Week 1 Term 4 Holidays Recount

In the Holiday I woke up and woke all my brothers up. After I woke my brothers my parents woke up and after that, we were told to brush our teeth. after we brush our teeth we took turns going into the shower and after we all showered.

We went outside and into the kitchen, we all made breakfast for each other I made toast and Nutella Patrick had Cereal and Joshua had Cereal too. Then after we did all of the things we were told to do I asked my dad to go to St. Kilda adventure park time. He said yes but he said we will go later but right now I need to sleep I came from work. So we asked him if we could play on our ps4 and he said yes. I had the first turn on the ps4 because I asked for it and Patrick went second because he was the  oldest and Joshua went last when Joshua finished his turn our dad came out.

He said guys go in the room and get dressed we are going to St Kilda. So we all went in the room so we could get dress after we all got dressed we all went outside and told our dad that we were done dressing. Then we went to St Kilda Adventure Park. It took about 12 minutes to get to St Kilda Adventure Park after we got to the adventure park we wanted to go on the really big slide. It kind of looked like a castle so we went down about 3 times then we went to the zip line. Me and joshua had 2 turns but Patrick wanted one then we went to the climbing frame we all had a race then we went to a different slide we had 3 turns on the slide them we went in the car. and then we went to the shops and bought some stuff then we went home and ate ice cream.

BTN Term 3 Week 4

  1. What does the Garma festival celebrate?

    It is a celebration of coming together and of bringing new starts to Australia by sharing stories and talking about issues

  2. What do people do over four days during the festival

    The Aboriginal and Torrens strait islanders share lots of stories and talk about important issues and ways to bring changes to Australia


    The Aboriginal and Torrens strait islanders share lots of stories and talk about important issues and ways to bring changes to Australia

  4. What is this year’s theme?

    This year’s theme is based on truth telling. The truth telling theme is based on telling the truth about what the British army did to the kaurna people another reason why is because the Aboriginal people want a new start with the Australian people.

  5. What do the Aboriginal and Torren Straight Islander Community want to change about the Australian Constitution

    they want the government to change the law about the Australians being the owners of this land. the kaurna people want the Government to put in the law that the kaurna people were in Australia first

Assembly Term 3 Week 4 4RG 2IB

Today we had a assembly about food we came to school and the second bell rang. we ran to the hall to start the assembly we sat on the floor and we waited for all the classes to come and sit to watch our assembly. when all the classes came we started the assembly the assembly theme was about master chef and we first did a dance Called milk shake  and the company called Go Noodle  made the dance and my buddy was the host and there were 2 other hosts

My Holiday recount Term 3

When I was on my holiday I went to the shops with my mum to buy some lunch then after we bought some lunch we went home with my brothers to cook. I helped my mum cook by getting the ingredients out and we made some soup for me and my brothers  to eat. On the holidays my big brother got a Fitbit because my mum didn’t want it for her birthday my dad gave it to her for her birthday but she didn’t want it so my dad gave it to my big brother and then the day was ended so we all went to sleep then I woke up early so  I went outside and brushed my teeth and then I went to the living room got the cereal out made some cereal ate the cereal and then I put the television on. and watched 9Go and waited for my sister and my brothers to wake up  when they woke up my brothers ate egg and bread and then we went to St Kilda to play we played on the climbing rope and we went in the maze. then we went to the slide and then there was another slide that we went on then we went home and the day was ended.


4RG REF REQ Excursion to the Museum

On Friday last week 25th of May we went on an excursion to the SA Museum with REF and REQ. We went to the front gate to wait for the bus when we were at the front gate we ate our fruit. When we were waiting for the bus we played a game called Chinese whispers. You had to make up something to say and you would whisper it on to the next person and the next person would whisper it to the next person. At the end the last person would say the thing that the first person said and the first person will tell all the people who were playing what the thing was. Then the bus came we all got on the bus some of us sat with a little buddy and then the bus stared to move and then we arrived. I sat with a little buddy called Jacob when we arrived we ate our recess and then we all lined up in different lines to go in the SA Museum I lined up with my little buddy Jacob then we went in the Museum when we went in the museum we saw a big teddy Dinosaur and a shark model then we went into a place where we put all our bags. There were two floor we went to the second floor when we went to the second floor there were toys that the aboriginal kids played with and there were weapons that the aboriginal people used to hunt one of the weapons were the boomerangs then we went to the second floor were we saw the aboriginal peoples medicine then we got out of the SA Museum and walked to the biconical gardens at the biconical gardens we had our lunch and then we played handball then we walked to the bus when it was time to go back to school we went to the bus and we went to school and then we had meditation we had to do something quiet so I made a chatter box and then it was home time

Term 2- Week 3 Guided Reading- Bionic Arm Builder

1. What helped Hannah build the bionic arm? a. Coding

b. Electronics
c. 3D design
d. All of the above

2. What is bionic technology? Explain using your own words. 3. What can the bionic arm that Hannah built do?

a. Coding

b. Electronics
c. 3D design
d. All of the above

The answer is all of them above D.

2. What is bionic technology? Explain using your own words.


Their are sensor’s in the bionic arm that let the arm move.

3. What can the bionic arm that Hannah built do

the bionic arm can open a door crack a egg hold a glass it can wave it can make a fist

Term 2- Week 2 Guided Reading- Composting Awareness

1. What three things help start the composting process…

a. Bacteria

b. Insects

c. Fungi

d. All of the above

I is all of them Bacteria Insects and Fungi


2.What sort of fertiliser do the kids add to their compost

They add dry animal blood and ground animal bone


3.Explain what worms, slugs and other insects do to improve the compost’s texture?

They insects eat the compost to improve the compost texture

4.How does compost help our garden?

It helps the plant by giving it nutrients so it can grow

Commonwealth games

I find the Commonwealth games cool because of the high jump and 100 metre sprint. because in high jump they jump so high with this bendy pole thing that lets them jump off the ground really high. and then they jump over this thing that looks like a limbo thing but instead of going under it you go over it.


I like the 100 metre sprint because you get to run a long way and you get to race other people that are on the track. You get to see who is faster and if you win and come 1st you get a gold medal

Holiday Recount

On the holiday’s we went to my little brothers soccer game. He won 2-0 and then we went to my big brothers soccer game he lost 2-3 and after that we went to the shop to get some things. We got olives and pizza and some other things then we

went home it was Saturday so we watched TV and my family friend came over. I was playing on my laptop and than it was time for him to go home so we drove him to his house. Than we came back and it was time to go to bed it was 9.00 pm.

when we went home we brushed our teeth and went to bed .

My goal for term 2

My goal for term 2 is to learn how to do decimals fractions and my other goal for term 2 is to get better at division and to do better writing. and get better at my punctuation and my grammar. By practising my writing skills by writing a sentence a day and I can get better at my punctuation by fixing the sentence if their are any mistakes.