Investigations, Monday Term 4 Week 5

This week the children will be exploring:

  • Solids and liquids- manipulating ice with animals and paint brushes watching it melt from a solid to a liquid.
  • Rosary beads- exploring what they are, what symbols they have on them and what they look and feel like.
  • Jungle play- adding in baby animals and the story Monkey Puzzle to extend their play from last week where the children started to introduce baby animals
  • Rainbow chickpeas- measuring and capacity
  • Flags- exploring the 3 flags we fly at our school each day
  • Rainbow Serpent- exploring the Dreaming Story with some group art work
  • Ozobots- exploring coding making the robots move
  • Light and shadow box- extending their children learning from last week by adding some shadow puppets to the torches
  • Sketching places of significance to our artist in residence Mr Martin including Uluru, Mt Connor and Kata Tjuta
  • Making our own instruments and sounds
  • What can you do with this jar? Upcycling glass jars into new products

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