Guided Reading Week 9- Australian Population Future

1. What are some of the benefits of population growth?

More people means more businesses, more building which means more jobs.

2.      What are some of the challenges of population growth?

More people means we are going to have to get rid of cars or then so much bad air will come out of the cars and make the world bad to live in.

3.   Do you think Australia’s population should grow or stay the same size?

I think the population should grow.

blogging week:9

I am creative when I do my art because I think about what I am going to do and I put all my ideas together to make a great drawing and I like to make sure my drawings are great so I rub out all my mistakes.

I am creative in my math because sometimes I find my own way to work out things in numeracy or math or literacy.

Guided Reading Week 8- Plastic Free Boy

1.How is plastic pollution having a negative impact on animals and our environment?

It is killing the animals in the ocean ands people should think how would you feel of you were a turtle and there was a lot of rubbish you would feel domed.

2. How many tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean?

8 million tonnes of rubbish are going into the ocen.

3. What can you do to help the environment?

We can help the environment by stop using plastic or stop polluting.

BTN dingo’s: week 7

1. What is the difference between a dog and a dingo? Dogs bark and dingo’s growl.

2. Why are dingoes sometimes a pest for some farmers? Dingo’s are a pest to farmers because the dingo’s eat all the animals and they chase the animals and eat them.
3. What Australian state do you NOT find dingoes in? The place you do not find dingo’s is Tasmania.

blogging week:7

How does working in a group help me with numeracy?

In Numeracy being in a group helps me because they help me find the answer or they give me ideas.

For example once we were doing the odd and even numeracy I was sitting with two of my friends and I could not find the answer and both of my friends helped me find the answer.

week 6 investigations

This week in investigations I made new eggs and make a stick bunny I made the three eggs from little balloons that I blew up.I used blue,red and green.


this is my bunny i used a rubber band a balloon a Christmas decoration and some eyes


Next week I will decorate  my bag and I will make another bunny.


4rg Fishing excursion

Yesterday was my excursion we went out in front of the school gate and the bus was not there so we waited for 15 minutes then we took a class photo we had a silly photo and then a normal photo.Then we waited for 5 more minuets then we took two more photos.Mrs g said the bus would be here in ten minutes. the bus arived at 9:30.

Me and Evie where the first people in the bus we sat at the front on the left side we tolled each other about our other excursion’s we have had. We were looking out the window and the bus driver stoped for  to make a call but the person the bus driver was calling did not arnser we waited for 2 minutes and then the bus moved and started to drive on the way we sore some cows, a lot af buisnessins and a lot of cars.

finally we were at the west lakes shore we arived there at 10:00 first we walked past the playground and then we sore Mr. McCarthy with a man called Jason. Mr.McCarthy indraduced Jason to us then.

Mr.McCarthy tollod us to get a group of two me and Evie were together we picked a fishing rod and I went first, I could’int cach a fish but on Evies turn, Evie caut the first fish but i still could not catch a fish.

then it was Recess I ate my Recess with Evie then i climbed a big tree and lots of other people were too.

then we were back to fishing and I got picked to use a fishing rod with a float. It tolloed me if a fish was eating the bait or if a fish was on the bait. My fith go i caut my first fish it was yellow with a bit of orange and it had spikey fins i cept fishing but I had no luck. I learnt how to cast but i still could not find out how to put bait on the hoock.

Then it was almost lunch we played on the play ground befor lunch the play ground had a play car a big slide and a tall sqeare climbing thing with thick black rope.

Then we sat on the grass and ate our lunch I  had bacon and sauce.

Then we went back to fishing this time I did not have the fishing rope with the float I was with Evie. on my sixth turn i caut my last fish while Evie had a wet foot I dont know how she got a wet foot but she had a wet foot yesturday was my second time fishing but those fish were my first fish I have ever caut and I caut two fish.


week 5 investigations

Today I was at the Easter table where we got to make any thing we wanted but needed to something to do with Easter. Me, Mia and Thien started making Easter bunny baskets. We needed to get three pieces of blue paper and some celaphane. Next week I will decorate my Easter bunny basket. what went wrong was we made the eggs too small and we could not find one when we tried to take it out.