“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

This morning, The Village started their day with literacy investigations – a great way to first introduce a new sound – ‘Rr’ and then get the children involved in consolidating their learning, but engaging in investigations based on words that begin with the sound. These investigations include, drawing, writing, making, colouring, building, designing and constructing, and lots and lots of oral language. We started by brainstorming some words that begin with ‘r’ or ‘wr’. The children then chose their own adventure, moving across the four classrooms to find activities that suited their understanding and interests.

Children were able to create rabbit masks, write ‘r’ words, design their own robot and rocket (both through drawing and construction), design their own roads and race tracks, make a fishing rod to catch and write ‘r’ words, design and build with rocks (words, letters and objects), paint and draw rainbowsrecord ‘r’ words found in books, and make books for writer’s workshop. We saw such high levels of engagement as the children moved across the activities and used their own understandings to engage in a way that helped them to make sense of the new sound, linking it to their interests. It was such a wonderful way to begin our Wednesday.


After recess, the children continued their investigations, with the addition of the Spheres, Ozobots and Easter card making. R/1EQ & R/1MS also visited the library, where the shared reading text was Say Something by Peter H Reynolds. This beautiful story explored the different ways children can share their voice, and even use their 100 languages to make a difference, both on a local scale and a more global scale.

The blurb reads:

There are so many words to SAY SOMETHING.
So tell the world – who you are, what you are thinking. What you are dreaming. What you believe. And how you’ll make it better.

In this empowering new picture book, beloved author Peter H. Reynolds explores the many ways that a single voice can make a difference. Each of us, each and every day, have the chance to say something: with our actions, our words, and our voices. Perfect for kid activists everywhere, this timely story reminds readers of the undeniable importance and power of their voice. There are so many ways to tell the world who you are… what you are thinking… and what you believe.

We reflected on the message from the story:

It was kind, it doesn’t matter which voice – Zac
Share and be nice and take care of other people – Bodhi
You need to be nice and be kind and when somebody is angry, you will say ‘why are you angry’ and you need to be happy and not be cross – Declan
You be kind and respect others – Arjan
You be kind and share together and be friendly and you help each other – Nyok
Be nice and kind. If someone is pushing someone, say stop – Nahom
Be grateful, be kind, share to one another and be kind to one another – Alexander
You be friendly every day and you play every day and be very happy and no more being unkind – Oliver
Be kind to one another, don’t hurt one another, love one another, care for one another, like one another. If you don’t care for one another, you will get hurt. You need to share to all of your friends and family. Give food to the poor and the people who don’t eat your kind of food, you give them something else to eat and care for the people who are poor and do not hit one another, or they will get angry and sad and they will cry and then tell the teacher and then the person who hurt them will say sorry, and then they will be friends again. Be kind to people, even if they are not in your family and pray every night and morning, so we can have a nice day – Elnathan
You share the world and be kind to one another and we share toys, don’t fight to one another, we love them whenever they hurt themselves and we don’t spit water at people. We be responsible and we share goodness – Charlee
When the person gets pushed down, you go to help them and everybody is nice and respects elders – Arjan
If you angry you can use your voice to tell someone – Eva
When somebody gets hurt we can help them by bringing them to the teacher – Annabelle
Don’t be afraid to be creative – Kobe
Animals should be nice to one another as well – Alexia
When someone falls help them – Kyle
Help people – Hayley
We have to help people when they are hurt – Irin
Be kind to other people not just my friends – Max
When you get hurt make sure you help them – Emily
Don’t be afraid to put your hand up – Nelson
Always speak up – Charlize
Always speak from the heart – Mikayla
You can say something is so many way – Darina

After lunch, we went to the hall to watch the year 3/4 classes Holy Week presentation about The Last Supper and The Trial of Jesus (thank you Charlize for the photos).

We finished the day with some time at Log Park (thank you Elnathan for the photos) and prayer in our classes.

Thank you, God for letting us all have friends and letting us share toys with everyone in your home. If you want to play with them, you say yes – Mikayla
Dear God, thank you for all of the things we have at school and letting us have fun and play every day and giving us food – Adum

We finished up with some of our songs:

One thought on ““Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

  1. What a day in the life of a HFCS student.
    Amazing learnings, discoveries, reflections and experiences.
    Miss Quigley and teachers, we are so grateful.

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