Change to Blogging

Hello families and friends,

After much deliberation and conversation, we have decided that it is best to create our own blogs for our doubles, as well as continuing to use The Village Blog for our shared learning. This will mean that the content on our blog will be much more specific to what we are doing in each class, and we will hopefully be sharing more of what your children are doing throughout the day. We have noticed, as well as having had some feedback at the end of last term, that some children are being missed when we are blogging, so this will hopefully rectify that!

We can’t wait to continue to share our learning with you all.

Please follow these links to find and subscribe to the new blogs:

R/1MC & R/1EN:

R/1EQ & R/1MS:

As always, please contact us by email, phone call, or pop into the class if there is anything we can help you with.

Ms Quigley, Mr Stramare, Miss McCarthy, Ms Matthews & Mr Coad

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