About my holiday

In the holidays I went to Mia’s for a play date. We played mums and baby and we played Minecraft,we watch youtube videos and on one add there was this huge spider and when a man was trying to catch it, it jumped onto the camera and scared me. Then the next day I went to Mias for a sleep over and we played Minecraft and we went to the rumbas room and played mums and baby’s ¬†and for dinner we had pizza and before bed we watched Matilda. the next day when my dad picked me up and I went home and waited for Evie to come pick me up because I was having another sleep over but it was at Evie’s house. when she picked me up we went to Bunnings then when we got home we danced and singed and played fun games then the next day we danced and played with her cat then we played with slime and played WWE on the xbox and 30 min before I went home me Evie and her brother played on the trampoline.

My term 3 goals

My goals for term 3 are doing all the work and doing more than your meant to.

My goals for term 3 are cleaning up the class room and cleaning up things that the teacher did not ask me too clean.

my goals for term 3 is sitting with new people and making more friends

my goal for term 3 is to be a good kid and to help the people that need help.

and they are my goals for next term