Out Door ED day

today it was out door day were you can do things and your going to be doing it outside because it out door ed day and i had to do yoga because someone made use do what she put and yes i did not like but i did it and than i had TBA that is you can do what games you what to do and it was so FUN i love playing and than sad we had to go class and than i did handbell and fossl hunters and i did too of tham and it was fun than we came to class and i was doing the thing with Thien-An one of my friends and lia my friend too and i like doing games the best.

3MP AND 5CM Assembly

On Friday it was our ASSEMBLY with our buddy we did a Assembly that is about Diwali i was Sita for the Story of Rama and Sita Paxton was Rama i enjoy the dance in our Assembly it was a good dance my best part was at the end dance when two girls was dancing i used bravery

doing our work with buddy

On Monday we went to our buddy class room to do work for our assembly art work i what to do the first part of the story of Rama and Sita and we did a drawing of Rama and sita and it was fun drawing with my buddy she did a drawing of Rama and i did a drawing of Sita we use her latop to look of darwing of Rama and Sita

Weave silk


this is my weave silk me and Eva were doing it and Mrs Papillo had to pick if she liked my or Eva she did not like one she like two and green and pink is her favorite colour  so we made the colour green and pink me and Eva was having fun Eva said im going to win but i said no your not


On Thursday we did Diwali things I helped miss Papillo with the Diwali word to paint than I did clay to make a pot so we can paint it and put a fake fire in the pot I did it but it was so bad I did not like it but I tried my best than I wanted to make a movie of the Rama and Sita and it did not work we had fun and the movie I was working with Eva my friend she helped me and we use my latop to do it and Eva wanted to work on her latop and we did. I used stamina  because I tried my best on making  a clay pot.

My Ocean Learning

I was Learning about Ocean coral reef we had to draw reef and coral and fish i did a Butterfly fish and more animals that are  in the sea and I can’t do it  by myself so I was with Eva my friend she helped me with it we were working on it in her book it was fun I learnt about that clown fishes lives in anemone and we were having fun me and Eva was laughing so much i had so much fun


My clock

this is a clock i did it with Lia the big hand was the minute and the little hand is the hour hand and i had a  fun time the second hand is the little one but the minute hand is more little   i use little stick and a plate and a black pen.  I want to learn how to tell the time on the analogue clock.