Vamos a celebrar los Juegos Olímpicos

The Olympics are a great opportunity to celebrate the world around us. Over 200 countries will compete in the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games, providing an amazing display of culture and diversity. It is an occasion for global communities to unite and celebrate an amazing event. For children, it is an opportunity to experience the global event and foster an appreciation for the atmosphere of cultural diversity. In Spanish, we have been introducing our students in a wide array of cultural experiences.IMG_0666 IMG_0665 IMG_0664 IMG_0662 IMG_0631 IMG_0630 IMG_0627 IMG_0626 IMG_0625 IMG_0622 IMG_0621 IMG_0620 IMG_0602 IMG_0599 IMG_0593 IMG_0592 IMG_0591 IMG_0577 IMG_5213 IMG_5212 IMG_5208 IMG_5176 IMG_5174 IMG_0711 IMG_0709 IMG_0668 IMG_0667