Investigations, Monday Term 4 Week 5

This week the children will be exploring:

  • Solids and liquids- manipulating ice with animals and paint brushes watching it melt from a solid to a liquid.
  • Rosary beads- exploring what they are, what symbols they have on them and what they look and feel like.
  • Jungle play- adding in baby animals and the story Monkey Puzzle to extend their play from last week where the children started to introduce baby animals
  • Rainbow chickpeas- measuring and capacity
  • Flags- exploring the 3 flags we fly at our school each day
  • Rainbow Serpent- exploring the Dreaming Story with some group art work
  • Ozobots- exploring coding making the robots move
  • Light and shadow box- extending their children learning from last week by adding some shadow puppets to the torches
  • Sketching places of significance to our artist in residence Mr Martin including Uluru, Mt Connor and Kata Tjuta
  • Making our own instruments and sounds
  • What can you do with this jar? Upcycling glass jars into new products

Investigations- Term 4 Week 4 Monday

A new week of learning and provocations for the children to explore this week.

Take a look at the children exploring;

  • Remembrance Day
  • Jungle small world play
  • Sea-life small world play
  • Light and shadows
  • Coloured Chickpea sensory play
  • Watercolour paintings
  • Construction
  • Why do we fly three flags at our school? What are their meanings?
  • Taking a closer look at nature and creating art
  • Shadow puppets
  • Shadow drawing

Investigations, Monday, Week 9

A new week means new learning, new discoveries, new curiosity and play.

This week we have a range of different activities set up for the children as well as our usual open ended materials that can be used for the children to manipulate and imagine with.

  • Practising scissor skills and letter recognition by cutting out letters they recognise from magazines to make a letter poster.
  • Practising their fine motor skills by picking up different objects with tongs and chop sticks. Such as rocks of different sizes, corks, pom poms and buttons.
  • Exploring different images of Jesus through art.
  • Exploring money and the use of money to make a shop and buy things.

Thursday, Week 4 Investigations

Here is the children engaging with the provocations from this week:


Week 3 Art Investigation

Today in the Village we had our art investigation. Today’s investigation was based around the Moon Lantern Festival coming up in week 10. In preparation for this celebration all children in the school make a lantern to decorate their classrooms. Today the children  made their own lanterns: 



Wednesday, Investigations, Week 3 Term 3

Today in investigations the children were busy inventing and making. In Room 29 and 30 the children were….

They really enjoyed playing music on the screen and singing along as a class. We have quite the musical class in R/1JM and R/1RV.

They used the cork boards and pins to make their own spinning toys (Cooper, Sukhman).

The loose parts to build a city and a zoo in the city (Ella, Joseph, Libby).

The book making table to make their own lift the flap books (Chelsea, Mia, Olivia S).

They used paper to make their own paper lanterns and were able to work as a group and to teach each other how to make the lanterns (Llana, Winnie, Shirley, Deakyn)

They used the laptops to record their own learning and make their own videos (Kelly, Henry, Amber, Kayla, Yianna, Kristina).

The making area was busy as always and the children planned their work before they started making. There was all sorts of inventions such as binoculars (Kristina), insect catchers (Ebony and Eva), (Matthew) (Sampann)

Following on from Friday’s crown art investigation the children started to make crowns again, creating different designs for their friends (Van, Hannah, Kayden, Rowena, Ella, Linda)

Using cards and envelopes to write to people (India, Sienna).

In the blocks the children made a race track with paths leading different ways. (Matthew, Kaleb, Aiden, Issac)

In the loose parts (Khang and Sampann) made a pasta shop. Selling different pasta to their friends.

In the logs and animals (Mary) made a jungle restaurant.

Lots of children have been designing their own characters and working hard to draw with detail. (Cooper, Krish, Zac, Sukhman)


Wednesday Term 3 Week 2 Investigations