Tuesdays week 11

This term we have been looking at number, so this morning before we went into numeracy play we asked the students what are numbers? What have we been  learning the term about term?

You can make 10 by 1 plus 9 make 10, Dimitra.

I have learnt to count to 100, Viraj.

5 and 5 make 10, Yasha.

0 and 10 make 10, Kiet.

100 and 1 make 10, Sahib.

1 and 9 make 10, 20 plus 20 makes 40, Cooper.

5 plus 5 makes 10, Nickolas.

6 plus 4 make 10, Zahra.

100 plus 100 equals 200, Jacob.

1 plus 1 makes 10, Leo.

2 plus 2 equals 4, Arabella.

We can count animals legs to make 10 and 20, Zahra.

The students then worked to solve some problem solving Easter egg problems and went into numeracy play.

After Recess R1 MS and R1 EQ has Spanish and R1 EN and R1 MC went to the library.

The Village participated in free play leading their own learning and investigations.

All of the students were so engaged flourishing as they explored.

After lunch we had our presentation for Palm Sunday what a great job we did with the other receptions, welcoming everyone in and singing our Palm Sunday song.


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