Lista de Compras Shopping List

I hope you enjoy a few of the photo’s I took today of the students participating in an oral language game which incorporated La Comida (Food) and Los Numeros (Numbers). Using their Lista de Compras (Shopping List) they had to name and collect the items on their list. It was great fun watching them participating in the activity and using their language skills.








La Tomatina The Tomato Festival

Students from Years 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 had the opportunity to learn all about this interesting and messy festival!

It just started as good, messy fun. It is believed that in 1944 this began as a simple tomato fight between groups of friends in the town’s main square – the Plaza del Pueblo.

During the week leading up to this epic battle, the 9000 inhabitants of Buñol watch as their town doubles in size. A whole week of parades, fireworks, food and street parties make this town the centre of attention in Spain. The night before La Tomatina, the narrow streets beneath the town’s medieval bell tower begin to fill with the smell of tomatoes.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.49.53 am

This is a clip that shows all the fun.

Jordan and Tahlia present their “Me gusta y no me gusta comer” song!

In Spanish the students have been learning about La Comida (The Food). In their own time Jordan and Tahlia created a song about their likes and dislikes regarding food. Well done girls for being so creative!

What is something that you have learnt in Spanish that you would like to share? I would like to share your learning, come and see me or post in the comments below.