Marvelous Wednesday

Hi everyone,

Thank you to the parents who were able to join in on our ‘Come Read With Me’ time this morning. The children were immersed in their reading as they continue to gain confidence within independent and shared reading.

After brain food, students moved into their Literacy Investigations where they had an abundance of fun exploring their new letter/sound ‘Mm’. Provocations ranged from creating mothers day cards and special messages to women most special in their life, to being mini monkeys by creating their own masks, students explored the laptops to write sentences; m words and to video record them saying m words, students created marble runs, mazes for ozobots and so much more. Students even manipulated provocations to cater for their interests and/or extend their learning.

It was incredible to see the engagement levels of the students, the sharing of learning within one another, and more importantly, the fun that was being showcased by all.

After recess students entered into their play based investigations, as R/1EQ and R/1MS took it in turns to visit the library to read our text together for the week, and borrow our new set of books.

Lunch soon followed, and afterwards students engaged in relaxation, where students in R/1Ms and R/1EQ were given various options to explore from quietly sitting/laying, reading, drawing and yoga which students were able to choose which activity they would like to engage in during this short space of time.

Afterwards, The Village came together to further our learning about Jesus.

The children were shown an image of Jesus and asked who they think it might be:

Jesus – Kobe
God – Nhial
Jesus – Jacob
Joseph – Dimi
God – Sonny God – Viraj
Jesus & God – Oliver
Mary – Elnathan
The bible – Cooper
God’s brother – Declan
God’s love – Nahom
Jesus’ sister – Ishpreet
The king – Alexander
It looks like it is actually God – Alexia

Mr Stramare asked if God and Jesus lived at the same time as the teachers when they were young children. He explained that God lived a long time before we did. He told the children that the picture is what we think Jesus looked like.

Do you think Jesus would have looked the same as the picture?

He has long hair – Jacob
He has long hair and he has a ring around him. It’s different – Kobe
He hair is bigger – Viraj
His clothes have a trapped love heart in it – Dimi

The children all agreed that they think that Jesus was a boy.

Boys sometimes have long hair – Max

What special event in the holidays celebrated Jesus?

Easter – Jacob
He died on the cross – Dimi
Some people didn’t trust God – Sonny
Jesus tried very hard to not go on the cross – Oliver
They didn’t like Jesus – Adum

What’s a really special thing that happens on Easter?

Jesus loved Easter and he loves Easter hunts – Khyle
He went to school and then he died on the cross – Oliver
Jesus had to sacrifice him because that was what Jesus had to do – Enrique
After Jesus came back alive – Eva

Where might Jesus be now?

Jerusalem – Elnathan
In a cave – Annabelle
On the cross – Cooper

The children used their learning journals to draw and/or write something special they know about Jesus.

Wishing you all a pleasant evening 🙂

Cold or Flu?

Dear Parents,

In Australia, seasonal influenza of varying severity occurs every year, usually between May and September.  Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is an infection of the nose, throat and lungs caused by the influenza A or B (or rarely C) viruses. It is highly infectious.

Influenza is a notifiable condition – in South Australia the law requires doctors and laboratories to report some infections or diseases to SA Health. These infections or diseases are commonly referred to as ‘notifiable conditions’.

If your child has influenza, they should stay at home while they are sick.

Please see your local General Practitioner for further information.

Thank you 🙂

“Hh as in Holy Family” – Kobe

Hi everyone,

This morning we started our day with ‘Come Read with Me’, where students continue to show their growing confidence in exploring literature of their interests, and love the opportunity to share this with their parents, teachers and other students in our learning community!

After ‘Come Read with Me’, the students used their 100 languages to explore the letter/sound ‘Hh’. Students had a wiggle to a ‘Hh’ song and then lead their learning in challenging their critical and creative thinking around this new letter/sound.

Students were immersed in the provocations on hand, as they manipulated them to cater for their interest and learning needs. Students created hand hot air balloons, became hairdressers, built some magnificent houses that would feature in interior design magazines, practiced writing the letter Hh, created Hh words, showcased all the amazing things at Holy Family, played hospitals, became detectives in finding Hh words in their reading and many many more!

The engagement level of the students was amazing as they showcased teamwork, persistence, resilience as well as inc operating an abundance of fun to their learning, which is always the main objective!

After Recess, the Village made our way over to the hall to watch a presentation from d’Arcy Lunn from Teaspoons Of Change. During the presentation, d’Arcy spoke about the UNICEF sustainable development goals and how we can use them to start changing the world for tomorrow. There are 17 of them in total! 🙂 d’Arcy spoke about how we might be able to implement these goals with our own school setting/environment and ways we can achieve these goals as a community.

Are you a global citizen?

Students conversed in an Ethiopian handshake and greeted each to talk about the question of, are you a global citizen?

Student responses

– Commiteed to making a difference

– Being a good person

A global citizen is about what it means to me! My actions and how they have a positive impact on the world 🙂 Those small changes, and how big of an affect they can have on a changing world.

Quick tips

1. To listen and to learn

2. Good people, good ideas, doing good things

3. Be a bridge

  • One side of the bridge people doing good things, and connect that to people wanting to do good things

“Be the change you CAN’T see in the world”

After lunch students used their creativity to recreate palms leaves for our Holy Week celebrations next week where students will be reenacting Palm Sunday, and showcase this will our other R/1 classes 🙂

Quick reminder that Sports Day is this Friday, we are looking for any parent volunteer helpers who are able to assist The Village on the day 🙂 Thank you!

We are all connected…

Hi everyone,

What an amazing day of learning we have had in R/1EQ and R/1MS! 🙂

This morning through the use of our 100 languages, children reengaged with the letter ‘Cc’. An abundance of learning took place as children were agents of their own learning as they engaged with provocations ranging from letter matching to book making. We had chef’s cooking in the kitchen, bakers creating cakes, children hunting for C words, clock makers in action, with the chief clock man Kobe leading the way.

In light of our Harmony Day celebrations this Friday, students engaged with the text ‘Whoever you are’, to spark their thinking how we are all unique and special in our own way, but belong in this world together! Students then explored the provocation ‘We are all connected’ through creating their own jigsaw pieces, that will show the connection we share within our learning community.

Creativity is intelligence having fun – Albert Einstein

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to an amazing week of learning 🙂

This morning our day started with our ‘Come Read With Me’ session, where we are so blessed to have so many parents attend our time together. It is amazing to see all the smiling faces on the students and the love of reading they show 🙂

R/1MS and R/1EQ entered into a range of literacy provocations this morning where students showcased their ongoing learning powers of creativity and curiosity, and more importantly the teamwork, sharing and support the students show one another.

After Recess The Village entered into our play based investigations where there were provocations were themed around ‘Harmony Day’. Once again students showcased their ongoing development of their character strengths, learning powers, and capturing our school pillars through all aspects and engagement of their learning.

Students 100 languages were on show through creations from making towers, castles, houses, chairs with various materials. Some students gravitated towards exploring the learning through technology, whilst others took our ecology learning towards the back part of our learning community.

Have a look at the range of learning below 🙂

Sunday the 17th of March marked the yearly celebration of St Patrick’s Day. St Patrick’s Day is a celebration of the life of St Patrick who brought Christianity to Ireland and lived out the teachings of Jesus which he bestowed among the people. As a learning community we shared a book together, How to Catch a Leprechaun, which showcased the celebrations of St Patrick’s Day. We then reflected on our learning with illustrations, writing and conversations.

Where do you belong?

Good evening everyone,

Wow! What an amazing day our learning community had today, it was a pleasure to see how these young creative minds continue to wow us with their sense making of the world around them and witnessing their growing capabilities through all aspects of their learning.

Today we had the opportunity to meet Miss Echidna. Miss Echidna lives within our learning community, and is our symbol of our learning power, Belonging. Students had a ‘yarn’ about a couple of questions we posed them…

R/1MS and R/1EQ

Where do you belong?

Alexia – I belong at my house and my mum belongs with me

Nahom – I belong from India, my dad belongs from Australia my sister and mum belong from China

Annabelle – I belong to my mum and all my families

Bodhi – I belong at my home and I do Fortnite dances

Alexa – I belong at Australia and my mum belongs at Phillipines and my dad belongs at Cambodia

Bibi – I belong with my friends

Oliver – I be kind to my sister which helps me belong

Declan – I belong in Adelaide

Enrique – I belong in Adelaide

Nhial – I belong with my family

Zac – I belong in Australia where we live in a peace house have fun and clean up

Nyok – I belong in China, and I eat some China food

Alexander – I stay at home with my mum and dad playing mincraft

Charlee – I belong with mummy

Dhyani – I belong with mummy and daddy

Max – I belong with my family

Harper – I belong at home with mumma, nanna and my puppy

Who helps you learn?

Nhial – Parents and teachers

Nahom – My mum and dad help me to learn with my book

Hayley – God helps me to learn

Annabelle – My mum helps me to read

Alexander – My mum teaches me how to make pancakes

Arjan – Brothers and sisters will help you how to learn

Adum – My dad helps me read books

Charlize – My dad and my mum help me learn how to do study

Oliver – Teachers help you how to learn, and how to be good

Declan – My mum and nanna helps me to make pancakes

Elnathan – My mum and dad help me to write in my school books to help me learn hard, so I can grow up and do lots of writing

Annabelle – My mum helps me do homework

Nyok – My mum helps me to some work, some maths and some English

Adum – My dad helps me write

Mikayla – I like to learn by myself

Daemon – Miss Quigley and Mr Stramare help me to learn


R/1EN and R/1MC

What does belonging mean?

Dimi: Belonging means when you live with someone.

Yasha: Like putting the right things in order.

James: so you belong it makes you happy

Viraj: belonging is like a fruit.

Zahra: Belonging means it goes in that place

Sonny: Belonging means your family goes with you.

Who do we belong with?

Sierra: We belong with our family

Jacob: I belong with My Mum, My Baby brother, My Dad and my sister.

Sahib: I belong with My Mum.

Ishpreet: I belong with My Mum and Dad.

Vidal: I belong in my house.

Kalil: I belong with my brothers and my Mum and Dad.

Jed: I belong with My Dad and my Brothers

Kiet: I belong with My Mum, My Dad and my sisters and my brothers.

Jordan: I belong with My mum and My Dad and my brother and my dog.

Sonny: You can live with your grandpa and grandma

Dimi: you can belong at school, like your sister, your teacher, your friend.

Isabella: I can belong with my teacher.

Sierra: We can belong with our friends.

Vidal: I belong on holidays

Kalil: I feel safe at school so I feel I belong.

James: I belong with my cousin like my cousin next door.

Jacob: I belong in a basketball team

Viraj: I belong in football team.

Hendrix: I belong in a soccer team.

Jordan: I belong soccer team called Parafield’s Knights

Dimi: I belong in my netball team called Firecrackers.

Sierra: I belong in my cheer

Sahib: Our hopping mouse belong in our classroom

Belonging Description as per the Clara Learning Emergence Framework

This dimension is about how much I feel part of a ‘learning community’, a group with a shared commitment to learn, improve and do better, whether at school, at work, at home or in my wider community. It’s about the confidence I gain from knowing there are people around me whom I learn well with and to whom I can turn when I need guidance, support and encouragement in my learning journey.

Students then used their 100 languages of learning to recreate and represent Miss Echidna how they wanted too 🙂 They then moved into their played based investigations where students used their learning powers of creativity, curiosity and belonging. Have a look at the amazing creations below 🙂

‘Play is not a luxury, play is a necessity’ – Kay Redfield Jamison

Good afternoon families,

We are hoping everyone is staying cool and away from this hot weather!

This morning the students flowed into the classroom and engaged in their morning come read with me time, which the students love as you can see the excitement and enjoyment they have from exploring their books and challenging their reading!

As the weather was going to be very warm, the students had the opportunity before recess to engage with and explore the provocation of Grevillea Park, where students demonstrated and showcased their two learning powers that we have discussed of creativity and curiosity! Some students used materials they found to try and replant native bushes and tress found in the park, whilst others used their teamwork and resilience to support one another in sharing their learning environment.

After recess, students explored their numeracy investigations and shared their learning with one another as they demonstrated the ongoing learning and confidence they are developing in the skills of leading their own learning and exploring numeracy that is of interest to them. Students explored the notion of number formations, counting, skip counting, adding, subsidizing and many others, as well as the children adapting provocations to once again, showcase their strengths and interests.

Students then transitioned from their numeracy investigations into their play based investigations where the fun of learning continued as again students challenged their learning, and shared our learning environment and materials with their peers.

A Speck of Gold from the day was seeing multiple students engage in a mini disco, expressing the language of dance and music, and having a laugh with one another as they showcased their best dance moves!

Well that concludes are busy day of learning! 🙂 We wish everyone a safe and relaxing evening! Stay Cool!

– God Bless

What are you curios about!?

Hi everyone,

It was another day filled of some amazing learning opportunities for our capable and competent learners in the Village today!

Today the students explored another of our Learning Powers, Curiosity.

“This is about my desire to investigate, find more out and ask questions, especially ‘Why?’ If I am a curious learner, I won’t simply accept what I am told without wanting to know for myself whether and why it’s true. I might challenge what friends, leaders, parents, teachers, colleagues say, rather than take it at face value. I want to know the reason for everything, as young children often do.”

The students then discussed with their classroom teachers what they thought curiosity is and what they are curious about! We also meet are class representative, Mr Kangaroo, who represents and showcases an abundance of curiosity in our learning environment.


What does curious mean?

Dimi: Leaning about stuff

Jacob: Learning new stuff, writing new stuff.

Viraj: what you want to learn.

Chase: what you want to learn.

Sonnie: you never give up and keep on trying

What are you curious about?

Jacob: I want to learn about writing

Viraj: ABC

Sierra: I am curious learning all different numbers and letters.

Sonnie: I am curious about spelling.

Isabella: I am curious about writing.

Kuch: I am curious about drawing.

Videl: I am curious about writing

Nicholas: I want learn more about the laptops, making pizza on the laptop

Dimi: I want to learn about writers workshop and hoping mice and big barry.

Ishpreet: I want to learn more about ABC.

Chase: I want to learn more about horses.

Mikayla: I want to learn about drawaing.

Emily: I want to learn how to write.

Cooper: I want to have a growth mindset and I am curious about horses.

Poppy: I am curious about fish.

Awan:  I am curious about dancing.

Angie: I am curious about numbers I want to learn more about them.


Zahra – I’m curious about people because I want to know how old they are and their names.

Ravleen- I’m curious about the Murray Cod. I want to learn why it always hides?

Yasha- I’m curious about the hopping mice. They’re cute and fuzzy. Ah so cute. Yeah I see two I go to MUDLA.

Scarlett- Rainbows

Jed: I’m curious about Koalas

Arianna Going to the Fish Farm and hopping mice

Kalil: I’m curious about everything in the world. And Bayblades.

Sahib: I’m curious to help everybody.

Annabella: I’m curious about feathers because I don’t know why feathers fall off the bird or where they fall.

Alannah: I’m curious about my laptop

Jordan: I’m curious about bay-blades

Hendrix: I’m curious the Murray Cod.

Leo: I like Mr Koala’s power because he has a good power. Creativity. But I am curious about drawing.

Ethan N: I’m curious about lego.

James: I’m curious about boats.

Kiet: Im curious about lego

Sara: I’m curious about rainbows.


What does curiosity mean?

It means you’re trying and you love your family – Declan

Learning – Adum

You have to sit down and listen – Arjan

It means learning and teaching – Oliver

You’re learning – Nyok

Learning what you didn’t ever do – Nhial 

What are you curious about?

I want to learn more things about colouring and drawing and playing – Arjan

I’m curious about trying my best at drawing a truck – Nyok

I’m curious about learning to be happy. I want to be an expert at building and making – Oliver

I’m curious about my family. I like playing on the X-box and the playstation and the playstation 4 – Declan

I’m curious all about the school – Felipe

I want to learn more about writing – Nahom

I want to learn more about reading – Adum

I want to learn about riding my bike and ask my dad to teach me how to ride my bike – Oliver

I want to learn about being safe, confidence and helping. I love to learn very much so I can learn very more and do some learning every day and we do the Father, the Son the Holy Spirit, Amen – Zac

I want to learn about helping people – Bodhi

I want to learn about playing with my friends – Bibi

I want to play on the playground – Dhyani

I want to learn about tigers – Alexander


What do you think curiosity is?

Alexa – Learning about making stuff

Emily – Investigations

Hayley – It helps you to do new learning

Annabelle – Take care of people and sharing, and being kind

Alexia – When you share kindness to other people

What are you curious about?

Hayley – Making new friends

Enrique – Blocks

Irin – Doing numbers

Charlize – Kind to one another

Mikayla – I am curious about seeing new teachers

Eva – I am curious about butterflies because I want to know how they fly

Alexa – I am curious about if everyone in the world is happy

Annabelle – Making suprises for other children

Alexia – Why Mr Kangaroo looked at me funny.

I wonder…

Charlize – I wonder about is curisosity special

Hayley – I wonder is curiosity help you learn

Emily – I wonder how to be kind

Enrique – I wonder if the playground has a slide

Irin – I wonder if curiosity makes us learn

Eva – I wonder why the rainbow snake was in a book

Mikayla – I wonder if rainbows are special

Alexa – I wonder about everyone in the world that we can all craft

Alexia – I wonder when we are going to our houses?

Nelson – I wonder about ninja turtles, does he work for the police?

Annabelle – I wonder if everything smells good, even the flowers


Our eager learners where then able to explore their new knowledge of curiosity through their play based investigations where students created, investigated, challenged, shared and supported one another through their 100 languages of learning.

All four classes today had Music with Mrs Rebeiro where they worked on simple rhythms and beats, focusing on “Ta” and “Ti Ti” sounds. They then got to have a go at playing their rhythm on the drums at the end of the lesson.

Have a look below 🙂

Wishing everyone a pleasant evening!

God bless

New Monday, New Week, New Goals

Good morning everyone,

Welcome back to a fun filled week of learning in the village!!

Today the students entered the classroom and loved engaging with parents, teachers and their peers as they explored their reading and created new meanings to their story telling journey.

Students then used the their 100 languages and explored their learning power of creativity to engage in a range of played-based investigations. Students were immersed in flow as they challenged their learning through collaboration, sense making and showcasing their love of learning.

R/1MS, R/1EQ, R/1MC and R/1EN spent time reflecting on their investigation time by discussing how they had shown their creativity through the 100 languages of learning. Students chose to either illustrate or write their reflections.

God is….

Hi everyone,

Following on from our blog post yesterday, R/1MS and R/1EQ  have created a sacred space within our classroom encompassing all the students thoughts and questions they have about ‘God Is…’

We will continue to grow and nurture this area as we explore, imagine and engage in our faith journey together 🙂