Assembly reflection

5/6 hs  5/6 mb:

In assembly there was a clown and it was funny also Liam was juggling a soccer ball with his feet. and James was laughing at pea and pea was funny because he had a big blue pair of glasses on and a gold hat and he was very funny.

So after that we got to choose what activity we wanted to do and I sport and when we finished our activity we went back to the classroom for our  sealed roll for lunch and St. john poul house went to the fringe.

and before that we went out the front of the school and picked up radish to make the school clean.

assembly reflection


assembly reflection


In assembly my favourite part was the baker boy dance and the songs. and all the people started to clap

with us and when we finished the dances we where so happy. And I sore every one and they where all

clapping and I sore all the little kids happy.

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