Thursday Week 5

The Village had their specialist lessons today – Music, Sport and Spanish.

As classes we reflected on our Saint Vincent De Paul house and what can do during Lent to give to those that need it most.

Who is St Vincent de Paul?

He is a very helpful man and if people are sick, he gives them blankets and food. He makes them feel better and he makes people always feel better and never ignores other people who are sick. He helps them and cares about them – Elnathan

He is a big person – Nahom

Saint Vincent de Paul helps people and never explores them and never fights them – Bodhi

He doesn’t touch people, he doesn’t be rude to people and he reads books – Arjan

He is a good person and he helps a lot of sick people and he loves people, he gives people a lot of stuff – Nhial

He cooks food for people and be kind to people – Charlee

He helps people, he is really nice. He gives them drinks and he gives them food – Declan

He gives people food and blankets and a couch, so they can be warm and gives them some teddy bears so they can be nice and warm. He gives them some healthy drinks and Vincent just protects them – Oliver

Vincent de Paul gives them blankets and some toys and plays outside – Nyok

What is something you can bring to give to those less fortunate?

I don’t need my old shoes – Oliver

My Thomas and my teddy and my big fire truck – Nahom

My toy unicorn – Adum

My little kitchen – Charlee

Some clothes that don’t fit me – Ms Quigley

I don’t need my bottles – Oliver

You share and take care of the toys – Arjan

My dress – Dhyani

Making 10 

1 EN made a bus today their provocation was to have 10 people on their bus through different provocations

Jacob: We are plussing and trying to make the number 10 by plussing.

Dimi: A way you can make 10 is five plus five.

Videl: 3 and 7 make 10.

Jacob: 7 plus 3 make 10.

Sonny 5 plus 5 make 10.

Poppiest: 1 plus 9 make 10.

Vidal: 10 plus 0 make 10.

Nickolas: 8 plus 2 is 10.

Cooper: 5 plus 5.

Sonny: 4 plus 6 make 10.

We nearly got to make all the ways in which you can make 10!

After Recess we continued with our investigations. The students led their learning setting up provocations they wanted to play and explore with. They all supported each other and work together. It was interesting to see more and more students join in with different explorations.

The Village particapted in Writers Workshop- before the students go off we always have a mini lesson  on book making.

Today’s focus was “What a book needs and features of a text?”

It was great to see the students lead this learning, sharing their ideas and knowledge and then having a go as “Authors”.

Angie: It needs a front cover.

Sonny: It needs a picture and a title and who its from

Emily: page numbers in the book.

Dimi: Some writing and some drawing, you can get a sound chart to help you.

Jacob: It needs a blurb at the back it tells us all about the story,

The students are really enjoying being authors and we look forward too many more books being made.

At the end of the day we reflected on our CLARA learning powers….

Al: I used Mr Koala to build a bike.

Sahib: I used Mr Koala to make a spaceship.

Sara: I used Mr Koala I use some paper and some drawing.

Nickolas: I used Mr Koala for  picking up with Copper.

James: I used Mr Koala for making a restaurant.

Dimi: I used Mr Koala when I did my painting.

Mr Kangaroo wants to know what you are curious about?

Jacob: I want to learn more about writing and reading.

Kalil: I am curious about Jordan about what he likes.

Leo: I am curious about making numbers.

Isabella: I am curious about numbers.

Kiet: I am curious about Ethan.

Ravleen: I am curious about the Murry Cod.

Dimi: I am curious about the hopping mice.

Jed: I am curious about toys and how they are made.

Videl: I am curious about maths and making ten.

Al: I am curious about my friends.



Belated update!

On Tuesday, a missing iPad prevented the usual blog update. Mr Coad’s heart is now beating at a regular rhythm, as the said laptop has been retrieved with all photos accounted for!

Following ‘come read with me’ in the morning, students engaged with literacy provocations through play. Some of those moments were captured and can be seen in the photos below:

You may have noticed a Pp theme throughout many of the provocations. Students were able to express their learning through their 100 languages.

Accompanied by our ELC students during library, the Village read an amazing dual language children’s book, ‘Ngana Ngai? Who Am I?’, which introduces native animals and the Kaurna language. Both teachers and students were able to have a go at expressing many of the indigenous words.

Ngana Ngai? Who Am I? (Kaurna edition)

Students continued on with their learning through play provocations following library and were also able to record their reflections regarding the letter P.

During this time, some budding photographers, Adum and Kahlil captured some special moments, while practicing their camera skills.

The students were able to role play a story about the sun and the wind. The moral of the story being that a smiling warm, kind and giving attitude often results in positive outcomes. Here are some student comments about the role play:

Jacob – the sun and the wind were fighting.

Yasha- they were arguing

Viraj – the wind blew the boys jacket.

Sara – Held onto his jacket

Kiet – the sun came out from behind the cloud

Ishpreet – the sun was smiling bright and it came from behind the cloud.

Sonnie – the sun was too hot and the jacket was for winter

The sun was happy

Yasha- sun was warm

Jacob – it got happier and brighter

Kahlil – the wind went away

To finish off the Tuesday, the Village participated in prayer. Here are some of the student’s shared prayers:

Alannah – Thank you for the kids

Annabella – Thank you for the wonderful teachers

Yasha – Thank you God for making us

Sierra – Thank you God for my pretty pictures

Ariana – Thank you God for our teachers

Kiet – Thank you God for sharing

Chase – Thank you God

viraj – Thank you God for our food

Jed – Thank you God for the whole school

Sahib – Thank you God for the beautiful teachers

Ishpreet – Thank you God for valentines day

Sonnie – Thank you God for my brothers

Kahlil – Thank you for everyone

Dimi – Thank you God for all my friends

Poppie – Thank you God for my mum and dad

Nicholas – Thank you God for all the stuff we need

Ravleen – Thank you God for our friends

Happy Belated Tuesday!

‘Play is not a luxury, play is a necessity’ – Kay Redfield Jamison

Good afternoon families,

We are hoping everyone is staying cool and away from this hot weather!

This morning the students flowed into the classroom and engaged in their morning come read with me time, which the students love as you can see the excitement and enjoyment they have from exploring their books and challenging their reading!

As the weather was going to be very warm, the students had the opportunity before recess to engage with and explore the provocation of Grevillea Park, where students demonstrated and showcased their two learning powers that we have discussed of creativity and curiosity! Some students used materials they found to try and replant native bushes and tress found in the park, whilst others used their teamwork and resilience to support one another in sharing their learning environment.

After recess, students explored their numeracy investigations and shared their learning with one another as they demonstrated the ongoing learning and confidence they are developing in the skills of leading their own learning and exploring numeracy that is of interest to them. Students explored the notion of number formations, counting, skip counting, adding, subsidizing and many others, as well as the children adapting provocations to once again, showcase their strengths and interests.

Students then transitioned from their numeracy investigations into their play based investigations where the fun of learning continued as again students challenged their learning, and shared our learning environment and materials with their peers.

A Speck of Gold from the day was seeing multiple students engage in a mini disco, expressing the language of dance and music, and having a laugh with one another as they showcased their best dance moves!

Well that concludes are busy day of learning! 🙂 We wish everyone a safe and relaxing evening! Stay Cool!

– God Bless

Saint Vincent de Paul

Today R/1MC and R/1EN  revisited the provocation, who is Saint Vincent de Paul?

“He is an old man who helped people to get better”– Zahra

“Vincent de Paul like to help people and make them better”– Leo

“He helped the poor people”– Yasha

We introduced the class to the Lenten Challenge. The children reflected on the different ways they could carry out random acts of kindness like Saint Vincent de Paul.

“I can bring food for the people who don’t have food”– Yasha

“I could help people up” – Dimi

“Help people find houses”– Sahib

“We have to help people read”– Sara

“Sharing”– Kiet

“If someones falls over you can help them up”– Jacob

“If they get hurt we can help them go to hospital” -Nicholas

“Food”– Hendrix

“You could learn how to cook and give them something”– Ravleen

“Make people feel better and give them food to eat”– Ethan



Toys at School

We have recently noticed a lot of toys from home entering the classrooms, Beyblades in particular. As a whole, Holy Family has a ‘no toys at school’ policy. This is to ensure that toys are not lost or broken, and also means that the children engage much better with classroom investigations.

We ask that you support us in this, by discouraging your children from bringing toys to school. We have spoken to all children about this during school today.

Toys that are found in the classroom will be put on the teacher’s desk until the end of the day for safe keeping.

The children in R/1EQ & R/1MS thought about why we don’t bring toys to school:

We don’t have toys at school because you might lose them in places and then we can’t find them and your parents might get angry – Kobe B
You might lose them and then you can never find them and then your parents will get angry and you will never get to go to school – Elnathan
Because you are not allowed to bring toys because you might lose them and it costs lots of money and then your dad and your mum will be so angry – Oliver
You’re not allowed to bring toys at school or you will lose them and your parents will get mad because it is a lot of money – Charlize
We don’t bring toys because we might lose them and will might need to babysit again or else we will never find it – Declan
If you bring your toys, you might lose them – Bodhi
When you bring toys to school, it’s not good. That’s because sometimes you might lose it, someone might take it, or it might fall in the bushes, or if it falls out of your pocket. If the teacher finds it, they will put it in the office, but if the kid finds it, they will take it home – Zac
They might lose and it and then people can take it and they might take it home and they might lose it and you can’t take it back because the other people broke it – Nhial
Your parents get mad because if you bring your toys to school, you will lose them – Nyok

Monday Investigations

This morning during investigative play it was great to see the children develop their emerging autonomy, inter-dependence, resilience and sense of agency! Have a look at our learning.

Grevillia Reserve

This morning we visited Grevillia Reserve for nature play. We went outside nice and early to beat the heat!

The benefits of playing in nature are almost infinite. Spending time in nature keeps children’s minds fresh. It exposes them to varying situations where they are forced to learn and adapt to best fit themselves into the prevailing conditions. For instance, climbing trees.

Climbing on trees or other objects helps children understand the risks involved in the process; they become better at risk assessment. Even if children sustain a minor injury, something in them grows. They also learn problem-solving skills, and they develop a deeper appreciation towards physical activity.


“I made a treasure hunts” – Dimi

“I climbed the trees”- Yasha

“I played mum and dads and schools with Sonny and Zahra”- Ravleen

“I liked the playground”- Viraj

“I played with James and Elnathan saving the ants”- Leo

“At Grevillia park we disguised the bus to be the tree”- Sonny

“When I sat on the tree I hurt my leg”- Sara

“I did play with Jordan, Max we were playing a game”- Jacob

“Climbing on trees”- Chase

“I played with my friends on the swings” – Declan

“I played with my friends on the swing, so we can learn to swing and we can take turns” – Nahom

“I rescued Eva in the tree. She was at the very top of the tree, in real life” – Khyle

“Me and Hayley were playing schools” – Mikayla

“I went sliding and climbing on the branches” – Enrique

“Me and Irin, Emily and Scarlett, we went climbing and we went on the slide and we went climbing again” – Charlize

“I climbed really, really high on a tree” – Eva

“I liked to make stuff for people, with paper” – Annabelle

“I like sharing with my friends and helping people” – Nyok

“I saved Bibi in a tree” – Bodhi

“I played on the swings” – Charlee

“I was sliding and playing on swings” – Adum

“I used my creativity when I was playing homes and it was a dirty place and then when I was going back to class, we left it there so we can play again next time” – Alexa

“I ran on the race track and the other bigger kid, we even used our energy to exercise so we can stay fit, healthy and we can stay nice and not hungry and that’s how we live” – Zac

“I used my mind so I could move a big branch that was on the tree” – Eva

“I used my creativity looking at ants and pushing people on the swings and I got bitten by an ant” – Elnathan

MUDLA fun!

Today  R/1MC and R/1EN visited the MUDLA. Mr McCarthy introduced the students to Memphis- He is an Inland bearded dragon! The children were enthusiastic and eager to hold or pat Memphis. Students from 5/6 lead this experience and answered all the questions the R/1’s had! In the MUDLA room we learnt about Murray Cod and participated in feeding the fish.

We also welcomed new additions to our classroom today- Hopping Mice!! We can’t wait to continue all our inquiry and learning about the Spinifix Hopping Mouse. Mr McCarthy spoke to us about what the hopping mice eat, why they have long tails, where they live and why hopping mice have big ears!