Welcome Term 4!

Investigations: Come Play With Me

Welcome back to another term full of learning in The Village. We hope everyone enjoyed their break and were able to spend some time with family and friends! We have not missed a beat in The Village today, diving straight back into a busy morning of investigations. It was fantastic to see the children as active participants in their learning as they engaged in provocations tailored to meet their interests.

Student Reflections

In investigations I was trying to make a house using some glue and seeing what really sticks, and it didn’t work out really. It didn’t work out because it was too sticky and only should have put a little bit on there- Dimi

In investigations I made a challenge. Koby, Jordan, Me and Hendrix. You had to stay in the square or circle the longest- James

In investigations I played with Cooper on the laptop and we were racing- Viraj

In investigations I played with Viraj on the laptop and we were playing it was called, ‘Cool Maths Games’- Vidal

In investigations I was designing the dolls clothes and her handbag was Annabella and Alannah – Zahra T

In investigations I liked the doll and me and Annabella played schools- Alannah

In investigations I liked the village and I liked the challenge that James made up- Jordan

In investigations I played with Alexander and Elnathan- Leo

In investigations me and Alannah and Annabella and Angie, we were playing schools and there were teachers in it and then we had lots of fun- Ishpreet

I was making a ship with Nyok and Jayson and Nelson. We used Lego – Enrique

I worked with Daemon to build a space ship using lego- Nahom A

I wrote out the alphabet and then wrote a sentence about what I did in the holidays- Adum

I played with Annabelle and Alexia. We were using modelling clay to make a sunset – Eva

I was building a big house. Everyone was welcome and we became friends- Arjan

I was playing with Bibi, we were making love hearts and making unicorns. We used lots of colours – Dhyani

I was writing the alphabet – Mithra

I was playing with Jordan, we used blocks to make up a strategy game- Kobe

Fitness: Boot camp

This morning we decided to join forces for boot camp! It was a fun way to challenge our body and minds into completing a workout.. which left no prisoners. We got our heart rate up with jogging on the spot, sprinting, star jumps and push ups.

Numeracy: Graphing

After recess we explored data collection and graphing. The Village gathered and collaborated to investigate what the most popular colour in the Village is.

We then completed our own data collection as we recorded what coloured cars drove down Shepherdson Rd. Jordan shared, “silver was the most popular”. This provocation saw the children very engaged and enthusiastic!

Nature Play

Sports Day

Only 4 sleeps until Sports Day!


R/1MC, R/1EQ, R/1EN and R/1MS are still seeking helpers to join us on sports day – This Friday!!

We will need support to walk to Creaser Park with the children, and then with scoring some events throughout the day. Some other jobs may include supporting children when they need to go to the toilet. But mostly, you will be able to join in the fun of sports day and watch your child/ren participate in their events.

If you are able to help us out, please comment on this blog, send us an email, or catch us in class.

We can’t wait for this exciting day in our school calendar.

Our Habitat Inquiry

“Inquiry evokes the idea of a dynamic process, a journey that involves the uncertainty and chance that always arises in relationships with others. Project work grows in many directions, with no predefined progression, no outcomes decided before the journey begins.

It means being sensitive to the unpredictable results of children’s investigation and research. The course of a project can thus be short, medium or long, continuous or discontinuous, and is always open to modifications and changes of direction.”

~  Carlina Rinaldi on ‘Project work’ from The Hundred Languages of Children.

This morning The Village begun our inquiry into Habitats. Over the term the children have been dedicated to housing the Murray Cod, looking after and learning about the Hopping Mice, exploring their interests in nature, collecting and searching for insects, investigating all their interests in the Fish Farm/MUDLA, bird spotting at Grevillia Reserve, researching animals of their choice and so much more!

All the children’s interests came together this morning as they were invited to explore the provocation, “what is a habitat?”

“It is an animal”- Jacob

“Its for animals to live in habitats”- Yasha

“A place like a cave, a little house”- Zahra

“Like a food”- Viraj

“A habitat keeps the animals safe like the hopping mice”- Dimi

“Habitat means that animals sleep in the winter”- Anabella

“Is drinking”- Arianna

“Habitat is for swimming”- Sahib

“Swimming” – Chase

“A habitat is for like other pets to live”- Yasha

“A cage”- Max

“A house”- Nahom

A job”- Adum

“Sharing” – Annabelle

“Changes people”- Alexa

“A home for animals”- Alexander

“A home for animals, they live and drink and eat food”- Elnathan

“Animals eat food”- Kobe

“Be nice to everyone and be kind and respect others”- Arjan

” A A A apple”- Alexia

“A drink tap” – Bohdi

“Like getting some water and some lunch and being healthy”- Nyok

What are some different kinds of habitats?

“Helping animals” Annabelle

“A horse lives in a farm” – Alexa

“A cow lives in a farm” – Nahom

“A bunny lives in the woods” – Alexia”

“A lobster and yabby lives in water and the fishes and the turtles and frogs” – Elnathan

“Water for fish”- Yasha

“Polar bear on ice”- James

We went on a learning walk to explore habitats in Holy Family Catholic School. Miss Quigley took a group to the MUDLA room where students explored and compared different habitats,  Mrs Nicosia and Miss Roberts took a group of children to investigate habitats in log park and on the oval, and Miss McCarthy, Mr Coad and Mr McCarthy opened the gate to our newly developed pond habitat where students made connections, observed and discussed living and non-living things.  During this time gathered around the pond, students had the opportunity to release tadpoles! wow!

All students had freedom and choice to float between the pond, MUDLA, and log park to engage in all aspects.

We reflected and recorded our learning in our learning journals

After recess The Village used their hundred languages to explore and create their own habitats! Students also used their creativity to design and make kites, manipulated the lego to make habitats (Ethan also used the lego to make Mr McCarthy),  and painting. This opportunity saw the children recreate their understanding of habitats through play.

What did you learn about habitats?

Enrique – I saw tadpoles, they were behind the fish farm.

Nahom – I read a book about where animals live.

Adum – we were looking at tadpoles and the teacher out there, he teached us about them. They can swim and they can turn to frogs. The tadpoles live in the water.

Zac – we put the tadpoles in to have a new home. when they come, we will hear a crunching sound. They’re going to live in a new home with the fish. The fish and the frogs will have a side of their own. The tadpoles will have this side and the fish will have one side. But not for long, because the frogs will go ‘hop, hop’ in with the fish. They have to start off as an egg, so when they lay new ones, they will grow up into a frog too.

Nyok – I saw some lizards and they live in the trees.

Elnathan – in investigations I was making a log with a rabbit inside it and I coloured it in and I made leaves and outside I took photos of every animal and I saw goldfish. I took a photo of a bird and a colourful feather and also a tree and a pigeon feather and also Alexander helped me find the tree and then he told me to take a photo of it. Hayley and Harper and Irin and Emily and Nihal and Jed were with me finding stuff. I took a photo of the big tree near the sand. I took a photo of the yabbies where the goldfish lives and I took a photo in the MUDLA with the hopping mice and lots of other things. I took photos of the tadpoles and the barramundi.

Alexa – when a frog is big, it lays an egg, then a tadpole comes. Then you give it more time and grows into a frog.


After lunch, the children went to chant practice for their Sports Day teams. After chant practice The Village engaged in writer’s workshop. R/1MC went to sport with Mr Pearce and R/1EN, R/1MS and R/1EQ visited log park.

What a fantastic day of learning!

Our Precious Environment- Ecology

As stewards of God’s creation, we are called to make the earth  beautiful garden for the human familyPope Francis

The students in the Village have been enjoying feeling connected to Gods creation. Over the term our students have done a remarkable job at housing and caring for the Murray Cod and Hopping Mice. Sustainability is one of the cross curriculum priorities and R/1MC and R/1EN have been out and about helping Mr McCarthy in preparing the new pond and planting herbs and vegetables in the garden beds.

It has been great to see that the children have been taking ownership of the environment, ensuring the school is tidy and contributing to their environment. Jed and Leo were stoked to receive a sticker from Mr Slater this afternoon for collecting rubbish after lunch. Similarly, Zahra, Dimi, Viraj and Sahib visited our Village courtyard and were eager to ensure it received a tidy up.

Great work team!

As R/1 MS and R/1EQ went to buddies, R/1MC and R/1EN participated in some mindfulness. We were exhausted after our busy day of planting and playing so we listened to the story “Mindful Monkey, Happy Panda“. The story connected with our students as it introduced the powerful practice of mindfulness. Monkey is not so mindful – his Monkey Mind constantly jumping from one thing to another – but he encounters a friend in Happy Panda. Panda helps Monkey recognize the joy of doing what you’re doing while you’re doing it.


“I’m mindful when I’m eating, like I sit” – Zahra

“I’m mindful when I’m walking” – Leo

“I’m mindful when I play”- Viraj

“I’m mindful when I am kind” – Dimi

“I’m mindful when I play” – Jed

We ended our day with some mindfulness- yoga!


Exploring Literacy

Hi everyone,

Wednesday proved to be a big day of learning for all the students in The Village as we explored many areas of our learning from literacy, incorporating our 100 languages and creativity, our play based investigations, as well as R/1EQ and R/1MS exploring some games our buddies had created as part of their harmony day learning, whilst R/1EN and R/1MC explored relaxation and writers workshop.

This morning the children engaged in their literacy provocations where the letter/sound ‘Ee’ was explored through the use of the children’s 100 languages, learning powers and character strengths. Students used their growth mindsets to explore this part of their literacy learning by creating elephants, cooking eggs, using their energy outside in a obstacle course, creating Ee books either in a paper book or on the laptop, creating objects they may see in the environment for our ecology focus and incorporating the learning of Elma the Elephant as students challenge their literacy learning, and explored their strengths in this area.

Students were flourishing through this play time and it was evident through the engagement shown across all classes. R/1MS and R/1EQ let the children lead their learning, and this was evident as the students explored their ‘Ee’ learning right up until the recess bell went, to the students surprise when they realized it was recess time, packed up their belongings, and moved outside for recess play. This was a speak of gold for us as the students were truly immersed in their learning, with the recess break coming to early as many students wanted to continue flourishing through our literacy time and showcased their growing agency within how they learn.


Have a look at our learning

As mentioned previously, R/1EQ and R/1MS had the opportunity to spend some time with our Year 3/4 buddies! Our buddies had researched games from around the world as a part of their Harmony Day inquiry! It was incredible to see the positive relationships they are being created with our classrooms and more importantly the fun each member of our learning communities are having with one another. The R/1 students moved around to the different activities the Year 3/4’s had organized and showcased their creativity, leadership and more importantly their patience, understanding and willingness to use their growth mindsets to give it a go! Have a look at our amazing time together 🙂

After lunch R/1MC and R/1EN had relaxation, writer’s workshop, fitness and Prayer.

Also a friendly reminder that Sports Day is Week 10 Friday, which is just around the corner. We would love to see you all there, and if you’re able to, we are on the lookout for some parent volunteers for the day 🙂 Thank you so much!

Play is the way children discover themselves- including their whole body, their emotions, and their minds- Pasi Sahlberg

At Holy Family Catholic School we are advocates for children immersing their senses in nature and becoming real-life problem solvers, things that flash cards and worksheets don’t always align with. Worksheets may never compare to a child holding and feeling natural objects as they problem solve to find their own answers and explore their own identity. Time spent out at Grevillia Reserve today saw the children in R/1MC and R/1EN have control over the space and their learning.  Children were stimulating different parts of their brains, exploring their feelings and wellbeing, engaging in literacy and numeracy moments and making sense of their world.

Jacob, Jordan, Cooper, Jed, Leo, James, Nicholas and Kalil designed and created a race track around the outskirts of Grevillia Reserve. This moment saw the boys rich in numeracy as they problem solved, discussed the length of the track, time, distance and estimation. They were learning from each other as they listened to each other and worked together . Also rich in numeracy was Sahib and Viraj  (who were holding their sticks in the air). Viraj said “mine is longer”, Sahib replied “nah they’re the same”. The two boys continued to walk toward the trees where they then held their sticks against the trees to further investigate length. Sara, Annabella, Alanna and Zahra were applying numeracy while rotating turns on the swings. The girls were also learning from each other as they counted down to ensure each person had an equal turn on the swing. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, off its my turn”– Zahra.

There were also literacy moments. Sara and Ravleen sat around the campfire, Ethan and Kiet played zombies, and the trees transformed into houses and the branches became the bedrooms in the house. Hendrix used a stick and carefully placed the stick in between the trees and commented, “there, it’s a lock. The house is safe!”

Yasha  “This is my bedroom”

Sierra was collecting twigs and said “this is dinner”, Sierra pointed to Poppie and continued “that’s my daughter”.

Ishpreet then said to Poppie, “Excuse me, my mum said I have to live with you”

Yasha contributed to the play and said “i’m making mint for my coffee, you all can have coffee”

Grevillia Reserve holds many potential learning opportunities that are endless and more meaningful to the children, empowers children with choice and supports their unique inquiries, learning processes and needs.

25th March, Monday week 9

Welcome back to another exciting week of learning here in the Village!

Our morning as a Village started off with come read with me, and once again we are truly blessed for all who are able to join us during this time 🙂 The children love exploring their reading, and it is always such a positive start to our week!

This morning R/1EQ and R/1MS investigated the ‘Kk’ letter/sound and used our growing 100 languages to explore this further. Students showcased their creativity through making Kites, Cakes, Kangaroos, Koalas, Keys and so much more! The students thrived on challenging their thinking by exploring new ‘Kk’ words in their writing, and identifying these words in their reading.


Students then engaged in their weekly play-based investigations, showcasing their ongoing learning powers of creativity, belonging and curiosity, as well as demonstrating their growing character strengths.

After lunch R/1MC went to sport and R/1EN engaged in writer’s workshop. R/1MC and R/1EN gathered and read the Creation Story from the Children’s Bible. We reflected on what God has created for us.

“God is in heaven in the sky and has the love of the heart” – Yasha

“God made everything” – Viraj

“God is St Vincent de Paul” – Cooper

“God made the sun” – Dimi

“God made food and people and love everybody” – Leo

“God made animals” – Hendrix

“God made clouds” – Nicholas

“God made fish”- Sara

“God made clouds” – Kiet

“God made a leaf” – Kuch

We went for a walk through our environment to explore God’s Creation. We started on the oval where the students decided to record in their learning journals. Leo said “God made grass so I drew the grass and a tree, and apples on the tree”, Yasha commented “I drew God and the sun”. Sara also shared “I drew the sky”.

The children also decided to enter the Fish Farm and draw all the animals in Kuyangani!

R/1MC and R/1EN concluded with Prayer and expressed gratitude for the world God made.

“Thank you God for the koalas” – Jed

“Thank you God for penguins” – Kalil

“Thank you God for turtles” – Dimi

“Thank you God for horses” – Arianna

“Thank you God for the horses” – Zahra

“Thank you God for cheetahs” – Jordan

Pedagogy, Catholic Identity & Ecology

Numeracy is about more than just counting. Today the students from R/1MC and R/1EN teamed up with their buddies from 5/6 HS and 5/6 BM to sort and categorize objects, measure and calculate amounts, arranging objects in space and identifying shapes.

Over the term our students have been participating in the Lenten Challenge- Each day of lent, students have removed one item from their cupboard or room that they no longer use, wear or need and placing it Vinnies classroom bin. Before Jayne Shortt arrives to collect our donations the students engaged in a numeracy provocation to gather the donations, count, sort and classify the items into bags. Students collaborated in groups and recorded their learning using their laptops. This allowed children to problem-solve and explore the world ‘mathematically’.

During this time we also had groups of students working with Mr McCarthy at the Fish Farm.  Jed shared “the big boys (buddies) were helping me put the sand in the bucket to put behind the pond”. Dimi added “I did with Mr McCarthy I was gardening. We put sand because we wanted to put the turtles there”.

Student reflections

“We had 6 piles and 17 dresses and 6 toys”- Jordan

“I sorted 6 food like noodles (that’s all I can remember) and 4 clothes”- Jacob

“We sorted 1 dress and we counted 2 shoes and we and Zahra found 1 colouring book and 1 pencil case”- A

“We got two baby shoes and a baby bathing suit and we found make up and lots of clothes”- Zahra

“I found a jacket and pants and 7 toys”- Viraj

“I sorted 9 clothes”- Kiet

“We had a lot of clothes and 2 baby shoes”- Yasha

Children are connected with and contribute to their world 21/3/2019

To celebrate Harmony Day R/1MC and R/1EN listened to the story, Whoever You Are by Mem Fox. We reflected on the story and connected with our learning power- Miss Echidna (belonging). We shared our reflections and used our one hundred languages to unpack the word belonging.


“I belong in Albania” – Leo

“I belong from  Papua New Guinea” -Jordan

“I belong with my dad and family” – Hendrix

“I belong at Holy Family Catholic School”- A

“I belong to my Family” – Sara

“I belong at school”- Jed

It was beautiful to see the children as active participants their learning. They took agency of their learning and made connections to our school environment ( for example, they created maps of Holy Family Catholic School), they connected to our classroom hopping mice (environment as the third teacher), drew each other, in dramatic play students made cultural food, and so much more. Students responded to the following provocation:

Who belongs at Holy Family Catholic School?

“I belong at Holy Family”- Yasha

“Jed belongs” – Jed

“I belong at Holy Family to play”- Kiet

“I belong at holy family”- Hendrix

“Teachers”- Sahib

“Hoping mice” – Ravleen

“The lizard” – Yasha

“The turtle”- Hendrix

“The fish”- Kiet

“The hopping mice”- Leo

“The catfish”- Kalil

“Mr Coad”- Zahra

“My sister. Everyone’s sister at Holy Family”- Yasha

“The yabbie”- Jed

“Our Buddies”-  Ravleen

“My brothers”- Kalil

“My sister”- Kiet

“The ELC”- Zahra

“Liam in the ELC”- Leo

“The frog”- Yasha

“School” – Chase

“My friends and teachers” – Isphreet

“Laptops in the school” – Viraj

“Buddies” – Jed

We then visited the ELC to further celebrate Harmony Day.

After lunch the children were eager to extend their learning and create their own maps of our school.

Specks of Gold

“My speck of gold was playing soccer”- Jacob

“My speck of gold was doing the learning. My map”- Sahib

“My speck of gold was my friends” – Viraj

“My speck of gold was the ELC”- Yasha

“My speck of gold was helping Miss McCarthy on duty”- Dimi

“My speck of gold was playing with Kiet” – Ethan

“My speck of gold was playing with Ethan” – Kiet

“My speck of gold was making food with the play dough” – Ravleen

“My speck of gold was playing zombies” – Jordan

Investigative Play

Wednesday morning R/1MC and R/1EN listened to the story, Whoever You Are by Mem Fox. The children reflected and unpacked what it means to belong.

“I belong to my family” – Yasha

“Holy Family”- Dimi

“At home”- Hendrix

“Miss Echidna is belonging” – Jacob

We explored the following provocations (EYLF outcome 2 Children are connected with and contribute to their world)

Student Reflections

“In investigations I used Mr Koala to play ice hockey”- Jacob

“I use creativity. I made a necklace for Miss McCarthy”- Ravleen

“I used play dough to make pizza. I used Mr Koala”- Yasha

“In investigations I was outside with Nickolas. I used belonging”- Cooper

“My investigations is Cooper playing outside” – Viraj

“I play with the dice”- Chase

“I made pizza with the play dough”- Kalil

“I did making a chain for harmony day” – Dimi