Week 8, Thursday, Investigations


Here is the children engaging in their learning this morning…


Week 8, Monday, Investigations

Monday brings a new week of learning and new provocations for the children to explore. Following on from their interests and questions from last week the following were put out today:


Investigations – Thursday, Week 7

Week 6: Thursday Investigations

During investigations this week students have been exploring how to document their own learning. Today Libby and Kayla explored using the iPads to record what their peers were doing. Take a look at what they saw and noticed, Libby and Kayla helped to write captions for the photos they took.

Wednesday Investigations- Week 6

Monday – Week 5, Term 2

Welcome to week 5! We have been doing some awesome exploratory play throughout The Village. Take a look…

Week 4, Term 2: Wednesday Investigations