Country Investigations

Friday the 30th of November it was country Investigations and Michelle made the Flipchart for everyone.

She did Iran I made a origami swords there was a orange, blue, black, pink and green sword. I made a big one three medium ones and 1 very very small one with my friend Michelle who made the Flipchart for everyone.

My Scratch On The Ocean

On the 22 of November I had to make a scratch on the ocean.If you do not know what scratch is then it is were you can make a little clip of some thing.My scratch was some infomation on the ocean and then at the end of it I had a little quiz.This is an image of my scratch:


Moon Lantern Making


Today I did a moon lantern. My lantern was of the solar system. This is me with it:

The big thing in the middle is the sun, and the thing that is on top of the Sun is the Earth and the moon, the red planet is Mars the peach coloured planet is Saturn the light blue planel on the left side Uranus and the dark blue next to it is Neptune the yellow planet is Murcury the gray planet below it is Venus the black one below it is Jupiter.I used slefan,a light,coured paper and a three straws.The coloured paper I used are some planets and the other ones are slefan I used a straw to make a ring for Saturn for Earth I had to make a paper ball by scrunching up blue paper and cutting little green weird shapes if you look very carefuly at the earth you will be able to see it I used some string to hang the planets.I was going to make fireworks but my friend Riya said that the solar system woud be a good idear so I thought so I did it because it will take quicker and because it is education.

Light Up Robot

Today I made a robot that has light up eyes.First I drew a robot after I had 2 bulbs holders and 2 bulbs mr Ryan showed me how to do it.Then I cut out holes to put in the bulbs in so then I put it in the holes then I had to make a swith with 2 clip pins and some black paper with little holes I did it by putting one clip pin in the tiny holes that were in the black paper after that I put the alligator clips (there is a red one and black one)on the little scraws on the bulb holders than I brock the alligator clips and caneted it to the little bit pocking out on the switch (the clip pin) then when you closed the switch the light will turn on than I stuck it on cardbord than I was DONE!!!



In spanish I had to draw a mascot for the world cup. This is my mascot.

I had to draw an animal or an person and I chose to draw an animal than I coloured it than I label the colour in spanish and english, and than I wrote the country it is being a mascot for than I wrote France in spanish. It was a bit hard to draw but I did it.

Art work


This is some art work I did by myself. I took about 4 weeks. I started it in mindfulness and started doing it in investigation too. 

This is another art work that I did because Bavaya wanted me to draw a mandela so I draw one it took 2 weeks to draw