Cinco de Mayo

The Cinco de Mayo is Spanish for The Fifth of May. The Cinco de Mayo (The Fifth of May) is a day of celebrations for the people of Mexico and Mexican-Americans.

What does “Cinco de Mayo” celebrate?

Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexican heritage, culture, and pride. Cinco de Mayo! It’s everyone’s favourite Mexican holiday, a chance to listen to traditional music, eat some Mexican party food and maybe even speak some Spanish with friends.


What do people do to celebrate?

The day is celebrated with parades, carnivals, street fairs, and sometimes fireworks at night. There are some traditional Mexican celebrations such as the Baile Folklorico dance along with mariachi music. People dress up in traditional Mexican clothing as well.


To celebrate the “Cinco de Mayo” students learnt about the Mexican cultural celebrations and had the opportunity to try some yummy Churros!