On Saturday, the last day of the holidays , Evie came over when she got here we played for a bit then my mum and dad said to get in the car but me and Evie did not know were we were going.

Suddenly my dad said it has a Z in it,then when we got to the shop I released  we were going to Tunzafun. We got out the car and walked into Tunzafun, mum and dad bought me and Evie a card and it had $38 on it and every game was $2.00, and some games gave us ticketsand we could buy stuff with the tickets. first me and Evie played the car games but their was a boy next to us so we did not come first but I almost came first but then he bet me first Evie came second and I came third and then the next game I came second and she came third. I got 238 tickets and Evie got 273 tickets.

farm barn

I went to farm barn in Handorff when we walked in I got to milk a cow, then I got to hold baby chicks and I got to pat a deer and pat a donkey then we went on a tractor ride after that I went on a poney I went on a white one and my sister went on a brown one. then we played on the playground a then got in the car and went home I was in the car for 3 hours and fell asleep for half an hour on the drive I sore 83 horses.