my investigation in week 4 my play

in week 2, week three and week four we have been making a play. It is about two girls who are twins and they have a mum who is locked up by a evil doll called Mrs doll  who is obviously evil she has taken the mum and told the twins that there mum was going away for three weeks and would be back on the 12th of June. But Mrs doll lied Mrs doll tried to keep there mum a secret  but the twin girls where to smart they freed there mum and welted Mrs doll and the twins where happy to be with there mum.

Guided Reading Week 4 – Chinese New Year

What calendar do Chinese people

follow? the Chinese people follow a calendar that is known as the lunar calendar. on the 
calendar they look for the reflection of the moon.

2. What are some ways the

Chinese people


their New Year? people put out fireworks, food, they put on a loin or dragon dancing
and they put out red to scare the smith the  smith is called Nian.

What helps me write, read and speak

Things that help me to write is when I read it helps me write because I am looking at the words when I read and then I picture that word in my head and write it down and that helps me write.

To help me read I try saying the word and thinking if it sounds rite or I chunk up the word that’s what helps me read.

To help me speak I should know my words clearly and when I make my words clear I listen to other people say it and then I get the hang of saying it and that helps me speak.

Guided Reading Activity week 3 BTN

1.    How will you stay safe on the internet


How will you stay safe on the internet
this year?
3. when is internet day?
internet day is on the 6th of February. i will stay safe on the internet by not saying bad or mean comments that will heart them. i will stay safe on the internet this year by not talking to people i don’t know and only talking to the people i know.

my prayer

this prayer is about friends

Taihya dear god thank you for friends because they help you and give you support.

Nikka  dear god thank you for friends because they are nice and they are caring and if i fall down they help me up.

Kai dear god thank you for friends because they are nice to me and they have great fun with me and they help me learn.

my goals for this term

my goals for this term

my goals for this term is i can finish my work before the lesson is over

my other goal is listing to the teacher when she is talking

my other goal is to make sure i can help my friends get all there work done as well as my self

another one of my goals for this year is playing more in life then on video games

guided reading

what did i do last year that i am proud of

Last year I helped Mr. Slater show the new parents and teacher and kids the hole school with my friend Evie we met a few kids and than we were friends when it was their first day at school Mr. Slater was very happy with me and Evie for helping him for a reward me and Evie got the whole lunch in the think tank on our laptops.


(i love my teacher this year she is the best and by that i mean my 2018 teacher ◕-◕ 🙂 o.o)

my bag that represents me



I have need playing netball for 3 years  I love netball. my book if have been reading I have read 4 book sires it is so funny. my birds name is Peppa I have another bird but I couldn’t take a photo of that one Peppa it one year old I got Peppa when It was my 8th birthday and now I am nine.