Grevillia Reserve

This morning we visited Grevillia Reserve for nature play. We went outside nice and early to beat the heat!

The benefits of playing in nature are almost infinite. Spending time in nature keeps children’s minds fresh. It exposes them to varying situations where they are forced to learn and adapt to best fit themselves into the prevailing conditions. For instance, climbing trees.

Climbing on trees or other objects helps children understand the risks involved in the process; they become better at risk assessment. Even if children sustain a minor injury, something in them grows. They also learn problem-solving skills, and they develop a deeper appreciation towards physical activity.


“I made a treasure hunts” – Dimi

“I climbed the trees”- Yasha

“I played mum and dads and schools with Sonny and Zahra”- Ravleen

“I liked the playground”- Viraj

“I played with James and Elnathan saving the ants”- Leo

“At Grevillia park we disguised the bus to be the tree”- Sonny

“When I sat on the tree I hurt my leg”- Sara

“I did play with Jordan, Max we were playing a game”- Jacob

“Climbing on trees”- Chase

“I played with my friends on the swings” – Declan

“I played with my friends on the swing, so we can learn to swing and we can take turns” – Nahom

“I rescued Eva in the tree. She was at the very top of the tree, in real life” – Khyle

“Me and Hayley were playing schools” – Mikayla

“I went sliding and climbing on the branches” – Enrique

“Me and Irin, Emily and Scarlett, we went climbing and we went on the slide and we went climbing again” – Charlize

“I climbed really, really high on a tree” – Eva

“I liked to make stuff for people, with paper” – Annabelle

“I like sharing with my friends and helping people” – Nyok

“I saved Bibi in a tree” – Bodhi

“I played on the swings” – Charlee

“I was sliding and playing on swings” – Adum

“I used my creativity when I was playing homes and it was a dirty place and then when I was going back to class, we left it there so we can play again next time” – Alexa

“I ran on the race track and the other bigger kid, we even used our energy to exercise so we can stay fit, healthy and we can stay nice and not hungry and that’s how we live” – Zac

“I used my mind so I could move a big branch that was on the tree” – Eva

“I used my creativity looking at ants and pushing people on the swings and I got bitten by an ant” – Elnathan

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