Investigations, Monday Term 4 Week 5

This week the children will be exploring:

  • Solids and liquids- manipulating ice with animals and paint brushes watching it melt from a solid to a liquid.
  • Rosary beads- exploring what they are, what symbols they have on them and what they look and feel like.
  • Jungle play- adding in baby animals and the story Monkey Puzzle to extend their play from last week where the children started to introduce baby animals
  • Rainbow chickpeas- measuring and capacity
  • Flags- exploring the 3 flags we fly at our school each day
  • Rainbow Serpent- exploring the Dreaming Story with some group art work
  • Ozobots- exploring coding making the robots move
  • Light and shadow box- extending their children learning from last week by adding some shadow puppets to the torches
  • Sketching places of significance to our artist in residence Mr Martin including Uluru, Mt Connor and Kata Tjuta
  • Making our own instruments and sounds
  • What can you do with this jar? Upcycling glass jars into new products

Investigations- Term 4 Week 4 Monday

A new week of learning and provocations for the children to explore this week.

Take a look at the children exploring;

  • Remembrance Day
  • Jungle small world play
  • Sea-life small world play
  • Light and shadows
  • Coloured Chickpea sensory play
  • Watercolour paintings
  • Construction
  • Why do we fly three flags at our school? What are their meanings?
  • Taking a closer look at nature and creating art
  • Shadow puppets
  • Shadow drawing

Village Excursion – St Kilda Adventure Playground and Fishing

Today The Village went to St Kilda Adventure Playground we spent some time on the beach, fishing, and on the playground!

Take a look at some of the fun that happened today…..


Welcome to Term 4

Welcome to term 4, we have a lot more learning to do this term!

Have a look at our provocations for this week…

  • Diwali mandala making on the light table and with loose parts
  • Diwali mandala making using play dough and seeds
  • Clay lantern making
  • Rosemary cutting
  • Spice painting
  • Outside area, mud kitchen
  • Bakery – making and selling
  • dot painting on rocks
  • Thank you notes
  • Dinosaur fossils
  • Light experiments with mirrors

Investigative Play – Monday Week 10 Term 3

Spring Fair – Volunteer Needed for our Lolly Stall

Dear Families,

On Sunday 22nd October, our school is holding our annual Spring Fair. This is our major community and fundraising event for the year.

Our classes are responsible for staffing the lolly stall. We would greatly appreciate it if you are able to volunteer an hour of your time on the day to work on our lolly stall. Please add your name to the volunteer sheet in our classrooms or feel free to email us your available times. Volunteer times are from 11am -12pm, 12-1pm, 1-2pm, 2-3pm, 3-4pm and 4-5pm.

Thank you for your support.

Nicole, Gabriella and Julie