Terrific Tuesday!

This morning the Village participated in Come Read with Me, it is fantastic to see all the students developing their reading skills. Students choose to read with a teacher, a friend, or special family member.

We then started our day going over the days of the week, what month we are in and then the season it is. We noticed all the trees outside are changing colour as are starting to fall from the tress because it is AUTUMN!

R1 EN and R1 MC explored Rainbow facts sharing if they knew different ways to make 10, the students then participated in numeracy play.

R1 MS and R1 EQ participated in for a shape hunt around the school, connecting to where they could see shapes in their everyday lives. They then recorded their learning in their learning journal, conferencing with their teachers.

The Village then participated in numeracy play developing their number knowledge and having a go at practising their numeracy skills.

The children loved exploring different numbers games, some of the students were playing number bingo, Snakes and Ladders, adding bugs, Go fish, making 10 games and number towers.

After Recess the village participated in free play, the aim for the students here were for them to lead their own learning and be independent learners as they explored and played. Classes moved in and out of The Village as r/1 EN and MC had library and R/1 EQ and MS had Spanish.

“Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold.” -Joseph Chilton Pearce

 “Play is the exultation of the possible.” -Martin Buber

“Play keeps us vital and alive. It gives us an enthusiasm for life that is irreplaceable. Without it, life just doesn’t taste good” -Lucia Capocchione

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” -George Bernard Shaw

Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.” -Diane Ackerman

We then ventured out to Grevillea Park taking our play and learning outside.

At the end of the day we introduced our new sound “M” tomorrow we are looking forward to exploring the sound more through play and provocations. We are working on our stamina which is something we educators learnt at Berry Street.

We are working to create a culture of academic persistence by nurturing resilience, emotional intelligence and a growth mindset. The students increase their stamina and work towards their perseverance.

“M is for Mudla,” – Annabelle. A great example of how our students are connecting their learning to the world around them.

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