Term 2: We’re Ready for You!

Welcome back to another term full of learning in The Village. We hope everyone enjoyed their break and were able to spend some time with family over Easter. We have not missed a beat in The Village today, diving straight back into a busy day of investigations. We all started our day with Come Read with Me, a great social time for the children to catch up about their holidays and share their books with friends. Thank you to the parents and friends who are able to join us for Come Read with Me throughout the week, we love having you with us!

R/1EQ & R/1MS started their day with investigations, allowing the children to choose their own adventure. The children were busy with restaurants and hospitals in the home corner and book nook. We also had amazing teamwork with the Lego as children worked on houses, shops and cars. Outside, Bibi, Dhyani, Charlee and Harper created a base where they made their own slime and potions. Nhial worked on a building, which Alexander, Nahom and ‘S’ flew their paper planes through. We had lots of creativity and collaboration as the children engaged with box construction, making hammers, binoculars, boats, dinosaur tranquilliser guns and some things that the children were not yet able to name.


R/1EN & R/1MC enjoyed come read with me, spent time recognising character strengths in their welcome circle, fitness on the playground and exploring numeracy concepts.

After recess, The Village re-joined to continue investigations.

R/1EQ & R/1MS packed up early before lunch and spent some time exploring in Log Park. We also visited the fish pond to check on the goldfish and tadpoles. The children loved checking on the fish and sharing their knowledge with one another. We even had some of the boys naming the fish.


We spent the afternoon reflecting on our holidays. The children were able to choose to reflect in their Learning Journal or writing book. We supported the children with a sentence starter: In the holidays…


R/1EQ & R/1MS finished their day with student-led prayer:

Thank you, God for giving us this world to live in and giving us a house, so we can sleep and get good rest and get energy. Thank you for the brothers we have and the sisters we have and mum and dad and grandma’s and grandpa’s – Kobe

Thank you, God for letting us have lots of toys to play with and a lot of people in this school and our teachers and our family – Mikayla

Dear God, I like how the teachers are here and we share and then we get some mums and dads – Nyok

Dear God, thank you for this school and the teachers and to get a bit of rest and get to sleep and grow – Alexander

One thought on “Term 2: We’re Ready for You!

  1. What an AMAZING first day!
    As a parent this just fills me with joy.
    So much learning, activities, connections and reflecting.
    Alexander raves about his day all arvo and evening. This awesome blog just made it even better for him and us with talking about his day and what he learnt and loved.
    We ❤️ HFCS

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