Diwali Dia Lamp

Yesterday we made Lia Lamps for our Diwali Assembly.We made it out of clay.The clay was really hard so we had to squees in to make it warm and when it gets warm it gets softer.It took me about 3 minutes to even get it soft!After when it got soft, I started to make a boat kind of shape.I made the symbol and tried to stick it on the front but it just drooped down.So I stuck on the first bit on the ground and started to stick the other bits on to finish the Symbol.It took me about 4 attempts to do it.After that, I rolled up some extra clay an them shaped it into a heart.Then I put the heart in the Dia lamp.That was where the candle would go.I knew it wouldn’t fit so I made it bigger.It still wouldn’t fit but I didn’t know what to do next.

We will paint them maybe on Monday!





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