Country Investigations

Today I did a dance, I did it with Tori Jai Charlie and Lilah. We had lots of fun but we only had a little bit to practise a tiny bit then we planned it to follow Toris lead and it was fun because we were making up mainly our own dance and other people joined in then we sat at the end and everybody clapped after that I was proud of myself and I felt good after it and I think it was the best dance with my friends.

My Diya Lamp

My Diya Lamp,

The colours that I did were Pink & Purple. It did not turn out as it was good but it was bad because I kept on failing but it turned out good at the same time but I am super proud of it and I made a hart with clay I panted it pink and purple.

I put gold glitter and I put on gold diamonds. 


My Moon Lantern

Today I made my Moon Lantern, and I made it like this: First I had cardboard for the top and I had clear tape and I had yellow paper and white paper and I think it turned out better WAY WAY better than I thought. I really really like it I didn’t plan it to be like that and it is the best!

My Robot

This is my robot I made with Mr. Ryan. He helped my group make the eyes light up! We had to connect wires to our lights. This is how he help us: We had a pair of batteries in a battery container and we put them on to the screws. We turned the lights on by putting the wires onto the screws and the electricity the loop.

The battery helped the eyes light up.

Bright Smiles Kit!

this is the Bright Smiles Kit, my bright smile kit turned out very good:)🦄🦄

Science in term 1

this was in term 1, and me and Abbey worked together to make it melt. We ran with it, we ruled it on the carpet and we sat on it.