Saint Vincent de Paul

Today R/1MC and R/1ENĀ  revisited the provocation, who is Saint Vincent de Paul?

“He is an old man who helped people to get better”– Zahra

“Vincent de Paul like to help people and make them better”– Leo

“He helped the poor people”– Yasha

We introduced the class to the Lenten Challenge. The children reflected on the different ways they could carry out random acts of kindness like Saint Vincent de Paul.

“I can bring food for the people who don’t have food”– Yasha

“I could help people up” – Dimi

“Help people find houses”– Sahib

“We have to help people read”– Sara

“Sharing”– Kiet

“If someones falls over you can help them up”– Jacob

“If they get hurt we can help them go to hospital” -Nicholas

“Food”– Hendrix

“You could learn how to cook and give them something”– Ravleen

“Make people feel better and give them food to eat”– Ethan



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