Some children even sorted objects according to their purpose or use.

Shared Reading and Religion

The children listened to the story of Jesus’ Temptation in the Desert this afternoon; a story that fits well with the season of Lent.

Zara said that she found it hard to learn to ride her bike without training wheels but she kept on trying just like Jesus and the Click Beetle (Eric Carle’s story) and she finally did it because she kept on trying and did not give up. Here is an online story if you wish to share it with your child tonight.



Wednesday (Term 1: Week 4)

Welcome to a very hot Wednesday.

We did not make it the Library today in order to change our books; we will go tomorrow instead.

Shared Reading – The Very Clumsy Click Beetle by Eric Carle


If you would like to share this book with your child tonight, here is the link:



Book Making

The students continued making their books today.  Arianna and Alice ‘finished’ their books.

Ash Wednesday Mass

Our class celebrated Mass in the Hall this morning.  It was our first Mass together as a class and a school.  The ceiling fans kept us nice and cool.


The children used the laptops to explore and discover today.  Many were particularly fond of the program Photo Booth and experimented with the special effects when taking photos.

Play Investigations


Zachary looked forward to using the play dough today.


Tuesday (Term 1: Week 4)

Happy Shrove (Pancake) Tuesday everyone.

Shrove Tuesday is otherwise known as Pancake Day in preparation for the Catholic season of Lent.


Today the students were introduced to the letter sound n.  

After writing the children were invited to make a necklace with wool and pasta.


Today the children sorted a collection of objects and each child gave their reasons for sorting the way they did.



The children labelled their family members today. Next time we will view a work map and invite stories from the children about where and when their family arrived in Australia; even my family!

Shared Reading

We shared an Eric Carle story called Pancakes, Pancakes this afternoon.  You may like to listen to it again!

Monday (Term 1: Week 4)

Welcome to a lovely Monday everyone.  Here’s our learning for the day:


Our letter sound for today is i, as in insect.  

The children used the letter i to create an insect of their choice.  There are butterflies, dragonflies and beetles galore!



The students continued their learning with numbers using our class number line today.