Investigative Play – Monday Week 10 Term 3

Spring Fair – Volunteer Needed for our Lolly Stall

Dear Families,

On Sunday 22nd October, our school is holding our annual Spring Fair. This is our major community and fundraising event for the year.

Our classes are responsible for staffing the lolly stall. We would greatly appreciate it if you are able to volunteer an hour of your time on the day to work on our lolly stall. Please add your name to the volunteer sheet in our classrooms or feel free to email us your available times. Volunteer times are from 11am -12pm, 12-1pm, 1-2pm, 2-3pm, 3-4pm and 4-5pm.

Thank you for your support.

Nicole, Gabriella and Julie

Investigations, Monday, Week 9

A new week means new learning, new discoveries, new curiosity and play.

This week we have a range of different activities set up for the children as well as our usual open ended materials that can be used for the children to manipulate and imagine with.

  • Practising scissor skills and letter recognition by cutting out letters they recognise from magazines to make a letter poster.
  • Practising their fine motor skills by picking up different objects with tongs and chop sticks. Such as rocks of different sizes, corks, pom poms and buttons.
  • Exploring different images of Jesus through art.
  • Exploring money and the use of money to make a shop and buy things.

Investigations, Monday, Week 8

Some of our Investigations this week are;

  • Nude food picnic
  • Inventor’s table
  • Puppets
  • Learning more about the fish farm
  • Spring blossom
  • Star constellations
  • Sight words
  • Addition
  • Lantern Making
  • STEM challenge – testing the strength of spaghetti
  • Australian animals
  • Australian places
  • Card writing
  • Still life drawing of sprigs of spring blossom
  • Treasure maps


Monday, 4th September, 2017 – Week 7, Term 3

This week for Investigative Play we are keen to explore a range of new and reoccurring learnings to deepen our understanding about our world. Some of our provocations include;

  • Pottery making
  • Designing Henna tattoos
  • Learning Indian dances
  • Exploring Indian tradition
  • Writing letters
  • Making costumes to use for photo booth
  • Mixing primary colours to make the rainbow
  • Looking for letters in the newspaper and using cutting skills to cut them out
  • Researching and learning about St Francis
  • Making moons for the Moon Lantern Festival Assembly
  • Making 3D cubes


Monday 28 August, Investigations

This week we have some new provocations.

We are looking at:

  • Creating masks
  • Construction
  • Exploring religious symbols
  • Self identity exploring with self portraits
  • Laptops: Researching space….
  • Ethiopia – WeavingCan you create a weaving loom and tapestry with the wool?
  • Ethiopia – Geometric ArtCan you use the different items to create a geometric artwork
  • Ethiopia – CoffeeCoffee is the largest agricultural crop grown in Ethiopia. Can you create an artwork with the coffee beans?
  • Ethiopia – FlagThis is the Ethiopian flag. Can you draw the Australian flag? Can you draw the flag of the country your family comes from?
  • Father’s DayCan you make a card for your dad or a special person in your life?


Have a look at all of our marvellous learning from Monday…


Friday, 25th August, 2017 – Week 5, Term 3

Book Week Dress-up Day!

Wow what an exciting day of dress ups and pretending to be someone else! We loved seeing everyone’s favourite characters from their favourite stories! Have a look at our awesome creativity, some parents even made our outfits! Great job to everyone that joined in! We even had a special appearance of the characters from “Winnie the Pooh” amongst The Village!


We watched a fantastic Book Week Assembly by R/1MS and 5/6MN.


We then went to the playground work on our active, mindful bodies!

Book Week Reflection

We had so much fun seeing each others costumes and characters that we had some time for a short reflection of Book Week.

For Book Week I…

Aidan: For book week I was dressed up as Wally

Ann: For book week I was dressed up like Wonder Woman

Felix: For book week I would be Captain America

Aurora: For book week I was Snow White

Annaleise: For Book week I was Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Indi: For book week I was Cat in the Hat

Art Investigations

This week for Art Investigations our provocation was Book Week. Have a look at our creativity!

Specks of Gold

Jayden B: My speck of gold was playing run away from the police officer. I was the police officer and Dutch was too.

Ann: My speck of gold was playing with Bella and Saanvi and Joseph on the oval

Manseerat: My speck of gold is having art investigationa and dressing up on book week

Saanvi: My speck of gold is playing with Ann, Bella and Joseph and trying to arrest Kurt

Herman: My speck of gold was getting the prize

Annaleise: My speck of gold was playing with My and Biancaat the monkey bars

Joseph: My speck of gold is when Herman got the prize

Bianca: My speck of gold is Miss Canala and Mrs Tropeano and Mrs Braiotta

Aidan: My speck of gold is having Miss Canala and Mrs Braiotta and having book week

Have a fabulous weekend!