Today I went to another assembly this time it was a circus version.It was the greatest assembly in my life. My

favorite part was the animated dance.The amazing guy was the soccer ball kicking guy.he was so talented

and this is feed back for him.Then the assembly finished with a dance.This involved body percussion.After that

Mr White came for teachers messages.

my pow wow rattle

This is my pow wow rattle I made this two days ago one ago I painted

blue becuese it’s my new favorrite color also this rattles when you shake it and this day I put the first nation people

becuese three days ago we wer doning canada  on friday see ya next time bye bye


This is my diya lamp from last time but this time it has sequins & it’s painted there is five sequins that presents stuff

the santa one presents chrismas the one presents winter the presents autumn the pumkin presents halloween the

dolphin presents sumer jump


This is my diya lamp you can see i’am holding it you can see there is little tiny stars inside there is 5 ltittle tiny stars

I got some help by mrs handforth she did the edges on the edges there is little lines I did the lines & I did’n really

want an cycle shape that much so I did A kind of oval shape & later i’m going to get a little light in the middle


MY best subject is math I am terrific at art I am a good friend because I help friends also I help my own friends

I help my mum and dad by when we go shopping my mum and dad needs some help carrying foods and drinks

and thats how I help my mum and dad I love my father and mumy and also my brother sobanha I have a talent

for soccer I can try to be a good soccer player