Marvelous Wednesday

Hi everyone,

Thank you to the parents who were able to join in on our ‘Come Read With Me’ time this morning. The children were immersed in their reading as they continue to gain confidence within independent and shared reading.

After brain food, students moved into their Literacy Investigations where they had an abundance of fun exploring their new letter/sound ‘Mm’. Provocations ranged from creating mothers day cards and special messages to women most special in their life, to being mini monkeys by creating their own masks, students explored the laptops to write sentences; m words and to video record them saying m words, students created marble runs, mazes for ozobots and so much more. Students even manipulated provocations to cater for their interests and/or extend their learning.

It was incredible to see the engagement levels of the students, the sharing of learning within one another, and more importantly, the fun that was being showcased by all.

After recess students entered into their play based investigations, as R/1EQ and R/1MS took it in turns to visit the library to read our text together for the week, and borrow our new set of books.

Lunch soon followed, and afterwards students engaged in relaxation, where students in R/1Ms and R/1EQ were given various options to explore from quietly sitting/laying, reading, drawing and yoga which students were able to choose which activity they would like to engage in during this short space of time.

Afterwards, The Village came together to further our learning about Jesus.

The children were shown an image of Jesus and asked who they think it might be:

Jesus – Kobe
God – Nhial
Jesus – Jacob
Joseph – Dimi
God – Sonny God – Viraj
Jesus & God – Oliver
Mary – Elnathan
The bible – Cooper
God’s brother – Declan
God’s love – Nahom
Jesus’ sister – Ishpreet
The king – Alexander
It looks like it is actually God – Alexia

Mr Stramare asked if God and Jesus lived at the same time as the teachers when they were young children. He explained that God lived a long time before we did. He told the children that the picture is what we think Jesus looked like.

Do you think Jesus would have looked the same as the picture?

He has long hair – Jacob
He has long hair and he has a ring around him. It’s different – Kobe
He hair is bigger – Viraj
His clothes have a trapped love heart in it – Dimi

The children all agreed that they think that Jesus was a boy.

Boys sometimes have long hair – Max

What special event in the holidays celebrated Jesus?

Easter – Jacob
He died on the cross – Dimi
Some people didn’t trust God – Sonny
Jesus tried very hard to not go on the cross – Oliver
They didn’t like Jesus – Adum

What’s a really special thing that happens on Easter?

Jesus loved Easter and he loves Easter hunts – Khyle
He went to school and then he died on the cross – Oliver
Jesus had to sacrifice him because that was what Jesus had to do – Enrique
After Jesus came back alive – Eva

Where might Jesus be now?

Jerusalem – Elnathan
In a cave – Annabelle
On the cross – Cooper

The children used their learning journals to draw and/or write something special they know about Jesus.

Wishing you all a pleasant evening 🙂

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